2004-02-09-Healing Exercise

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Topic: Healing Exercise

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Nebadonia, Welmek

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Good evening, my beloved children. This is your Mother, Nebadonia, who speaks. Feel my presence descend upon you. Breathe in my Spirit. When you breathe in my Spirit you expand your mind, your capacity to discern me just a little bit more. The openness that you begin to sense within you is the placement of new ideas and new feelings of love, of compassion. And in this time of expansion and growth, it is up to you to put more emphasis in your own waking moments to want to sense this expansion, to grow into Spirit.


Tonight as I lead you through our healing exercise, I ask you to find your willingness, your desire, your fervor to be expanded; to be connected to the larger circuitry that is now encompassing this world, blanketing it in love, blanketing it in new potential of creative growth and the unfolding and manifesting the Father’s plan on this world. The potentials that are being activated in you are still, to a great deal, unrevealed to you. You may sense this quickening within you but you will not know how it will play out in your life; that is through our own inner and outer experiences; the inner experiences of coming into a new consciousness awareness and the outer experience of daily living. These are ideas that you sense.

As we have taken you down this active road of healing these past months, we ask you to go deeper now into your own feeling, going into those areas in your life where you still feel isolated, torn, broken, lonely, despairing. And simply ask for my Spirit to expand you into these potentials of love and light and creativity that you can and will manifest as you live. Find your desire for your healing and to expand, and your Father and I will add something into you. (Pause)

Find your desire to go deeper into my being, deeper into my womb. Sense yourself as this small embryonic soul that is nestled in the most loving, safe, warm, comforting, and nurturing environment; my womb is the safest place of all. This is your home. You have access to this every moment and when you have need for safety and comfort. Find your desire to be in this home, my womb, and ask for your awareness of this to be enhanced. (Pause)

Ask to feel your Father’s heartbeat inside your being. Ask for your heartbeat to calibrate on your Father’s. Ask for your awareness of his heart beating in unison with yours to become enhanced. (Pause)

And now, my children, ask for your Father’s truth to circulate through your entire being. Sense your desire for this truth to course throughout your entire mind and body: “Father, feed me with your truth. I need your very life essence to nourish me.” We will move and minister in you. (Pause)

My children, your bodies and your minds must be rebuilt upon love, in love, and through love. There is no other way for you to be healed and to grow strong. This love is always accessible to you and by turning to the Source of it will your cells and soul be knit in this eternal fabric that will strengthen you in untold ways. Your bodies and minds must be rebuilt in this new fabric, and it is now in this time of healing that we weave these threads of love throughout your being rendering your garments new, whole, clean, vibrantly colorful and resiliently strong.

Think about the most wondrous and beautiful fabric you can imagine. Sense the quality; do you see its strength? Do you see its beauty? Do you see a sheen or light that illuminates this cloth? Ask in your mind for your Spirit to give you this image of your internal fabric being knit, as we attach more love threads into your own internal fabric. (Pause)

Ask for this fabric to resonate, to vibrate within you. (Pause) Ask for the threads to grow and give you a sense of yourself that is moving outside of your physical limits, moving more into the energy space around you. Let yourselves feel the largeness of the energy as it moves around you. (Pause) Feel your beauty, my children, feel your warmth. (Pause)

Now I ask you to envision the world as this beautiful orb placed in front of your being. See the planet as it spins. When you have a good sense of this in front of you, simply ask for your energy field and the fabric you have created to move around the planet and encircle it. Take your time as you watch it grow. Find your desire for this fabric to grow – your fabric – your special essence of love to encircle the earth. Simply ask for the desire for this to grow as your Father and I add something into this. (Pause)

The threads of your energy field as you have covered the world can now be implanted on this planet through your intention for these threads to be encircuited in the truth core. See in the core of the earth your Father as the loving caretaker of this world. And you have sensed this, simply ask for the threads of your energy fabric laying on the surface to go into the core, to connect to the core as your Father and I add ourselves into this. (Pause)

The life streams from Paradise flow from the one Source. You are now adding this life of the Creative Source of the universe into the core of the planet through your intention and desire. Sense your intention and your desire for this love to penetrate deeply in every energetic molecule of the planet. Simply sense your passion for this love to fill the earth as we add ourselves into this. (Pause)

