2003-07-26-Zero Point Energy

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Topic: Zero Point Energy

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Bob, Rayson, Mantutia

TR: Daniel Raphael



[Guided meditation preceded this session.]

BOB: Good morning, this is Bob: (Good morning.) It is good to be here with you. It seems like "ages" as you would say; in universal terms, it is a snap of the fingers. We have been traveling from group-to-group, family-to-family, individual-to-individual, observing and listening in on your conversations. The new developments that are occurring on your planet, involve you, and in many ways, you are the impetus for these changes. As your energy radiates forward to other minds on this planet, you can act in ways which you may not believe is real, a connectedness which makes you "one" in thought.

I was at the conference in New York, and enjoyed the immense Mother Spirit energy that was there, knowing that this energy is palpable in many ways. While on one hand it is intellectual, it is yet a supportive, compassionate, caring, personal and intimate energy, which you actually feel. Her work goes forward and leads you into areas where you can be of assistance to your fellow human beings. While being of service to them, it is an instructional way of learning more for yourself, of maturing your soul.

I am accompanied by others this morning, who will respond to your questions as appropriate for their areas of expertise. We know that you have much on your mind, so be at peace, ask your questions and we will answer them as appropriately as we can. You may begin.


Student: Good morning Bob. (Good morning.) Thank you for being here, and I am happy that I can be here too to ask some questions, which are related to the new information that I have received concerning "Zero-Point Energy" that have become more and more available and yet difficult to understand. In particular, the community in Switzerland, Methernitha, has developed the Thestatika machine, that requires no outside energy that we are aware of, and yet can put out 5 kilowatts of power, continuously. I have tried to research on the Internet some of the sources that have had the opportunity to observe it and to relate as much as they can about it. The community does not want to give up the secret for fear that it will be misused by government and other sources in a destructive way, rather than being the gift to humanity that it could be.

So my first question is, for those scientists and engineers, who have discovered Zero-Point Energy conversion, what spiritual help can they be given to protect them from the harm, from the negative forces, and give them courage to proceed? And how can we help them?

RAYSON: Thank you for your question. For the advantage of listeners, I would like to ask you a preliminary question first, so they might understand this more accurately. And by the way, this is Rayson. (Good morning, Rayson!) What is Zero-Point Energy? Could you explain that briefly and succinctly?

Student: This is the energy of the so-called, energy vacuum, which is really a turbulent area of energy resource of God the Father.

RAYSON: Let me interrupt, briefly. I would like to do a quick dialog with you, where you make statements and I ask questions. Would that work for you? (All right.) Now you mentioned the "empty vacuum theory;" we are going to probe a lot of questions before we answer your first question. Now, are you saying that in human knowledge that most people believe that a vacuum is empty? Is that what most people believe?

Student: That has been a common belief within scientific community up until Tesla demonstrated that this was truly not the case, but it was still turned aside by the scientific community for many years after that.

RAYSON: So you are saying that currently scientists are re-discovering what Tesla discovered that space is in fact filled with immense energies? (That’s true.) And you are further saying that these new technologies have a way of tapping into those energy sources?

Student: Yes. Many, starting with Tesla, have been able to tap that source, but many have been discouraged in one form or another—even by death—by strong forces that do not want this type of free energy to disrupt their commercial activities.

RAYSON: And by "other forces" you mean other human beings? (Yes, other human beings.) I see. This is Rayson. For the group here today, do you understand the rudiments of what this gentleman is saying? (Pause) Please respond. (Yes; More or less; Very, very rudimentarily.) Thank you. It will be necessary for you to respond occasionally. As a Senior Teacher, I am taking you into a new realm of celestial-mortal dialog, concerning an issue, which is of vital concern to you individually, but also to all of humanity on your planet. We would call this a "working team model," where we have myself, aiding a mortal to discuss and develop their questions so that other mortals can understand this. We want even these highly technical issues to be understood on practical terms by you. We know that technically advanced and thoughtful individuals, who read these transcripts, can understand and interpret the more technical aspects and, hopefully, they will be led to inquire into these sources of theories, proofs and demonstrations. These transcripts would be of no use if the average reader could not understand them.

