2002-11-18-What Do Want Most Of Me

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Topic: What Do You Want Most Of Me

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



This is Michael. This is your Father, who comes to you with open arms, longing to embrace each one of you. Beloved children, I bid you come. Come into that place of comfort, come into that place of safety and warmth, come into that place of rest - and I will renew you, in mind, in body, in spirit.


We have spent several weeks now in communion, you and I. And all of this time I am building a foundation of strength within you. You are still not yet fully aware of the impact this is making within your total being environment. But I say to you, my children, you are not the same as you once were. You are becoming more real, more aligned in me and my truth.

Tonight, as I invite you further into my presence, I want you take this question within: What is it that you want most from me?

Spend a few moments in asking yourself this question. We will go around the room, beginning in a clockwise fashion, beginning with R. When it is your turn, pose a question to me of that which you want most from me in your own mind. You will do this silently. The others will hold the focus for you by projecting their intention to serve you in alignment with the energy ball in the middle of the room. And if you cannot see this, envision a light in the center of the room and put that person's name in it and focus on this for the few moments that we will be spending with each individual.

(In turn, each of seven persons in the room received Michael's attention, as they focused silently, with the reinforcement of the others, on what they wanted most from Christ Michael.)

Michael: My children, thank you for coming to me with your pleas and requests. You see, I know all things within your heart, but it is you who must verbalize the request to allow me to give to you that which is mine to share. It is not my will for you to suffer, to walk through life feeling disquieted, because you have no one who understands you. You only have to come to me, and I will share all of your life's experiences with you, moment by moment, day by day.

When will you learn to trust me? When will you learn to come to me? When will you acknowledge my love for you and allowing the fullness of this bond to deepen within you?

Come now to me with your questions. Let me hear your concerns, of your difficulty in coming to me, and I will lighten your load and help you come to a greater under-standing within your heart and mine, of what it means to share your life with me. Who would like to begin?


Student: I would like to have in all of my mind, the negative beliefs, attitudes and emotions, images and memories, which prevent me from being one with your heart.

Michael: When you are within the mindset of these negative feelings and beliefs, what is it that you do with them?

Student: Historically I have been letting them get the upper hand. But more and more recently I am not taking them seriously. I feel a sense of gradual re-empowerment to take charge of my thoughts, my attitudes, my emotions, my feelings. I can use all the help I can get.

Michael: What will cause you to remember to give the feeling or belief over to me?

Student: Knowing that it is possible. And, I suppose, having cues around my apartment to remind me.

Michael: What prevents you from remembering this more consistently?

Student: I think that now that I know it is possible, I think I will be more and more inclined to give my negativity over to you. It's now a question of practice, practice, practice. Michael: And how strong would you say you are in your practice now?

Student: Just beginning. But I have had some impressive results, so I can try to let it be more attentive and to accept your invitation on a regular basis.

Michael: So then could a prayer in your own mind's eye be to ask me to strengthen within you the conscious recognition of turning your thoughts and beliefs that are out of alignment of my will for you into the conscious recognition? (That would help.) And have you prayed for this?

Student: Yes, I have, but not with full continuance, and not on a regular basis. But I definitely made some progress in the last week or two.

Michael: Do you feel now that your prayer will be of more faith? (Yes!) This is all I ask, my son. Does this help you in your attempt now?

Student: Oh, yes, very much so. Thank you.

Michael: Be in my peace, and I will lead you to that place where you are more at rest in your thoughts and more comforted in your spirit. (pause)

Student: Beloved Michael, I want to thank you for all of the spiritual progress that has occurred for me as I have embarked recently on this particular spiritual path. I recognize that it is the source of all the other paths, some of which I have been on already. Sometimes I feel insincere, in that in the newness of being on this path I may confuse my desire for experience, my desire for certainty or perfection, with the actuality that it's already happening. So that perhaps I am blocking some additional input.

So my question is, or my request, perhaps, is to feel and see your presence more concretely, as well as to be in conversation with you so that the certainty that I experience will considerably enhance the service that I strongly to provide in the world.

I am quite willing to let go of all fears and uncertainty and know that until that extra little bit, or that specific solidity comes, it's very difficult for me to move into the larger arena and produce whatever the results that I am ultimately capable of doing.

Michael: My dear child, it is your desire to be with me that will lead you to the fulfillment of that which you truly desire as it becomes more aligned in the Father's will for your life. But there are still some thoughts of doubt and confusion and misunderstanding within your mind about what your true path deeply imbedded in me means for your life. And I understand.

