2003-11-08-Planetary Administration

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Topic: Planetary Administration

Group: S. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Gerahdt, Mantutia

TR: Daniel Raphael



GERAHDT: Good morning! This is Gerahdt. (Good morning.) Welcome to your new venue; welcome to our first gathering in the Pueblo area. And welcome to part B, of the Fifth Epochal Revelation, as you might call it. We wish you well in this journey that you make during this lifetime. Yours is a most difficult one, as you know. We are here to assist you in your spiritual guidance, your upliftment, though you always will be making the decisions about how your life goes.


You are aware that these phenomena that are occurring here today, are happening all over the world, in all the religions that are God-centered. Few of these groups really know it as the Correcting Time or the Teaching Mission, and this is what it is called here. In some countries it is called "the Awakening," "the Day of Enlightenment," "the Face of God." It is the conscious effort to bring about a greater light into your world. All minds are connected through the Infinite Mind, and so we can, Christ Michael can reach you, the Mother Spirit can reach you, can appeal to you, and awaken within you your highest desires for communion with God, your Creator, Christ Michael and your Thought Adjuster.

This work that we bring to you is not a means to usurp the position and relationship between yourself and your Thought adjuster, or your service to your fellow brothers and sisters of this world and your harmony in example through Jesus. We are very privileged to be here, and I am very honored to be here among you. I am Gerahdt, and I will be permanently assigned to your group. We are very pleased that you are attending today; we know that new people will come, and some of you will fall away, but you have been exposed to this new contact, this new means. We wish to awaken in you the presence, the awareness, the consciousness of the Christ Spirit that surrounds this world and infuses it; it is here for you, as is the Spirit of Truth, as is the presence of the Infinite Spirit. All of this is to assist you in making conscious decisions that are in accord with your eventual morontial life and the stages of your life in lives to come, those stages as you proceed to Paradise.

Your world is a most difficult place to live upon. The decisions you make day-to-day, do affect the rest of your life, and there are so many people here, souls, who have the potential of moving on into the afterlife, the various levels of the morontia life and onward. As you become more aware of the teachings in The Urantia Book, and as you become more aware of working with morontial beings, such as ourselves, you will realize that you will be in many ways little changed when you take on your first morontial life; little changed from as you are now. If you are stubborn now, you will most likely be stubborn later. If you are living, loving, enjoying life, you will enjoy that too. Yes, many of the experiences and your interpretations of life are harsh and contrary to your progress in the afterlife. The destructive accretions of this life that do not support your progress in the afterlife will be stripped away. Yet you—your identity, who you are, how you behave, how you think, how you feel—will still be fairly much intact. You will have your own ego to work with and to hone yourself, but all around you will be wonderful living examples of those who are only a few stages ahead of you. They will come back to teach you, and say, "It really works! This is the way."

The efforts of the Correcting Time and the Teaching Mission are to enhance the number of individuals who will make the decision to continue on in the afterlife. You bring with you a repertoire of experiences that are unlike any of those in all of Nebadon and even Orvonton. You will be greeted in the schools on Uversa —recognized from where you came from—this planet, the "Planet of the Cross." You have such a wonderful future, and at the same time you have the heritage of Jesus, Christ Michael in the flesh, in his last bestowal. In the future when you are in the morontial schools, you can reflect on those Jesus’ teachings, and consider your mortal experiences and your morontial experiences. For today, and all the days of your mortal life, this work that we are doing here is to assist you in making right decisions, to enhance your contact with your Thought Adjuster, who so desires to be intimate in your mind, your consciousness. Your Thought Adjuster, quite literally, is the consciousness of God, and meets your consciousness, and through this opportunity of joined consciousness, you can live an enthralled life, constructive, and positive. It is not likely that you will see immense or grand changes in your life immediately, but over the days and weeks and months and years, you will look back and you will realize that you are not the same person. When you live consciously, day-to-day, more intimately moment-to-moment, in the awareness and presence of God within you, you will make different decisions than you have in the past.

Each of you can have—or has already—accepted the assignment of a Celestial Teacher to you, just as you have a Guardian Angel, who is with you either personally, individually or in assistance with others. Why would God do this, to help you with Guardian Angels? It is to help show you the way, to help you learn your lessons, to help you make decisions. Some of you know that you have a conscience; your social scientists call this a "social conscience," an ethical conscience that you learned in childhood in your society. You can soon differentiate those thoughts of right and wrong from the higher guidance of your Thought Adjuster and your Guardian Angel. You may not hear words from them, but you will know that you are seeing a different way, a new way, of interpreting the experiences you are having. You may even remark to yourself, "I didn’t think this way before. This seems odd, but it seems wonderful too."

