2002-12-02-The Choice of Path You Must Take

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Topic: The Choice of Path You Must Take

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Michael

TR: George Barnard



George: "We both come to You this evening in need of Your advice."


Michael: "This is Michael. Some will search only reluctantly, thinking that He is there to live their lives for them, and they do not find the true path to the Father until it is almost too late, and yet they will be welcomed, my son. Some will forcefully hack their way through the undergrowth, unfeelingly, making their track up the mountain, and thinking that sheer force will get them to their destination, and yet they too may partake of my Father's banquet.

"Some find one of the many training paths and they will run, and run, and run out of breath to drift from their paths through sheer exhaustion when so near their destination with but few paces to walk, and still we beckon them to approach, my daughter. And many will journey the well-traveled highways of their fathers' religions, ten abreast and more, holding hands in support of their brothers and sisters, and they, too, receive His blessings.

"Each day, with perseverance and single-mindedness regarding the tasks before you, you must close in on your goals of choice, for I support you in all works of your selection, my children, always. Do not reflect on whether you will reach your goals or fail, but be in traveling mode when I call you to my bosom, to hold you to my heart, for you do well to heed not the disapproval that will come from those who in these times will follow the old customs, as reflected in the eyes of their peers.

"You are never alone on whatever path you take; the smoothly inclined highway with many beside you, or singly, on your rocky path up the mountain where you will stumble and slide, but nevertheless keep the summit in mind, as I struggle beside you.

"And I promise you that if your lives will positively influence the life of just one of my mortal brothers or sisters, my Father and I will provide you with rewards that will "outshine" the greatest of your desires, the most remarkable of your imaginings, to touch your heart in a way you could have never forethought.

"Give my message to all who will listen. Give this memorandum to all who will hear, that they remain steadfast in their ways and true to their convictions of the love of the Eternal Father, Whom I merely represent in my domain.


"Mother Spirit and I are with you, always. The Father, Mother Spirit and I have a love for all our children that surrounds you at all times, and is immeasurable beyond your knowing. Take this memo to all who will hear my words.

"This is your doting Father-Brother Michael."