It is not easy to relinquish these misunderstandings on such a planet as yours. And so, my son, make this easy on yourself. Recognize the doubts as they emerge in your conscious mind. But feed them to me, along with the desire for purity of intention of alignment in my will. And I will take that which is no longer welcome within your being. As your desire becomes more crystallized with an intensity and passion for following my will, let every doubt, let every misunderstanding or confusion, be revealed to you in your inner sanctum. And when you do feel the sting and pain of what this means in your life, ask for the purity of your desire to be rooted more firmly in me. Relinquish the thought of doubt and I will take it from you. I will turn that which you have seen as doubt, and turn it into that which you will now be able to see as faith; that which you have seen as confusion, return it to you as certainty; and that which you have seen as misunderstanding or misperception, come back to you in the clarity of truth.

These doubts will be with you for some time to come. (tape ends) See them not as a mis-adaptation of doing the Father's will. See them as a natural outgrowth of the workings of your mind toward true spiritual maturity. As a child grows into a stronger and more confident adolescent, you are leaving the things of the past behind, and embarking on a future with confidence, with courage, with composure, and conviction. Does this help you, my child?

Student: Yes, it certainly does. Thank you.

Michael: And be at peace. For all things are renewing themselves, in spirit. You are becoming renewed and whole. (pause)

Student: Michael, not exactly a question, more like I would just like to express just how full I feel. When I was very young, I think when I first heard about extra-terrestrials or flying saucers, I decided that if I ever met one of these creatures, I would ask for something. I envisioned a small cube of some kind of a material that I could prove, that this material would be unknown to our science. I could prove that I had this contact.

And sometime, years later, when I had the Urantia Book in my hand, I realized that that childhood fantasy had actually come true. And it is still overwhelming. It's like living two lives. One, I know in my heart that what in that book is totally impossible for the human race to produce - or even we produce - yet it is so tricky to try to share with other people. But thank you for having that strange childhood fantasy actually come true. When I think of the generations and generations and generations of humans that would have given their arm to have that book in their hands, I am just overwhelmed.

Michael: You, my son, have answered the call of the Spirit of Truth, my gift to you. When you see how well this has served you, how it has uplifted you, how it has filled you with an overwhelming sense of gratitude and fullness, then you have a great advantage over your brothers and sisters who have not yet awakened to this Spirit of Truth within them.

But, as I have said through my words - to you and through the teachers that I have given unto you to guide you and inspire you - you are my living vessels of truth. You will be the ones who begin to emanate that spiritual fragrance that stimulates the appetite for truth within your brothers and sisters. For when they sense this within you, and you have developed your spiritual fragrance to such a degree that when you walk by they sense a quality in you, then my child, you have served me well. And this is all I ask of you now. You cannot be the truth for another person. But you can be the stimulus to trigger the ring of truth within another person. Is this something that appeals to you now?

Student: Oh yes. I am hopefully, slowly, learning the wise ways to stand out of my own light sometimes and definitely stand in your light.

Michael: This is your greatest gift, in coming to me and allowing me to make you more than you can ever envision for yourself. This is all I ask of you, my children: your faith in allowing me to do this for you.

You know not of my love, my deep abiding love for you. You are testing it. You are testing that faith. And I have said to you many times that this is good. This is as it should be. The child must test the steadfastness of the parent. You must confirm the experience deep within you, and see living proof within your life that you can count on me - that I will uphold you, no matter how disappointed you have been in life, by experiences or individuals. I will never disappoint you. It is unfathomable.

So test this. You will chuckle at yourself one day, and see the humor and the levity and the joy that comes with learning this lesson of trust. And there will come a time, where it will seem quite unbelievable to you that you ever doubted. That day will come, my children; and you will be liberated indeed on that day. Have you another comments, my son?

Student: Dear Jesus, my sentiments are very much like R.'s, but I would like to ask a sort of a technical question: How do we go, during the day, back and forth between the Thought Adjuster and your guidance and maybe our guardians and other helpers that are here? Is there sort of a humble attitude that makes it easier to sort of like, just sort of like move in that milieu more easily?

Michael: How your mind loves to put the puzzle pieces together! And how it delights me to see you using your intellect in this fashion!

But there are times when your desire to discern far outpaces your ability. What is most relevant now is that you spend time in coming to me and allowing myself to teach you the rudimentary facets of being a human in solving life problems in dealing with your brothers and sisters.