It is good to be in Pueblo, the village. The village is akin to a community where there is "oneness." People are familiar with each other; people are accepting of their own kind. You are developing community here; you have begun community building by being a part of your Urantia reading groups, and this group, the Southern Colorado Teaching Mission group. Its purpose and function is not to transpose, [or] take the place of any of your Urantia Book work. We would encourage you to continue this work but more intently. The next time you are reading your book at home, pause and think, "Hmm, I wonder if there is a higher meaning to this?" Don’t be surprised if you receive an insight in your mind—your Thought Adjuster can work with your mind on many levels. The clairaudient level is the most obvious that you would like to hear. However, a being of such capability from the Ultimate, Center Source of the Universe has capabilities of addressing your mind, your consciousness, and your will, in ways that are unfathomable to me and to you, and to the Melchizedeks as well.

You are not in possession of a Thought Adjuster; neither is the Thought Adjuster in possession of you, but you do have an opportunity in your consciousness to be in co-creative partnership in an ongoing basis for all of this life, and all of your lives to come—in a partnership that will not end. It will end only if you make the conscious decision to bring it to a close. Your free will is sovereign in your life. Your decisions are sovereign—once you make a decision, it will not be thwarted, overturned, changed, or amended—it is yours, and you are responsible for that decision.

We would offer you that your Celestial Teachers, your Guardian Angel and your Thought Adjuster are much like paid consultants to a corporation, and that you are the corporation and you pay this wonderful consultant $500 an hour. Would you neglect their advice? I don’t think so. You have within you, these consultants—they cost you nothing—they are always ready to assist you, are always there to guide you—all you have to do is ask, "What are my options here?" "What are my choices?" "What is the higher choice of the choices available?" Oh, you can be very creative in soliciting their advice. Yes, some individuals ask the Celestial Teacher of their group personal questions as, "What should I do?" "How am I doing?" and so on. This is fine, but truly, you may want to save those responses for your intimate moments with your Thought Adjuster and Guardian Angel.

We suggest that you save those moments before you retire at night to converse with your Thought Adjuster. Millions upon millions of people pray at night, and millions upon millions of people simply turn into their bed without listening for answers; yet many are given answers that help guide their life in their waking days ahead. We would suggest you make your prayers, and then meditate, be in the stillness, [to] still your mind. We further suggest that you declare an intention for doing so. The intention is to allow, encourage, and give permission to your Thought Adjuster to influence your mind in positive ways, as only it can do, and that you will give it space during those moments of stillness for it to guide you. Even now, as you have stilled your mind, though you may be listening to me, if you have stilled your mind to other influences you are being influenced right now by your Thought Adjuster.

Do you realize, dear friends, that when you talk to God while you work, you have actually stilled your mind? Because, as you talk to God can you think of other things at the same time? Few of you can. Most of you have an open mind during that conversation, even though you think it is a monologue. You have given permission to your Thought Adjuster to speak to you. And just as you speak to your children, you also give them permission to speak to you, to respond to you. So when you talk to God during the daytime, during your activities, take a moment here and there, and anticipate a reply. This is the beginning of "hearing." Many of you hear already; there is no doubt about that. Many of you hear already; most of you think it was just a good idea of your own thinking. Perhaps you have already given it credence as coming from your Thought Adjuster, or your Guardian Angel. I sense today that your intentions are true, dear friends. You are here for a higher purpose — to be in union and communion with God, to enhance your life during these mortal days, and to reinforce your capabilities as a morontial being when you graduate from here.

These Teaching Mission meetings that we will have in Pueblo are not a substitute for church, or for your meditations, or for your stillness; they are a much more conscious level of participation. You here [in] this 21st Century in America, have so many distractions, you have [to] literally make conscious, deliberate intentions even to come here, for you have so many other things that you can do—children going to soccer fields, going to visit friends in hospitals, doing your chores at home that could not be done during the week when you worked.

We encourage you to maintain conscious contact with your Thought Adjuster wherever you are. We encourage you to return to these meetings when they are held. They are to help you stay on the road of consciousness, awareness, that you are not alone, that you have help, that it is apparent and present. Some of you have thoughtfully, carefully, dedicatedly read The Urantia Book for years, even decades. Yet, some of you have forgotten that there are immediately available at least five levels of Celestial and Divine assistance —immediately! Simply stating this today helps bring that to your consciousness.

