2002-01-12-Heart Room

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Topic: Heart Room

Group: Costa Rica TeaM


Teacher: Alana

TR: S. Butterfield



Alana : We will speak of the heart room. The heart room is an opportunity to bring that "outside" world of fear and doubt into your inner world of love, the heart room. It is an opportunity to "blow love" upon that which appears to be separated, and to know, within the heart room, that fusion which is love, which knows no separation. It is an opportunity to experience in that "inside" world of love the reality that is often known in the "outside" world only as possibility, indeed is often thought to be an impossibility. Within the heart room, you know the reality of love.

You step into the heart room with faith in God¹s love. You construct the heart room with faith in your imagination to co-create with God¹s love. And with faith, you welcome into the heart room all change. In the heart room, you allow love to shift your focus, rather like moving the parts of the camera lens for a finer resolution of what you see. You allow love to become your focus, and in that moment, you see. You see differently. You see through the lens of love. In that moment you remember and experience God¹s love for you, and God's love for those you have welcomed, for those changes, those so-called problems, for other beloveds. In the heart room, you allow the stepping into the pool of love and forgiveness to drench you, to saturate you. As you step back into your "outside" world (as you are accustomed to seeing it), you learn.

With practice, it becomes easier to express that love saturated state, that love saturating experience, and thus to give it away; which is, you share the joy of love. You become more loving in the "outside" world because you learn with practice to step into the heart room more easily each time, even in the middle of what you call arguments, or when your "outside" world is in turmoil.

As you grow in the practice of the heart room, which is the discipline of love, and as you grow in your ability to step into the pool of love and forgiveness, which is the discipline of love, which is the discipline of mercy, so you will know joy. The joy of love always and eternal. The joy of love past, present and future. You will be able to express this love with certainty, even through change, which manifested in your "outside" world often has the effect of raising fear and doubt. By your certainty of love, you are able to erase fear and doubt as impediments to sharing love.


The human mind has become confused about spiritual transformation. It has become attached to the idea of the miraculous as a singular event. It has become used to the idea that one can speak to God once, purchase the time, so to speak, on God¹s computer, and all is done. And also, with the idea of change, that all change should have immediate and miraculous results. Welcome change with love and you will learn to welcome each small progression of change with love. Love sees the miracle of the slightest step toward knowing God¹s love, the Father¹s attention, the Mother¹s embrace. Thank you.