1999-12-14-Scribbles from Lytske

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Topic: Scribbles from Lytske

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Lytske

Session 1


Child, your deepest yearning is to do the right thing; to fulfill your chosen plan on earth by being of service to the All That Is. You know in your heart of hearts that to follow your heart’s desire will not please your siblings, a continent away across the oceans.

There is more than an ocean separating you from your siblings. You are simply living in a different awareness of My creation.

It is so human to be pulled in two different directions at once. And the matter of indecision causes you a lot of pain and anguish. It is the proverbial teeter-totter mankind languishes on.

You have made up your mind not to go on a trip, as you rightly feel that your work is here, and your lessons are here. But it pains you to add to your sister’s burdens. However, she has been prepared. When you call, speak lovingly with her, for she has a greater understanding than you may realize. She has gone through, and is going through, her own depths of being.

You are both much loved by the Father, as are all others. Walk your path, in My Light. Know that you are in My service.

I am Jesus.

Session 2


Prayer: Thank you Michael, for your message of today. I am so grateful that I can turn to you at any time. I feel I am my own worst enemy in railroading myself with doubts and fears, and I am tired of my foggy, disorganized thinking. I truly need your help.

Dear one, there is no need to carry a heavy burden on your shoulders. You were wont to shoulder responsibilities from the time you were a small child. Your problem lies in the fact that you have never learned to play, to be carefree.

This planet is rife with either too much seriousness, or not enough. Balance is needed in all things. Perceptions need to change. It is not all seriousness. It is the ebb and flow of the human spirit, for fluctuations in mood and energy are part of mortal life, and in these fluctuations change always occurs.

Movement is life, movement is energy, and movement is change, for without change stagnation would be the result. Movement, life, and energy create the highs and lows of existence.

Sometimes, you plateau just for a while, and you feel as if nothing is happening. In reality, it is a ‘stillpoint’, an organizing into a higher level of being. Enjoy the ‘stillpoints’ and know that you are moving forward.

Hold your faith, and trust steady upon the name of the Creator of all, who sees all and knows all, and is with you at all times. He shares your burdens if and when you allow Him. Become the trusting child He desires you to be.

Spend time in meditation when the need for calm arises. In doing so, you will re-coup your strength. Stillness is the Holy Place of God where you receive your nurturing. Know that you are loved.


Even though Michael (Jesus) is at first addressed in most of these transmissions that were the beginning of Lytske’s daily contact with the Creator of All, the receiver remains unsure from whom this contact originated. The 11:11 Progress Group publishes these ‘Scribbles’ because they are excellent for learners to meditate on, and because the messages are likely to be more important than the Messenger.