2000-02-29-Scribbles from Lytske

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Topic: Scribbles 194

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Michael



Prayer: Dear Michael, how deep your message goes today: ‘That few humans understand the needs of Christ!’ Thinking about this, is that you feel a need for our unconditional love, trust and faith, without us coming to you with a string of needs and wants of our own, but just pure togetherness, with an inner joyful knowing that we are companions and lovers, sitting quietly together without the need to speak. This is an awesome, deep thought.

Dear one, your touching thoughts are appreciated. Little do you realize that a permeable membrane exists between us, and that my Love flows to you at all times. And now you wake up to the fact that you can consciously reciprocate, whereas before it was unconscious via the fruits of the spirit.

You are at the threshold of living in a greater consciousness with your God within, and now your ‘shortcomings’ are beginning to stare you more blatantly in the face, and here personal correction is needed.

Accept yourself in love, child, and validate yourself, for you are worthy and your struggles are noted. When the path gets rough, come to me, so you will get insight as to where you err. Usually an impatient tongue is the culprit, so guard your lips, for this is an important lesson to be learned.

Your mind is very quick in understanding the needs of others. However, it is not always understood how you ought to go about helping them. You are like an eager little colt ready to pull the cart, but first you have to learn and wait for the Driver, who shall direct your path.

Waiting in Silence is best. Practice the Silence each moment, so I can speak through you, for you have long ago placed me in charge.

This is your path, and this is the training I would have you accept.

Come often to companion me with your trusting loving heart.

It does me good to also see you climb into the lap of Mother Nebadonia, your Spirit Mother, who loves each of her children.


Go now and play, and please do not forget whose child you are.

I am your elder Father Brother Michael.