Now Sir, may I ask you another question? (Certainly.) Are you saying then, that the normal, accepted, conventional way of generating power or electricity on your planet is to use some mechanical motive force to turn a turbine, such as a water turbine at a hydroelectric plant, to produce electricity? Is that correct? (Yes) And you are saying that these new technologies, which are being discovered or re-discovered, and which you are striving to understand, do not require an input force to generate the electricity. Is that correct? (Basically.) Good. (Either none or a very tiny amount compared to what the resultant output can provide.) Could you give the group an idea as to the efficiencies of the contemporary or conventional generation process, as compared to these new generation sources? Is the conventional 1:1? If you turn a wheel one time, you get one turn of electricity output?

Student: Well, if you start with that, most conventional systems are requiring more energy input, such that they are…

RAYSON: So that it can overcome the inefficiencies of the system itself?

Student: Yes. The new types of energies, systems, can have like 1:1000 in terms of their efficiency, in terms of any understandable input from this space. Obviously, it is almost an unlimited source that they are tapping, and those are the techniques that we are trying to discover and make readily available to the whole world.

RAYSON: Thank you. Now back to your original question—and I would ask the group, now viewing the incredible efficiency of generating power of these new technologies, do you understand the original question—why individuals who are inventing this may be under threat or hazard for revealing these new technologies? (Yes, very well.) Thank you. Now, repeat the question, please.

Student: For most scientists and engineers who have discovered Zero-Point Energy conversion, what spiritual help can they be given to protect them from harm, from the negative forces, and give them courage to proceed? And how can we help them?

RAYSON: Thank you. This is a two-layered question, with a two-layered answer and more. First, this group here and all those who read these transcripts, may ask for, see, and project divine protection upon these individuals – seeing them being safe, their minds are safe, their social life is safe, and they are free of threats, harm, and danger. Through this means, we—yes "we"—as well as you, surround them with thoughts of peace and harmony, of protection. And you can imagine that they live in a "mirrored glass sphere," where the thoughts of those who probe what they are doing, are reflected back, so that they live in a peaceful environment. This is an energetic construct, in your mind.

The other layer is that these individuals would know that they are being protected and guided, that the very development of their technologies—thoughts, concepts, mathematical equations—are safe, and that they are being guided toward the right and perfect development of these into practical devices for all of humanity. Their connection with spirit—conscious connection—is important, as we have discussed this in the past. Conscious relationship with Spirit! Living in consciousness with the Infinite, the Eternal, the Source of all perfect ideas and concepts, knowing and trusting that when they make right decisions, right choices, right projections, that they are protected.

There is a larger lesson to be learned here, for all of you. Now what has been your experience, either personal or through your reading of history and events in your world, of where someone has something valuable, and keeps it to themselves, and eventually, it becomes known. What is the usual development of circumstances and events? (Pause) Someone?

Student: From what I’ve read, it seems to be more common in our country that someone who discovers something very valuable to all persons, and they are suppressed or murdered like Royal Rife. (Rayson: And many others!) Yes. Corporate greed keeps them from sharing these things with the people.

[Note from Student: Royal Rife was one of the earlier workers using electric frequencies to heal. He discovered a way to heal cancer that was 100% successful in the few small trials run before his work was suppressed. Rife generators employ rare earth gases in combination with specific electrical frequencies. The work of Bob Beck and Hulda Clark are based on Rife’s discovery that every disease-causing microorganism has a specific frequency. Broadcasting that frequency through the human body kills the organism. For additional information, see: https://www.rife.org ]

RAYSON: And what has no value?

Student: Corporate greed has no value.

RAYSON: Let us take an object, for instance: If everybody has something, it almost has no value, does it? (Right.) So when something is seen as valuable, and secret, this is true opportunity for those with greed to assume that and take it away, (Um hmmm. To exploit it.) and then exploit it. And so, in this case and in all other cases, in the larger community of humanity, what would be the most benevolent course and policy of action, for something of great value?

Students: To make it freely available, to share, to give the information to everyone.

RAYSON: To give it away to everyone, and even before the device is made, to continue to share all that information, freely to everyone. (Wise counsel!) An old lesson, from many humanities on many worlds. Let us go over this again.

Student: I have two other related questions when it is appropriate. (Thank you, we will entertain them surely.)