We also want you to be aware that the up stepping of your world began quite some time ago. You may not see improvements in your world from day-to-day or week-to-week, but month-to-month and year-to-year and decade-to-decade you will see significant differences and improvements. Many of these improvements are available for you to take advantage of in material form. You will find that as the Correcting Time advances, there will be more and more readily available material assistance to help you. We are not talking about miracles, of money appearing in your bank unexpectedly, or a new car landing in your driveway. The same difficulties of every day life will continue to exist; yet you will see improvements. How do you take advantage of them? Basically, by remaining in consciousness of the presence of God, the presence of good, knowing that Christ Michael’s assistance is here.

You could listen to horrific news and read those horrific stories in newspapers, and those tragic magazines, but can you help those situations? Few of you can. But you can make a huge difference, modeling your parenthood to your children, modeling solution finding, modeling love and kindness, and loving partnering. You may have seen differences from your generation to that of your children, and your grandchildren—these are significant changes. Conscious effort on your part, your grandparent’s part, your children’s part, to raise their children in these loving ways is making a difference. It will affect your world; it already has begun to do so.

One of the other extensions of the Teaching Mission is to assist you in praying effectively, coordinating your mind actions with the energy of the merkaba, of the energy that surrounds this world and directing those energies to the points where they are needed. Prayer truly works! It is far more effective now than it has been ever before on this planet for many, many thousands of years. Working together can bring about miraculous results. It feels good to participate in the healing of others, or their prosperity, or the right arrangement of jobs, right arrangement of meeting people, who assist you into your future. This is a living partnership with your fellow brothers and sisters as mortals, and with your fellow brothers and sisters as celestial teachers and the guardian angels. Many helpers and Midwayers are here to assist more closely in those material ways, as they are needed.

Living on this world now and being a part of this new way of life is much like living in or outside of an association that is beneficial. You can look at it and say, "Hmmm, I don’t think so," or you can participate. And whether you participate in the Teaching Mission, Correcting Time, The Urantia Book, or not, you are truly loved, truly guided—you have all the things available to you whether you are part of this or not. There is no distinction between those who participate in this, and those who do not—all the advantages are still there. This is simply an association that assists you in a much more conscious, material and spiritual, regular way. Why do this? One of the reasons is for fellowship. Sometimes, living in isolation you forget that you are part of the grander scheme and that there is great love and fellowship available for you.

By this person, Daniel, being available to you, he has made a commitment to participate with us in your Pueblo group. We are very encouraged by this, that there may eventually be an individual in this area or nearby who may be able to learn how to become a TR. That would be wonderful! Many of you already hear. It is just a matter of courage, and practice, and ability to learn how to do this.

If you have questions, I would be glad to try to answer them.


Student: You encouraged us to maintain contact—conscious contact—with our Thought Adjusters, but I wondered if you would back up and speak about establishing contact with our Thought Adjusters, and then give us tips on how to maintain it?

GERAHDT: Certainly. You are already in contact with your Thought Adjuster. Have you made an intention to be in contact with your Thought Adjuster? (Umm hmm.) Then you are! (How will I know it though? What good is it to me if I am not aware of it?) It is of immense assistance to you. Many people are never aware that they are in contact with God within. In fact, the concept of God within is quite striking even to many God-centered religions. Yet God, through their Thought Adjuster, is of immense assistance to those individuals if they are open to this guidance. Conscious awareness is not a prerequisite for the participation of the Thought Adjuster, or its effectiveness in your life. Your willingness to accept this guidance, your faith, enables this to occur. Your intention to participate in God-centered activities and decisions supports that connection. Being conscious of God within you, speaking consciously and hearing your Thought Adjuster speak to you, is most remarkable if and when that should occur. Do not lose faith that your life is guided, by the fact that you cannot hear your Thought Adjuster.

Student: What is the difference between auto-revelation and T/R?

GERAHDT: What is occurring now through this individual is transmitting/receiving through the openness of the mind mechanism to receive this speech. Auto-revelation is much like those "Ah-ha’s" that you get, those insights. You pray or talk to God about an issue then go about your daily lives, and eventually one day you say, "Oh! That’s why that happened." "Oh, this is what this means!" "Hmmm, I see this reaction or this exchange between people or this thought I’ve had about God, or about life in a new way." Auto-revelation is individual; to T/R is a much more conscious process, and not trance-like. We have not been promoted or prompted to speak through TR’s who are in trance-like states. Does this help?

Student: Some. I believe that auto-revelation may also come from all the spirit helpers we have. (Certainly.) And so I see a lot of overlap.

GERAHDT: When you have opened your life to the influence of God, the influence of light comes from many sources and many directions. God has always been most generous, and never has been a selfish God, but does everything in a grand way. You have the availability of knowing—"knowing" in a larger sense—through many sources, through God’s influence through these sources to you— all being benevolent and good.

