2002-05-23-More Spiritual By Far

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Topic: More Spiritual By Far

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: David and Gracie

TR: Sandy Montee



David: "Hello, Sandy. This is your teacher, David, and I brought with me my associate, Gracie.

"We have been in conference this morning with Machiventa. We both attend the Melchizedek University of Higher Learning, and you might well say we are working on our Master's Degree at this educational facility. Of course, Machiventa has the position of Head Chancellor, and many Melchizedek Lecturers sit on the university's Board of Directors.


"The Melchizedek teaching program has begun to include a growing number of mortals on Urantia -- mortals who desire to live a step ahead of simple day-to-day survival, and who want to be in touch with their Spiritual Selves.

"I long ago learned the same thing that you have learned in this life; that you are, as I was, a Spiritual Entity in a temporary mortal body, rather than a mortal self that plays casual host to a Spirit Entity.

"And yet, I have noted that the majority of your earthly brothers and sisters think, and act, in the belief of their being perhaps ninety percent mortal and just ten percent Spirit. This is a great fallacy. It is well within your mental abilities to regard yourselves as being ninety percent spiritual and perhaps just ten percent mortal."

Sandy (smiling): "David, I will not quote you as having given us these percentages as accurate figures… as accurate statistics."

David: "Appreciated! They are truly not computable. The real you, being much more spiritual by far than you can ever imagine, is what I want to portray here.

"As you are grounded on this earth, and as you are, indeed, commonly held down by what you are widely being taught here -- that you are far below the required standard for your becoming a more spiritually-inclined human -- that faulty mind-set grows very strong.

"And seldom does it allow a person to look within and realize the God Fragment is capable of teaching you the meaningful aspects of life, which are meant to be the guiding force behind the "spiritizing" of yourselves into Beings of Eternity. It takes great imagination to allow anyone to clearly see this, and to therewith find the ability to aid this progress into enjoying a more spiritual existence.

"Each person also has available to him or her a personal Guide or Teacher, who is waiting in the wings, at ready to help you, and speak with you. These Teachers -- and you may call them Guides -- together with many others, are waiting for each person to recognize that help is needed, and both near and available but for their asking for a personal Guide who will show them the Spirit World and give them many valuable lessons.

"Much of true wisdom arrives from far beyond the mere lessons learned by you in your struggles for survival.

"Gracie, too, would like to say a few words."

Gracie: "Hello Sandy, this is Gracie. David and I very much like to work together, and I prefer to be a more feminine influence on our students. It is important to let your Spiritual Selves know joy and happiness, loving and caring. We bring this message to you in the hope that many of you will lighten up and become aware of all the positive nurturing that finds its Source with our Mother Spirit and enters into each of our hearts.

"Love is the strongest energy that surrounds you. My simple message for today is to encourage you to let go of dark and dismal problems, real, perceived, or anticipated grief. Let the brilliant light of our Michael surround you, and become a child-like Spirit Being whom the Father holds in the Palm of His Hand.

"Your reality begins with a thought, and what you think your world to be at that moment in time, is your world. Take your problems to the Father, to Michael and Mother Spirit, and They will always ease the impact of problems and grief.

"As David indicated, there is much help readily available if you ask Michael to allow your personal Teachers access to the Spiritual You.

"Lighten up and "dance" through your days with sunshine in your hearts. And remember that your very thoughts can either drag down, or spiritually uplift, your experiences.

"You are indeed fortunate on your planet to now be able to make contact with Spiritual Beings that have so much wisdom, and that have a bigger picture of the friendly universe we live in.


"We will now say goodbye to you, our friends, however, we are available in times of joy, and in times of heartache. We go now, and remember to ask for our counsel. We will always give this in a loving and caring way.

"Good day to you, and to all who read this transmission."


It's difficult to overlook the fact that over a period there has been somewhat of a shift in terminology as used by our Celestial Teachers. We can only surmise that this is for the benefit of those seekers who find our 11:11 web site, who choose to be placed on one of the 11:11 Progress Lists, but who are still unfamiliar with the rather specific terminology of the Urantia Papers.

We'll shortly publish a list of some comparative terms.