2003-01-27-Worry vs. Faith

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Topic: Worry vs. Faith

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Machiventa

TR: Sandy Montee



Machiventa: "Hello students. This is Machiventa."

Sandy: "Hello Machiventa. How are you today?"

Machiventa: "I am very busy and greatly concerned about the affairs of our planet earth. I will spend only just a few minutes with you to pause and relax, and make this my time out from a busy schedule.


"I see fear etched on the faces and in the hearts of many of your brothers and sisters around the world today, and I understand. I would like to say that we all need to cultivate more faith in our tomorrow, in all the tomorrow’s that follow, and in these tense times we have arrived at.

"It is natural to be concerned about the mind sets of the decision makers, but worry is 'a place of stagnation that we drift into' in fear of our tomorrow’s. Measured optimism needs to be put in the place of that fear, in order for you to function at the best of your capacities in these circumstances.

"This receiver is one of the most 'successful worriers' I have come to know in my career. Together with many others, she has a great stake in the future in that she has grandchildren, and I will not make light of the fact that so many sons and daughters of so many nations may soon be marching off into the unknown.

"I can always note with certainty, however, that chronic apprehension is an emotion of great detriment to your progress when it becomes so powerful that it immobilizes you. Let us consider taking action, instead of letting your worries bring you a 'failed harvest' because of inaction.

"I would suggest that when your minds are troubled to take yourself out of the rut, and put your mind at relative rest with whatever tasks deeply interests you, for this is the most creative way to ease the pressure, whilst worries can pull you all down until you are barely able to breathe.

(Talking directly to the receiver) "By taking an uninteresting looking opal-bearing rock, and working with it, taking off the layers of mud and stone, you see the inner part of it coming out in a brilliant dance of fire. And here is the analogy with a person, in that you can scrape away the layers of excessive anxiety that have built up over the years, and that are coating the real, bright, glowing you.

"As you cut away those layers, one after another, you come upon the treasure that is the Creator's Gift to you - a Fragment of His ever-loving Self.


"I leave you now, and send you my love. This is Machiventa."