2003-03-26-Emotions Are Running High

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Topic: Emotions are Running High

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Andrea

TR: Sandy Montee



Andrea: "I am here with you, my dear friend. This is Andrea."

Sandy: "Hello Andrea."


Andrea: "Each day, all the world looks on as brother is again fighting brother. For this planet it is now a time when men and women need to shore up their faith in God. Only a deep, unwavering trust in God will provide you all with the strength you need to allow your psyches to endure and, yes, even embrace each day in your life on this planet Earth, and at this present, difficult time to 'cause' greater stability.

"Emotions are running high, and this is causing the divisions between nations and races of your people to widen even further. Your heartfelt opinions about what is right and what is wrong, who is bad and who is good, are making an already untenable situation even worse. Expressed fears, implied fears, and unrealized fears you may harbor, also play a major part in increasing this instability.

"As mortals, they are your thoughts that begin the process eventuating in action, in service, and in worship, at any particular moment, and in any given circumstance. In troublesome times, your instinctive uncertain feelings will be associated with the 'reasoning out process' of your thoughts, and these uncertain feelings will give rise to unsettling emotions. In these instances, unfortunately, many people will give in to their emotions, and let them determine their actions. (See note below, paragraph 3).

"These interjecting emotions are the very obstacles that disallow your thought processes to mature into a semblance of understanding of the true reality in any troublesome situation. Many additional factors come into play. Opinions have a way of being 'pre-set', inherited, or learned - call this your program -- and then it becomes difficult for you to reason beyond these programmed beliefs.

"This now brings us back to the beginning of our discussion -- divisions among people resulting from emotions, pre-set opinions, fears, resulting in an inability to clearly see reality, and therefore one person's reality may vary widely from another persons reality.

"All those who are now directly involved in the conflict in Iraq have reality staring them in the face. They cannot get away from it. They are simply praying to their Gods to help them live for just another day. Your trust in God will bring you the calmness that will allow for you to bypass the rampant emotions that may cloud your reasoning.


"I will leave you with these thoughts in these difficult times for us all, and I assure you of our ever-living love for you all.

"I am Andrea, a Primary Midwayer in Michael's service."


Note paragraph 3: In contrast to the above order of human thought resulting in action, service and worship, Spiritual Beings experience thought as a result of worship.