2002-05-18-To Speak With You Directly

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Topic: To Speak With You Directly

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: The Beloved One

TR: Lytske


  • Edited by Linda Abell


The Beloved One: “Would you permit me, child, to speak to you directly?

Lytske: “Yes.”

The Beloved One: “I would have you know that this is an opening to direct transmissions.

“There will be private, very private transmissions forthcoming, but also general ones. The reason why I request this is so you can learn to focus your mind on what is being imparted to you. From time to time, other Teachers will speak. Now I would offer some words of advice to you.

“We look upon you mortals and see the gamut of emotions you as humans go through. A big one is worry, worry about this or that. This has become ingrained in the human genes, and then there is fear, which follows on the heels of worry.

“Let me make this clear to you all: worry is a most useless activity to engage in. It changes the body and ultimately invites diseases. It is insidious and robs one of a healthy sleep. It unsettles emotions and takes away the pleasure of living.

“We would have you always live as in the presence of the eternal God, who is all love, all goodness, all abundance, all truth, all beauty, all that a human heart can desire and more.

“The Lord is your Shepherd; what shall you want? You only need to look toward Him and follow His directions. Do not stray away, for it is then that you invite trouble. Staying close to the eternal God prevents you from many pitfalls.


“Your soul-growth shall continue unimpeded by useless worry.

“Ponder this.

“This is my message. I AM a Teacher.”


Some 14 years ago, one of our 11:11 Progress Group foundation members received a message that was different — it came from the Thought Adjuster (TA). In a recent transmission the Damascus Scribe confirms this as being related to the ending of the Lucifer rebellion, saying:

“The question you might ask about the Urantia Papers giving communication with the TA as very difficult. Is it right or wrong? The answer is both ‘yes’ and ‘no’. In the first half of the 20th century the answer was ‘yes.’ It was rare to hear the TA. In the first half of the 21st century it is ‘no.’ It is more common to hear the TA, as the middle 1980s brought us the total adjudication of the Sector-wide rebellion.” (1)