2003-04-20-Easter Message

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Topic: Easter Message

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham, Michael

TR: Nina



Abraham: Hello my friends and charges. I am Abraham.


The occasion of your earthly remembrance of our [the Resurrection|Michael's resurrection]] is a joyful and wonderful event. Still, all of our earthly children are not told of this wonderful event when the Master demonstrated eternal life, when he walked through the door and beckoned for others to follow. We who watched his miraculous life were constantly astounded by the brilliance of his truth, the purity of his goodness, and the totality of his beauty.

His life should be celebrated in your hearts every day. You are blessed to be born into his Spirit of Truth. You are incredibly fortunate to have his personal spirit as counsel and guide and you are further blessed to have the most complete record of his life available in your Urantia Book.

This day marks the culmination of his life, his mission on earth. And with all your blessings, with all your wondrous advanced understanding of his life and work, still you are tempted to feel yourselves unworthy and to hold back from fully grasping his saving spirit. This life is short and with every moment you have, you must endeavor to completely lay hold of his spirit.

Each of you is blessed with modern comforts and wealth and ease. You have what men of my age would have never been able to withstand. Civilization can be destructive in terms of softening of the morals. This was not a luxury for me and so perhaps I grow impatient when I see you having so much and being so unappreciative. You have what men of all time have searched for. You have the Master's spirit with you, and yet how little do you turn to him.

I am here to exhort you, grasp the Master's hand, walk strongly with his strength, cast aside the weaknesses, the ambiguities, the moral uncertainty, and be sure. Let his spirit make you sure of yourselves. Let his spirit replace what is lacking. If you feel uncertain, if you feel afraid, I tell you you must turn to him. I tell you you must. There is no other way.

The Master lived a gentle, graceful, but certain life. He never doubted the Father's loving protection. He never worried about "what if". No, our Master took each day as it came and worked within it with absolute faith. And that, my children, is something you must learn by doing.

Michael comes.

Michael: Beloved friends, there is no yesterday, nor any tomorrow, but you are with me now. Truly do I see completely your souls and truly do I pronounce each one pure. The past is cleansed from your souls and today begins a new life with me. All your paths are leading to me. Now all your paths are walked with me. The way to my Father's house will be traversed in gentle harmony by grace and in concert with my love.

Once I said follow me. Now I say we shall walk together. My hand is strong. Once you grasp me, I will never let you go. Cling to my spirit and I will take you through every storm - heart to heart, mind to mind, soul to soul. Rest in me and I will give you relief from the burdens of time. Rest in me and I will wipe away your tears and renew your souls in gladness and you will know true joy. Welcome me as you are welcomed in my Father's home where all are renewed, were all is made new. Rejoice with me for the old is passing away and the new birth of the spirit dawns.


My Father's blessings are upon you.