RAYSON: Now this device, could it Sir, be used as a weapon, or the means to support a weapon? (A means to support a weapon.) And so, if this were secret and [if someone] would make one, and it was gotten by people with evil intent, they could become dominating politically and economically. Is that correct? (Basically, yes.) And is that not the equation of all humanity for political and military means, whether it is the catapult, for catapulting rocks over a fortress wall, or the atomic bomb? Is that correct? (It is.) And so if everyone has this, they could develop it into weapons to destroy each other, or as generation plants to make them independent of current energy sources, and the military and political value would plummet. Is this thinking flawed? Or is it accurate? (Seems accurate.) Others? (Couldn’t both things happen?) Perhaps, yes. (But if enough people, enough mass of people with good intent, could…I think if enough people know about something, then it is more safeguarded. I don’t know how to word that, but it seems like the more people know, the more the idea is safeguarded from those who would have evil intent.) Correct. (It seems like there are still many mortals that lust for power and control.) Perhaps, always will be? Even into their early stages of Light and Life on this planet, it is something to be actively worked against. Now your next question, Sir?

Student: For those of us that want to get personally involved, and are starting to research the various types of systems currently demonstrated, but who’s construction details are lost or hidden away, what help can you give or suggest to find the details of the most viable of those currently offered on the Internet? Can we be guided in our search, for the readily implemented, with the greatest pay-off?

RAYSON: Yes, certainly. This is an element of the Teaching Mission which we hope and encourage each individual to learn. It is a talent of searching and finding; it is a talent of intent and choice; it is the talent of sincere inquiry, allowing spirit in all levels to guide your thinking, your choices, allowing you to make all choices, but showing you those which are quickly profitable and useful. You have yourself begun to explore these possibilities – and you went to one source and another. Some were rabbit holes leading you nowhere, and to imagination and wishful thinking, whereas others seemed to be more practical. At each step of the way allow yourself to be guided gently, not through compulsion or demand and necessity, but out of curious inquiry, gently following the feather as it wafts its way in the wind. You watch the feather; Spirit guides its course. Do you follow this metaphor? (Yes.) And so, you are not involved in pushing the feather in one direction or another, but gently following its course, being open to those gentle nudges.

Our celestial assistance, your celestial assistance, need not be technically inclined to help you do this, though those are available to help you as well. But to follow the route of inquiry, moving on when you find one that is unproductive, setting aside the "maybes" but continuing your search, going back later to examine the "maybes" for greater detail. While you are doing this, you are training your mind with new data, new facts, new observations; you are beginning to fill in the template of universe mind, concerning this topic. Then ask, along the way, for guidance to follow the feather as the twilight of awareness comes upon you. You will enter areas where you do not know the course, but trust that you are following it correctly.

You are engaged in a co-creative process of re-creating your world in a new and peaceful way. Examine your intents, the intent for which you are pursuing this. You can count that we will not assist you if you were to do this inquiry for selfish reasons, for monetary, materialistic, political or military reasons. We will assist you to pursue this, and avenues which are productive when you have the intent that your Father has the intent, Christ Michael has the intent, Spirit in truth has its intent, revealing truth to you in material ways. You will have to do 90% of the work, but the other 10% will be highly productive for you. Yes, there will be pieces that will be missing; rely again upon this feather of inquiry to lead you to individuals who will assist you, [who] have parts of the puzzle. You are on a wonderful adventure of discovering the next energy source for your planet. It is here, has been; it is powerful; it is available to everyone; it is free! Your next question, please. And please raise a question if this does not answer your question sufficiently.

Student: Thank you, that was good! Are there cautions [that] we too should be aware of? The intent, of course, is to be able to reproduce the basic unit that could be made available to the whole world, such as the Thestatika machine, such as several of the other machines that have been squirreled away by evil forces, machines that will allow us to change the deserts, by making clear water plentiful by desalinization of the ocean. Free energy, small units that could be placed in any home, in any location in the world; this is part of the hope for the use of these machines.

RAYSON: The first part of your question was, "how do you protect yourselves?" (Yes.) And is that the intent of the question? (Or are there cautions, we too, should be aware of?) Yes. You are cautioned that although you have the assistance of celestials and other teachers available to you to assist you in this adventure of inquiry, those who may oppose you have access to cosmic mind, as well as you do. All that is known, is available, even the locations of these devices which have been "squirreled away," as you say, kept in safe-keeping, the designs and plans, are also available through the same avenue. It is as though you have an advantage, that you have assistance in your inquiry; the playing ground is even for both sides. You should be aware of that, as you work with this. Your defense is to make all knowledge available to as many people as possible. We ask you to make available a list of all these, what you call "Web site connections," available to this transcriptionist for attachment to the end of this transcript. We know that these will only be effective for a few months or years, as these sites change addresses, or change their names or disappear. We encourage you to publish this knowledge. This will be placed in a repository, but available to all who inquire. Further, we ask that you provide topic labels to your subject line of this transcript that would indicate the content, so that those who go to the archives, who enter in a search word, would be guided to this transcript. You see, my friends, this is no small enterprise, which you ask about today. You are talking about a subject that has the potential to change the course of all human kind. You, in your work, must be diligent to be open, contrary to prior training. However, as your teacher said, "Be wise as [a] fox and gentle as doves," wily as serpents and careful. (Thank you.) You are welcome.