Your angels will guide you into situations where you will be challenged to grow. Your inner spirits, your divine Monitor, will yield a new spiritual dimensional reality unto your mind as you go through the experience. But it is in coming to me, and asking me to go through this experience with you, that you are no longer in your mind and your knowledge and your problem-solving skills, and asking for my mind to weave through yours. And together we will face the circumstance and the situation together.

This will immediately take you out of the realm of engaging your intellect, and engaging your capacity to grow your wisdom through the sensing of my presence within you. This, my son, is of paramount importance now, as you strive to be more spiritually fragrant to your brothers and sisters. Do you understand the distinction I make for you here?

Student: Yes, very much. It is a mark of a true leader; and I think it will make it more fun to be in constant prayer during the day. It will be, I will never tire of that, because of the just-perceived value of that.

Michael: As your experience re-establishes a stronger bearing within your spirit, your intellect will be able to identify newer meanings of the depth of that experience. And, in time as you grow into appreciation of that experience, will you come to the level of evaluation - through your valuation - of how that experience has enriched your life.

This is a natural outgrowth of your ability to grow through experience. But first and foremost you must be conjoined with me in spirit - in mind - so that you can learn my ways first, as you move through each moment of each day: learning, living and growing your love. Does this answer satisfy your yearnings, my son?

Student: Yes, it does; and it definitely satisfies the intellect.

Michael: And does it satisfy your soul?

Student: Yes it does. I can feel it. Thank you.

Michael: And be in that place of soul-felt alignment, now that your appreciation is taking deeper root in you.

Student: Yes, Michael, it has been a year ago today, or yesterday, since an episode propelled me to understand you and our relationship. From that moment on, I have come to understand what it means and feels to be of one mind, to be of one heart, to be of one body, and one spirit, and one vision, and one voice. Each day I feel like I am getting fuller and fuller and fuller. And the more I share of this fullness, the fuller and more expansive I become.

And my relationships with others have deepened, have become more authentic: with my children, with my mother, and with C. and her children, and with others who I do work for, and with my roommate, and with just casual acquaintances. And I wish to thank you for believing in me, and in seeing me as a divine human being.

Michael: My son, I hear the thanks in your heart. I know your appreciation, and it touches me, and it pleases me. I never lost sight of you though you may not have always seen me, nor understood me, nor knew me. But I did not lose sight of you.

And always were you patiently cultivated, so that you would one day know the fullness of my love for you. And the fullness continues to grow. There is no limit. The expansiveness goes on, infinitely, eternally, absolutely. But all I desire is that you continue to bring yourself unto me - and into me - and let me embrace you. Let me mold and meld myself into you, blending that which is yours is so beautiful and so precious to me.

Recall back to the times when you were a young father, and when your children were very, very small and how they delighted to come into your arms and onto your lap, and the glee that they felt in being with their father who loved them. Come now to me in this way. Return to that youthful innocence. You have experiences as a father, and now I ask that you experience this love I have for you as a young son more and more.

It is this very posture that will lead you to the heights and breadth of the fullness you now wish to expand. My love for you will stimulate your love for me. Let us share this in the divine embrace, being one with the other. There is no place like home. And this is your home in me.

And while D. has given voice to this feeling, so I say these words to each of you: your desire for your love for me will give you this fullness. And so for a time you must test the fact that I love you. For once you become strong and secure in this love, then sit in my lap, let my arms enfold you, and you will be home. And what loving parent does not want his or her child at home with them? My children, I ask now that you consider your brothers and sisters who know not my love for them, and to hold them in prayer this evening. And as you can bring my peace into their life, you can hold my kernel of love that can take root within them - you can pray this living seed within them.

You are the spiritual workers on your planet. And there is a growing network of prayer partners who are indeed accomplishing great things in spirit. I encourage you to connect more with these groups, and pray with them and with one another.


I know your minds are not trained yet to do this to the fullness of capacity of spiritual alignment and prayer energy. But I do request you to make every attempt to use this form of spiritual communication to assist your brothers and sisters so desperately in need of love and of truth.

I will retreat from you now, and ask that you join in prayer; and allow my will for your brothers and sisters to prevail in their lives. Good evening, my beloveds.


As we moved into prayer, we were assigned a group of celestials who are now working with us as we pray formally as a group. The impression received is that they are the ones who actually take our prayer petitions and relay them to the vast spiritual networking circuitry of angels who are in charge of either individuals or social groups, i.e., Angels of Industry, etc.