We will take a break now, and you can be in repose, if you wish, or socialize. We wish to reconvene and another group will speak to you. I was privileged to speak first as your teacher so that you may become acquainted with me now, and associated with the conversations in the future. Unless there are further questions, let us adjourn for the moment. Thank you. (Thank you.)

MANTUTIA: Good afternoon! This is Mantutia Melchizedek; I am Regional Manager for this area of the Correcting Time. (Welcome!) Thank you. Your hospitality is much appreciated for our new teacher, here in Pueblo.

When you think of the administration of this planet, and the immense challenges of overcoming the inherent darkness that has pervaded this sphere for so long, it would seem to be quite daunting, would it not? On mortal terms, it would be impossible, and in some ways were these new revelations of the Fifth Epochal Revelation not given to you, as were the other revelations, it is likely this planet would be lost in darkness. But such is not the case on any planet, due to intervention of Creator Sons all the while without usurping individual decisions. What a supreme challenge, totally within the capability of a Supreme Sovereign, who is compassionate and loving, as [is] our Christ Michael! And so, there truly is an administration for this planet that is not "superimposed" but is truly inherent, active—not latent—but active on your world. And I am one part of that administration.

Were you to see the full extent of our organizational chart, as you might call it, it would be extensive, to say the least. The Most Highs are involved in all activities of mankind. They are a part of the rehabilitation of this planet and the other planets that were in quarantine. The Most Highs of this region of the Local Universe are necessarily involved. They form one part of the chain, the lineage, from Christ Michael down to each individual here. The Teaching Mission is in many ways concerned with teaching individuals, about their place in the universe, on this planet, and of course, their place in relationships with the Divine.

As one of the Melchizedeks of the many regions of this planet, we are working directly with the Most Highs in the affairs of mankind. We have shared this before, and we share it now with this new group, that all the affairs of mankind are invested with spiritual guidance. The Reserve Corps of Destiny is active, and enlarging. Many individuals in many regions, many industries and centers of human activity are involved, though many are completely unaware that they are participating in this effort. Your news media, as was mentioned, aggrandizes the travesties that are occurring in your world. There is no profit seen, apparently, in the media that "good news sells." Yet it is good news that Jesus brought, the good news, the new truth that you are directly involved with the Divine. God is not outside of you, but literally within you. And God’s activities, through Christ Michael, the Most Highs, myself, the celestial teachers and others are everywhere present. There is literally no place where God is not, in some relationship, in some connection.

My message to you today is that you are not abandoned, you are not forgotten, you are not far away, you are not on someone else’s agenda, but you, today, are our primary concern. You are cared for and through Christ Michael’s Sovereign position—having been on this planet, having lived here—there is an immense compassion for your place in this world, in the lives that you have to live and the immensely difficult decisions you have to make. We would urge you not to compromise your spiritual growth, while seeking a material existence.

Being here today is proof that you are being guided. And when you hear, whether it is here, or in your home or far away—if you hear, you are guided. Though you may not hear in words—you know what I mean by "you hear"—you know that you are connected to God and you have given your will to God for its fulfillment. Know that your lives are made more enriched by your connection with Christ Michael, your Thought Adjuster, Nebadonia, the angels and celestial teachers. As teacher Gerahdt said, your prayers and your lives are at the peak of being beneficial. You now have the assistance to help you move to another state or [to] seek another job, for example. To prepare the way, see the right action; know that the way is being prepared. And when it is right, you will be called!

Before this revelation, people knew that they were guided by God by the small things that happened in their lives, that there were fewer tragedies. In this era now, you measure this connection by the wonderful things that come into your life. No longer are you bereft children left by the wayside of the spiritual path, but you are now riding along well. Know that your way is prepared; trust that it is so; ask and you will receive. This is the time for the children of light to receive, and you do. I wish you well in all your endeavors, and know that the teachers are hereabouts and working and preparing the way ahead. Do not be too small in your opinion, compared to God, to ask for what you need. Yet, do not ask too specifically as to limit what you might receive. You must think grandly and allow the greatest good to come forward through you and to you; know that it will be so; know that it IS so; know that it is actually occurring right now. These are truly exciting times. I have seen many things occur for the positive, for the good, in this region in the last fifty years. And the rate of goodness seems to increase more rapidly.

And as an aside before I close, we observe what must surely be the work of the First Source and Center hereabouts, in ways we cannot explain; things that occur where we have no connection, but we know that someone, some influence has been here, is here, leading even us on the way forward. This is a grand adventure for us as well, to be a part of this larger universe, knowing that even in the smallest ways, we are being guided.


Bless you today and thank you for coming. I wish you well. Know that God loves you, now, every moment, into the unforeseen future, and all through your Paradise journey. Good day. (Group gives thanks.)