Student: Different subject? (Certainly.) Is there any advise as to the true nature of the different extra-terrestrials, and which are supportive of us, and which are not? And what different origins are involved in their intent? (Repeat that please.) Is there any advice as to the true nature of the different extra-terrestrials, and which are supportive of us, and which are not? And what different origins of these beings are involved in their intent?

RAYSON: I will answer the first part of your question, and disregard the last. The answer to these questions is general in nature; it is one of discernment. When you walk in the woods in the forest on a path, on which you have not gone before, you may encounter beings there, wild animals which you do not know well, whether they are a threat or not. A snake crosses your path; is it venomous, or is it benign? Do you pick it up and look at it, to examine it, to find out? No, surely, you do not; you are wary of it, you are cautious of it. You do not make hasty decisions. Your inclination may be to be friendly, but you do not know "it." We advise you to continue a course of caution; however, you should be aware that your planet is a very curious place to many species of other worlds. It is like going to a wildlife preserve that has no boundaries; you could go there, but do not touch, do not harm the inhabitants. This is not a place for hunting and destruction, but of observation and learning.

Yes, you could make dams for beavers, but then what for them, they have lost a skill. Your planet is remarkable in many ways. It is a primitive jewel that has not been polished, but only discovered. How do you help it to move from the rough to the polished? Our efforts today, concerning your earlier questions, do not intrude upon the self-will decisions of individuals, but are simply a response to your questions. We have not raised this area of discussion with you, though we could have, long ago. When you are ready for answers, you will formulate the questions. Returning to your interest in extra-terrestrials, be aware that most are very pleased that you are captives of this planet! (Much laughter!) You are the dangerous species, not them! Their technologies far outweigh and outrank yours, and could wreck devastation upon your world, but they do not. Thank you. (Thank you!)

Student: I have a question. (Certainly.) I would request that we have a response from a Melchizedek, from someone who teaches. To the consternation among Urantia Book readers, regarding the research of Matthew Block, which I enjoy and appreciate, and personally I love finding how the spiritual counterparts of this information were incorporated with the human philosophers, but many people do not, and it is shaking their very foundations. How can I help them?

RAYSON: I will do with you as I did with the Gentleman; who is Matthew Block, and what is he espousing?

Student: Matthew Block is a researcher who has worked at the Urantia Foundation in Chicago; he is finding the human source authors of many of the materials in The Urantia Book and has presented them at the Fellowship Summer Study Session this year, and on the Internet as well. Many people find it very threatening that the human sources—even though they tell us in the book there are many—are identifiable, and it’s a problem for a lot of readers. I guess maybe they have to do this for themselves; it’s a problem for them to adjust that to their feelings and beliefs about the revelatory material itself.

Excuse me, this is Daniel. (I’m sorry, Daniel!) This is a chuckle—you’re going to enjoy this! (Well I thought there must have been a Melchizedek present somewhere there. I’d love to hear from one of them, a comment on these things.)

MANTUTIA: Good morning, this is Mantutia. (Hi, Mantutia. Good morning.) I was privileged to be a participant in the formulation of The Urantia Book and your question is intriguing and I enjoy it and I am glad to engage it. Let us continue the line of discussion, this dialog as Bob and Rayson have earlier. Do these revelations, these new discoveries by Mr. Block, diminish in any way the truths of this book? (Not to me!) And is there a mortal capable of writing a book of this nature? Having known all the revelations, all the sources, all the individuals? (No, no way. No!) Do you still believe that this is a revelation, formulated to clarify and encourage mortals on their course toward spiritual growth? (Absolutely! Most assuredly!) And do you believe there will be further mortals who are capable of writing enlightenment materials that will aid future generations? (Yes, supplemental to this.) Or perhaps in new tomes, new works? (Yes. I think it is happening, even now.) Exactly! The revelation continues. This has been said by mortal, Christian theologians and Buddhists, Taoists, Hindus, all God-Centered religions, have espoused that the revelation continues, and those mortals who are open to this, and write these down, will continue to publish new revelations. For the benefit of the argument, what are the positions of those who are fearful of this man’s work?

