2002-12-01-Ambassadors of His Will

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Topic: Ambassadors of His Will

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Michael

TR: Unknown


Lesson 1

Yes, my children let us walk the ‘Path of Love’. Small kindnesses and gentle words are the seeds we cast along our paths today. And there, in the sunshine of these loving acts, the fruits of Love will flourish. Soon our gardens will be full of ever-blooming crops.

“This may seem so impossible in the darkness of your cloudy days, but faith alone will draw you onward. Your faith is the hope and desire that Love will bloom when there is no evidence of this, but I tell you this truth; cast those seeds far and wide and you will come to see the yield.

“You have oftentimes said that you I cannot love when there is no reciprocation. But we now take to ourselves a new gospel – the gospel of Forgiveness. And I tell you that these seeds of Love you sow will bear much fruit, and you will see abundant harvests.

“Keep sowing, my children, you will reap, and it will be a harvest beyond your imagination, for the Father pays well the servants of His hire, and He has chosen well “The Ambassadors of His Will.”

Lesson 2

US of A, December 25, 2002.

Michael: “This is Michael. I am the Word that became flesh and yet I still dwell among you all. This is the day on which you long ago chose to celebrate my birth, yet I was here with you always, as I will always be. You and I may walk in the Father’s resolve each day of our unending lives to extend His unconditional love to all we meet upon our path, for this is the only valid way to live, as we express His Love to all our brothers and sisters.

“Today is a time for the celebration of Love. We will simply love one another, as our Father has given us these mandates throughout the millennia and through every true prophet of His eternal will. And their compelling messages have always been the same; “Give the Gift of Love as freely as you receive it from Him.” There will never be a variation to this gospel of everlasting truth, nor will my messages to you ever vary, my dear brothers and sisters.

Our Father is love incarnate in each and every one of you, and you are His hands to extend His gentle loving touch. He uses your lips to smile and give the kind words He wishes to give out to all His children. We are His ministers of love destined to serve His will all the days of your un-ending lives.

“This is a special day on which we review the conventions for ‘Kingdom living’. Commit these principles to memory, and let us, together, find this path of truth to tread for all our days, as we can simply extend the rules of love onto tomorrow, and all the days that follow.

“For love is all that we are, and what we are will never change.”