2000-10-19-Akashic Construct

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Topic: The Akashic Construct

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Athena

TR: Gerdean



Athena: "This is Athena, your friendly celestial artisan. I’ve just come by to spend a few moments with you because you are in a creative mood, and it pleases me to see you being creative. There are so many things that can be brought into existence when you allow yourselves the freedom to allow inspiration to color your thoughts and direct your mind.

"Your Construct, George, has met with our approval. It is a very creative device you have introduced. Not a complicated game, but charming even so. The potential for creation inherent in the construct is up our alley. It is an entirely creative concept and nothing can come from it except creativity. Creativity, of course, is a reflection of the Creator, and so we find your Con-Struct charming, even helpful.

"You will find its effects most progressive in terms of the arts, healing arts of a certainty, and that is likely because you are so needy as a people in terms of healing. You have become sensitive. You as a people have become sensitive to yourselves and your condition and to the condition of your world, thus you know you cannot be all that you would like to be, given the restrictions placed upon you by circumstances. It is as if to say you have been cooped up for too long and you are now ready to run outside and play and gather up rays of sunshine and get yourselves some exercise. Now your minds can enjoy the freedom to play in the mind and once you’ve gotten your health in order, after this initial rash of healing(s), there will be a new flowering of creativity in terms of the arts. You in your budding culture are of the impression that society is already saturated, but that is only because of your self-imposed confines into pockets of civility that uphold and condone your belief system and your comfort zone. When you branch out you will find the desperate need still exists for some injection of greater reality, of love and the results of greater love.

"There is still a great need, and tremendous opportunities, and as you gather yourselves together, as you fortify yourself with your faith, and go into the arena, as you have designed and been instructed by and through your own Con-Struct, you will be able to see there and then the gifts of creativity can supply the color, the scent, the movement, the texture, the quality, the refinement of life that will contribute to divinity in your material realm.

"The fruit of divinity is peace and joy and light. You who feel that peace and joy and light are possibly boring have that opinion only because you have only known striving and constant challenge to progress, even to survive. You will be a man among men and discover the dearth of creativity and want for everyone a new paradigm, a new mental con-struct, a new approach to living that will help inaugurate a growth of spirit reality, that can help the sustenance of the degree of enlightenment and awareness that you and your peers have to offer your progeny.

"There is a lot of work to be done. And time, being relative, is perhaps not the best way to look at it, for you will find too much to do in too little time, or too much time and so little to do. And so we draw upon creativity to enhance and embellish the barrenness, the paucity, the hole that yearns to be filled, that longs to be heard, that wants to be recognized, the yearns to sing. Yes, you have brought a great new toy to your peers—these peers in Michael’s mission—and his many, many children who have yet to know the wonders of His love.

"It is creative indeed to have a working tool that provides so much play. This is a challenge now for you teachers, to help your students recognize the need for creativity. Help them justify creativity. Assure them that a creative approach to life is as vital and necessary as a utilitarian and materialistic approach to life. Your schools have often had to cut back on the arts as inessential, and so, as a society, you have grown accustomed to relegating creativity to a back seat or second place. And this is error, in that, creativity infiltrates every aspect of life, in the way a woman paints her face to the way a man balances his checkbook. All this is creative. Thinking and planning, negotiating, all these are creative. Caring, tending, nursing, healing, bathing, birthing, all these are creative. It is good to teach the marriage of work and play in the culminating act of creation. Give your life experience Life.


"Just wanted to come by and compliment your contribution. Good evening." George: "Thank you, my friend."