Student: I believe they feel it detracts from the revelatory nature of the material, to see where the human sources, those high human concepts come from. Maybe it’s just something they will each have to work through on their own, but, it seems that many people were very…even though they appreciate the work…very taken aback to find this evidence available, and feel it detracts from what they believe about the book itself. And maybe that’s good.

MANTUTIA: Were they to understand the larger intentions of this book, they would appreciate that it was truly a co-creative effort, in the writing, the gathering of the sources, and the formulation of the book, and eventually all through the Forum, to its publication. Many of the Foundational intents of this book were not known early on; only the larger, grossest intentions were known. This is a historical record, a revelational record of the co-creative intention of Michael to heal your planet — not entombed within a book, but through the living lives of individuals and the expressions of their spiritual revelations in their writings. And gathering that together with Spirit, in this large book, to provide it to all humankind, it is a material evidence of this co-creative intent, and it does not stop with this publication, or its copyright in the mid-fifties, but continues. We do not espouse a position of preferring the text over the living revelation that this group participates in, but enjoin both efforts to reveal Michael’s intent to heal your planet, co-creatively, one individual at a time. We are glad in some ways that there are oppositions to Mr. Matthew Block’s work, as it provides us another opportunity to reveal the larger truths of the writing of this book and the continuing mission of Michael’s work, through his celestial teachers, with individuals. As the years and decades pass, many will come to know this as true. For now, there may be tension; for us, it seems to be a natural process of discovery, of inquiry, that this man has attempted and has done well at. One would anticipate this if they were a writer of the book, would they not? Certainly the human mind is curious, and knowing that, the book has told them that it has gleaned, it is the summation of gleaning many human writings; it would not be unexpected that inquiry would be made as to what those sources were. This is truly a natural development of a wonderful work! We know that there will be other inquiries, and these too, will lead to greater truths, new revelations, to the generations to come. Thank you for your question. (Thank you.)

Student: I have a question. As we seek to enhance our communication with our Heavenly Father, with Christ Michael and have the intention and desire to be in closer communication and to more continuously feel the presence of our Heavenly Father and Christ Michael, do you have suggestions regarding how we can more effectively do this? I find myself so frequently throughout the day, distracted by the daily needs of human living. I can feel and appreciate these presences when I am in the Stillness, but then when I go back into my daily routines, I get caught up in that. So I would appreciate, and I’m sure this would be helpful to the rest of the group as well, how we can better practice the presence.

BOB: This is Bob. But have you noticed how many times you have been called during the day? Look to what fills you and anticipate being filled. Sometimes you anticipate the telephone ringing, and you are right—it rings. Dear friend, anticipate the presence. Have a living anticipation of being awakened. Just anticipating is sufficient to bring you to that presence, to that dais, that step above the plane of ordinary life, whether you are peeling potatoes, whether you are driving down the highway, or listening to your grandchildren, you can be in a sense of anticipation, knowing that one there is listening with you, sharing your moment with you. Do you know what it feels like to anticipate something? (Yes.) Surely. Then recall that; this is a feeling in your body, your body remembers. You need to remind your body to remember, to take you to that moment. Find some way of reminding yourself to anticipate, and you will live and experience more frequent moments where you are in the presence. Does that help? (Yes, thank you.) You are welcome.

Let us have a last round of thoughtful examination before we close. If you have something to ask, please say so. You are welcome to.

Student: Well, I would like to ask a question. (Certainly.) Especially since we are not meeting later on today at JoiLin’s with the group to facilitate more individual communication with the celestials, and so—this is a personal question—but maybe it will help others, who are trying to do the same thing, improve contact. I’m still at the point…I’m such an earth-bound person, I still have a hard time sometimes believing that this is really happening, and I just wanted to confirm that I’m just not imagining all that’s been happening to me with communication lately. For example, a couple days ago with the 3:33 prompt and the Midwayer, who George Bernard calls, Dr. Mendoza, and also a communication that I believe was Christ Michael—I’m almost embarrassed to say these things, because like I said, I’m still so incredulous in a way that this could be happening to "me" of all people! So, I guess I’m asking for a little encouragement or corroboration or confirmation that I’m—and I don’t mind hearing that I’m just imagining it, I wouldn’t mind hearing that—I just want to know the truth and whether I’m on the right track.

