2003-04-30-Payoff of Patience

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Topic: Payoff of Patience

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Machiventa

TR: George Barnard



George: "When you walk through my door, that's exactly what you do!"

Bzutu: "I am not the one scheduled to speak with you this evening, brother."

Machiventa: "George, this is Machiventa. Your trusted friend, ABC-22, does the 'assist' in this contact, while I remain at my station some distance away. Right beside you, he is giving you my words more or less verbatim. We shall see.

"However, I can clearly observe you and those who surround you, and it does me good to note that, either despite, or because of, your not infrequent capricious behavior, you have managed to accumulate a sizeable number of doting friends in my realm. And some of these have now chosen to join you in your abode, yes, are in fact drawn to you by your deep love for them, and they are there to increase the 'energy' a lone receiver may at times require. So here you have yet another case of an often overlooked, "Where two or more of you are gathered in His name."

George: "Huh! Who would ever think of that?"

Machiventa: "They do. They do indeed. [a short break - an interruption] The subject matter for this quiet evening, whilst most in this (western) hemisphere are at peace and asleep, deals with the rewards of patience - the great virtue of patience - the ability to at all times retain that mental awareness, and self re-assurance of the import of endurance and persistence.

"With the perceived, and real difficulties that can at times surround one in earthly life, the personality quickly learns impatience at an early age. Yet this innate human drive to satisfy one's needs at short notice becomes the training ground for a later development of a surprising tolerance for events that present fruition only in the extreme long term. At least, it does so for those who decide, yes decide, about the maturation of self being a worthy universe goal.

"It is with the inspired realization of eventual successes that one comes to recognize the great prize that is in the offing, the self awarded certificates of accomplishment, and the privately struck unique medallions of achievement, if you will, for having perhaps beaten one's head against a brick wall, and, eventually, surprisingly, finding it breached.

"So many celestial beings with the supreme view of 'the irrelevance of time' do have the ultimate in innate, Creator-awarded patience with the projects that must by them be brought to completion, and through their, at times, age-long efforts.

"Yet, unlike the ascending mortals, who did for so long produce worthy results in difficult earthly circumstances, and whilst not knowing about eventual success or failure, they cannot and will not from their higher realm arrive at an appropriate, or like 'appreciation within' of these earthly victories as do you mortals.

"As one who dwelt among you (in superhuman, but earthly form), this new-found deep appreciation and realization of 'self-reward for success' was, and still is, for me one of the most outstanding delights of that true time/space engagement with the many human friends I made.

"And so, at any time you mortals bemoan the difficulties and hold-ups that earthly life can bring, it is wise for you to remember that once promoted from your realm you will go about your new projects with far superior insights into the need for patience for what is to be achieved, a much strengthened resolve to impart these dearly acquired 'mind-set gems' onto non-mortal co-workers, and whenever results are not deemed to eventuate in foreseeable times.

"They are the mortal races, who acquire these social talents, and many other great and magnificent advantages of personality growth, over and above those of many of His created beings. They are the mortal races evolving from the physical dusts of your universe earth mothers, who do become the valued go-getters, the organizers, the ambassadors, the captains and pilots, the learned organizers and administrators of His unending universes. This is the payoff of acquired patience.

"We shall now leave the receiver with his more immediate family. This is Machiventa."