2004-01-07-Present Centered Awareness

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Topic: Present Centered Awareness

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Unknown



Dear one, to develop your inner listening skills, your heart needs to be totally open and free of judgment.

Concentrate first and foremost on the hidden meaning of the words you hear in every conversation. The head always has the tendency to jump into the fray of a discussion, but it is far wiser to discern the hidden meanings. In doing so, you may well discover unspoken fears, grief and sorrows, for which you may offer a word of wisdom.

When spoken at the right moment, your words may cut through the outer veneer of bravado and loudness, and, perchance these words will lodge like little nuggets in the thirsting heart of another.

Always remember that the human heart is a very delicate instrument and easily wounded. Thoughtless words and actions can roll down the ages, to later manifest themselves as all sorts of mental, emotional, and physical illnesses.

As I told you before: “Thoughts held in mind, produce after their kind”, and “As above, so below”, as well as “What a man or woman sows, he or she also reaps”. This is the immutable Law of cause and effect. What goes up must come down.

This, My beloved, I desire for you to integrate, so you will grow more conscious and aware as to how you think, how you live, and how you speak.

You can only cultivate present-centered awareness through the practice of self-discipline, and by becoming more thoughtful about the feelings of others, even though their outward speech and actions tell you otherwise.

Each human heart is so delicate, and can so easily be broken. The world abounds with broken hearts, which can only be healed when Silence is cultivated, and the Peace and Rest of the Eternal God is experienced, as each heart discovers for itself, that, yes, it, too, is beloved of the Father in heaven.