BOB: Dear friend, this is Bob. Why would you believe what is coming through this man? (Well, see! Now there’s a good question! Well somehow when it is coming through somebody else, I have an easier time believing it, than when it’s coming from my own head. Well, that’s a really good question. And after hearing all this Zero-Point stuff—I mean that really blew my mind—because I’ve thought about that in the past. You know it’s funny, isn’t it?

Student: I have a question that relates to her’s.

BOB: One moment please! Your question is very earnest and I would like to address that. It is at the heart of being an Agondonter, is it not? (Yeah, it kind of is.) " It kind of is"—very definitely! Do you believe that Jesus was on this planet? (Absolutely!) And do you believe that he left the Spirit of Truth here? (Absolutely!) And do you believe that the Christ Spirit is now among you? (Absolutely!) And the Mother Spirit? (Yes.) And do you feel, do you know that you are worthy of receiving his love? (Uh, yes, I do know that.) Whether you feel it or not, do you know that you are worthy of it? (Uh, yes) And do you believe that he would care enough to talk to you, whether you listened or not? (……Yes.) And do you believe that you are endowed with the same capacity of understanding and acceptance, as all other humans on this planet? (…Yes.) And do you believe you are worthy of receiving and hearing him speak to you? (Uh…..yes.) And so your doubts are about him or is it about you? (You know…I guess it’s about me.)

Student: Okay, well, here’s the deal—I have been hearing and having inner dialogs for many, many years...) We know! (Yes, and of late, because of the meetings with JoiLin and the efforts of this small group to improve our individual communication skills, I’ve been talking out-loud more often, trying to have something out-loud…and I wonder if I am supposed to share this at some later time, [or] is it just for my benefit? Maybe it’s just my perfectionist nature…I want to do it right, I want to make sure I’m doing something right, but when I talk out-loud and I record and when it comes to me and I think, "Good grief! Is that…? And I guess it’s probably, yeah, some deficiency, a shortcoming of mine, believing that I’m doing it correctly. It’s sort of a lonely enterprise in some ways. I guess that’s a good word for it—it’s kind of a lonely thing, even though I’m getting these beautiful, encouraging messages—but it’s just me and them—and somehow…)

BOB: In the true existential reality of the universe, it is always just you and the Creator. (Yeah, that’s true…it’s an existential loneliness.) Do you have angst about your loneliness? (Less now than I ever have before.) And why? (Because I’m more connected to God.) Yes. You are never alone. (Yes. That is the message I get, almost constantly. That is the message!) Your re-assurance is the universe [that] is all around you, and your loneliness will never come back, when you know that you are in the company of all who love you. And the most intimate of those are Christ Michael and your Creator, your Thought Adjuster. Intimate with you in ways they know you completely, and know what is necessary to help you overcome your doubts about yourself. We have no doubts about you. Know that you are truly worthy and deserving of all our love, our efforts to connect with you. You are appreciated, and we accept you fully. We hope you do the same for yourself. Thank you for your question. (And thanks for your response, Bob.) Now Sir, your question?

Student: I did not mean to interrupt, but my question relates directly to her’s. It’s rephrased in different words: How can we best discern what we are "hearing" when we are in the Stillness and listening, from a celestial source or from our Thought Adjuster versus what we are hearing as a creation of our own mind? I’ve had that thought many times—whether is this a creation of my own mind, or am I hearing a celestial teacher, or am I hearing my Thought Adjuster? I would just like to know if there is something I can do to help me discern better, which one is which?

BOB: In the words of some of your contemporaries, "If it’s good, go with the flow," and wait for a discerning later. You will find that as you mature, there is no "versus," that when you mature, you will be in alignment with Spirit, with the Father’s thoughts, with your Thought Adjuster’s intentions for your life, and that all good thoughts which you have, whether they are yours or from Spirit, are good and they will help you. In the beginning, it is hard to discern this, but as you accept this and become familiar with it, it is much like walking down a new path; soon you will discern nuances, the different gravels along the way. Your step upon the path is different, with different places; the sound is different as your feet crunch upon the surface. So you too, when you talk with Spirit, as you discuss, you will soon learn, after a time, the more you do this, the more comfortable you are, and the more discerning you become. Do not be disappointed if it takes you a year or so, to discern this, or perhaps a decade. Go with the flow; be patient with yourself, and know that only good comes to you through these voices, through this advice, through these insights. The intention of the universe is benevolent, loving, kind and good, always leading you to the highest and greatest good of the expression of the potential that is within yourself. So move ahead; accept these things. Question them peacefully.


