2003-01-11-Believing Without Seeing

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Topic: OBE, Believing Without Seeing

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Machiventa, Sarah, Isaac, Celestial Engineer

TR: Sandy Montee



Sarah: "Hi Sandy this is Sarah. I've been keeping an eye on you during the last few days, and I agree that life can be a struggle. Prince Machiventa is here."

Sandy: "Thank you, Sarah. I am glad you are here, Machiventa. I want to thank you for the Midwayer help we are getting. I appreciate all the help we can get."


Machiventa: "Hello Sandy, this is Machiventa, and I'm here to say that we, too, appreciate the work your progress group is doing. We, on your behalf, do what we can where and when we can. It will also help for you to ask the Father and Michael to clear the way for you at times. You are never alone, but you need to be brave enough, and strong enough, to go through the winds and waters of the storm, and be survivors.

"You live a life of almost continuous struggle, and you have proved that our goal is your desire. You go ahead, even though you sometimes doubt the progress that is made, and we must not push you too hard with new ideas, in case, as you say, you short-circuit. We have come to a point in time where I would ask you to set aside your doubts that many Midwayers and Celestial Teachers are here to guide you along the path to which you have dedicated yourself.

"Our good friend, Isaac, is here, and I know you enjoy your travels with him. We also enjoy facilitating your OBE's, because you and Isaac make such a good pair for these experiences. I wish to say that I am happy to have the friendship of you all, and your dedication to do your outstanding work, and that you have faith in me. I will step aside now, and Isaac would like to talk with you."


(Long Pause.) Isaac: "Hello Sandy this is Isaac, and I apologize that I am a little late for the appointment that Machiventa has set up for us. Would you like to travel with me for a time?"

Sandy: "Yes, Isaac, I have no place in mind except that I would like to say that I would like to contact my friend, Pat, and I am sure that you know she has passed over. I believe she could answer questions about how it is when one has passed on. I would like to have that arranged for in the near future."

Isaac: "I can certainly arrange that for you. However, we must notify her ahead of time, because it is much easier for her to make that contact, and I can prompt you when the time is right.

"Are you ready to go with me now? I must say, this will be my surprise for you."

Sandy: "Yes, Isaac, I am ready. Give me a moment to finish disengaging. Now I am ready."

Isaac: "OK. Take my hand."

Sandy (reporting): "We are moving through the sky at a very rapid rate. Andrea is here with us, and she seems to activate a new energy. We are traveling at a very fast rate. We are approaching a landmass that looks like a continent on another world. We are stopping where several people are gathered, who appear as if they are waiting for a meeting to start. Isaac still has a hold of my hand, and we are standing in front of the people who look much like the mortals on earth, except there is a sort of transparency -- a lightness -- about them.

"Isaac is introducing me to these people, and I don't know what is going to take place here. Isaac is saying that I have traveled with him from earth and if they would like to ask me a question, I may consent to answer them. The first man with his hand up is a white-haired gentleman, and I can sense that his kindness is genuine.

"He has asked me the question of why mortals on earth must make their life so troublesome. This is my answer: I cannot answer for anyone, except for myself, and I believe that I am very fearful of events that haven't happened yet, and I worry that they will happen in the future. An obstacle that stands in my path is that I don't completely trust God to take care of me, and I feel I must fight for my existence, and this stems from my not being able to care for myself and my children in the past. I am into a real struggle for survival, and I think that I must do the work instead of trusting that God will provide for my needs.

"Another question: How can mortals on earth have the faith that God is real, and especially when they are shut off from the knowledge that a life hereafter does indeed exist?

"I will again answer him with my own experience. I believe most people have a great fear of dying, and because of this, there is the sheer necessity of having to have the faith that life does continue, and that we will go on living and loving after our death on this planet.

"This is where we must receive enlightenment, so we can assure ourselves that life doesn't stop, and, indeed, does get better. It is just an intuitive feeling that we must never despair about tomorrow.

"A man is speaking up and is saying that humans are indeed a brave lot to believe something that cannot be proven by them.


"I am getting very tired, and I must ask Isaac to return to my home with me. He tells the small crowd of onlookers that we really must go."

(Long pause here.)

"We are back in my home, and I tell Isaac that I must rest and I will thank him for taking me along today."

Isaac: "I will soon return."

Sandy: "Thank you Isaac."