2003-04-03-Ordinary People, Blessed In His Sight

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Topic: Ordinary People, Blessed in His Sight

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Michael

TR: Sandy Montee



Michael: "This is Christ Michael. "As I come to you with this message, I am aware that you can hardly believe that it is I. I would like to state the fact that all of you, who consider yourself to be 'just ordinary people', are equally precious in the eyes of our Father. He has no daughters or sons who are His favorites, and He loves each of you unconditionally.

"If our Father has no favorite children, how could I possibly be any different? Know that I love you, and that they are the ordinary persons who reach out and understand their siblings young and old, who bring our Father the greatest joy. It is in this way that our (God's and Michael's) love is carried forth, to adore each and every person on this planet earth.

"I walked this earth as an ordinary man, and my sharing of myself in compassion and understanding toward others was not different to your goals. I could do only as much as possible in showing my love and care to the best of my ability. To live your ordinary lives by simply being good persons, and functioning as part of your society, is held by Him in the highest regard, for great deeds are done one small step at a time.

"The Father has the ability to touch and teach His children only through the love you have for each other as you reach out. Realize the strength that pours forth from one person loving another. There is no greater power to be found than exists in this simple act.

"My love for each of you is without end. My pride in your actions of trying to do God's will is without bounds. Being 'ordinary people' is the very pinnacle of co-creation together with the greatest Creator of the universes.

"Know that you are loved. This is Christ Michael."