Now my friends, I would like to bring this morning’s session to a close. This is Bob and I have enjoyed your company very much. I speak for myself and those who are with me, that this has been a very excellent meeting today. Thank you for your openness to discuss, to ask questions, to dialog with us, to enter into a different rapport than we have had before. Let us continue this with the topics that are relevant to your life. Blessings to you; know that the mantle of goodness, love and beneficence, that shining radiant cloak of love that emanates from Christ Michael, surrounds you; and when you let it, it fills you. Blessings to each of you during the coming days and weeks. Good day. (Many thanks from the group.)


These references are only a starting point for those interested in pursuing this earth-changing field. The Google search engine has many more. However, these will open up the actual successes and the promise of this newly recognized field originally started by N. Tesla in the late 1800's. Certain forces have kept many proven devices exhibiting large power outputs with little or no observable inputs from ever reaching the public domain. The promise of unlimited, nonpolluting power to change our deserts to lush forests, to regenerate the atmosphere, to provide unlimited fresh water for now arid farm lands, to use small transportable units for both urban, suburban, and remote dwellings, has been hijacked for the last hundred years. The following references are to published works by brave scientists who are following a higher path to provide over the Internet sufficient background and insight to cause a groundswell of public development of these and similar free energy devices. If these systems can be independently developed and provided to the world at large this deadlock can be broken. That is their hope and intent, and the challenge.

www.spiritofmaat.com/archive/feb2/ (Free issue on "Free Energy & Alternative Energy" with several top scientist’s papers.)

A) "The World of Free Energy" by Peter Lindemann, D. Sc. This is an excellent overview starting with Nikola Tesla and summarizing the current state of the technology. He covers radiant energy, permanent magnets, mechanical heaters, super-efficient electrolysis, implosion/vortex engines, cold fusion, and solar assisted heat pumps. He provides an excellent insight into the 'invisible enemy', and relates it to the national and world scene. He then provides the vision and the needed directed effort to bring these fruits of the spirit to the world at large. Other web sites, books and patent references are included. His web site is www.free-energy.com.

B) 'Taming the Fierce Energy of the Vacuum' by Tom Bearden, Ph.D. This is a brilliant and startling description of why we have been stuck with spending billions on energy systems and centralized power grids that are cumbersome, frightfully expensive, and completely vulnerable to modern terrorist attack and natural disasters. To fuel these systems requires ever more dams, hydrocarbon-burning power plants, pipelines, oil wells, natural gas wells, tanker ships, harbor facilities, refineries, nuclear power plants, etc. He gives a brief history of where we went wrong in the late 1800's when James Clerk Maxwell's original electrodynamics model was 'simplified' by Heaviside and Lorentz, seriously restricting the engineering solutions and ruling out those systems that would allow the acceptance and use of the free energy of the vacuum. He then describes his proposed formal solution offered in the year 2000, which is consistent with quantum field theory, particle physics, quantum electrodynamics, and a re-interpretation of Whittaker's biwave decomposition of the scalar potential. It expands and upgrades current EM theory as well as Thermodynamics. He describes the real problem for graduates and post docs to focus on. His references are rigorous. This is a must read. His web site has much, much more. It is https://www.cheniere.org

C) "Methernitha" - A Community That Runs on Free Energy and Spiritual Values. By Carolina Hehenkamp In the beautiful mountains of Switzerland lies Linden, a small, calm place surrounded by dozens of peaceful little villages. Linden is especially known for the Methernitha group that lives there, and for their Thestatika machine built by Methernitha's founder, Paul Baumann. The paper describes the group, their search for natural sources of energy, and their successful and demonstrated machines capable of 3 to 10 KW continuous outputs. Smaller, even more portable machines were also demonstrated to different viewers over the years. The secret of tapping the unknown source of free energy has yet to be discovered by outsiders. The Internet has many more descriptions and pictures as well as notes from many researchers trying to duplicate the success of the Thestatika machine.