Find your passion for all of the earth’s children: all the inhabitants of human life, animal life, vegetable life, and mineral life to be connected and healed in this love. Find your passion for your planet to be healed as we add something into this. (Pause)

The creative powers of the universe are available to you, my children, when you use your minds in this capacity to heal and restore love on this earth. Let your minds be so disciplined as to learn to focus this love at some point during your day in turning to these healing exercises and know that you are doing your part to participate in this healing time. It matters not to us that you hold the gaze for thirty seconds or thirty minutes. What we desire is your passion, your fervor, your commitment, your perseverance, and your faith; faith in your own abilities to serve and to love, and faith that you are able to be used in this way your planet’s reclamation into the family of light. Your faith capacity ex! pands the more you creatively use the mindal endowment you have been given in new ways. You are birthing these potentials you have within you; you are manifesting them. You are gaining a greater confidence in your overall conscious capacities. Use your minds wisely, my children. They are a great tool and your mind is a great gift.

Each of you will be called into different avenues of creative expression by your Spirit. Simply keep your mind open to being used: “It is my will, Father, that your will be done.” And because you have not mastered harnessing the current in your mind, think not that because you only focus for a few moments a day it is not effective. You are gaining greater control each moment you practice this, and each moment expands ever so slightly your range of thought expression, and gives us more range of motion to minister to you so that you can feel our presence moving through you to trust and gain more internal assurance of our love for you.

I leave you now, my beloveds. I leave you blanketed in my love. Be at rest, you are safe at home in me. (Pause) Good evening.

This is your friend and teacher, Welmek. Our Mother has asked me to address your questions this evening. I am so delighted to be able to participate with you again in this manner. But as you know, I do participate with you in these healing exercises as there many who are here adding our thought energies to the healing of this beloved world.

As you well know, we are well into the time of correction here. It is not an easy time for many. For most people are undergoing such disturbances and confusion in their lives, and you have seen this, have you not my brothers and sisters? Stay focused, stay calm, as calm as you can throughout this tumultuous time, for I say to you that which is growing here is so beautiful beyond human comprehension, so wondrous and magnificent that one day you will stand in awe of what you have helped create.

It is our observations of human life as it is lived here that you do not like change. You do not welcome it; you do not see the good underneath the transition. We understand this. We understand how the ideas of God and creation have been so distorted here. We say to you how we honor and respect and admire your faith. Truly, you do not see all the good you are doing in your simple choices of faith each day. Stay focused on this faith. Stay centered in hope; hope in the beauty of the Creator’s plan being firmly established here. This will occur. It is unfolding even as we speak. Stay centered in this. It will occur.

How may I address your questions and concerns this evening and help you step out of the vantage point of being on this terrain and rising to the vantage point of the larger evolutionary plan to see the hope and the truth that you are planting here? I will address your questions and comments now, my dear friends.


Student: Can you give me a reason to hope?

Welmek: Do you want just one?

Student: I want one that works.

Welmek: Would it be enough for you to know that the desire in your heart for a world saturated in love will come to pass in time?

Student: I need something more personal right now.

Welmek: May I embrace you, my sister? (Yes) Can you find it in your heart to hope that all of the pain you are undergoing at this time will be put to good use in healing many, many others? Can you hope that new ideas of love will be knit deep into your soul and fill you with such joy and give you new reasons to sing the praises of our Creator? Would this bring you hope, my sister?

Student: Yes, but I want some practical hope.

Welmek: What would be a practical hope in your mind?

Student: Restore my marriage.

Welmek: This is time for a more personal session, if you would be willing to speak to me or one of the other spiritual teachers you have access to. I am here to address more of the questions on this evening’s experience. I will be more than happy to assist you in coming to a deeper understanding of some of the changes you are undergoing, if this is acceptable to you. (Yes) But let me add this: I ask you to feel your desire to sense the love of many unseen friends, guides, angels, and other celestial workers who love you as they gather around you. Feel their presence, their love, and compassion for you. Let us give you a collective “group hug,” as you say, and know that you are not alone as we gather around you now, my sister. (Pause) And may the peace of our Mother and Father be with you as you sleep this evening.

Student: Greetings, Welmek. It is a pleasure being in you presence again. We haven’t spoken for quite some time. Tonight the Mother spoke about us being able to sense her presence more fully. Being of agondonter status, how fully can we experience the Mother Spirit as this stage of our growth?

Welmek: Our Mother is in us, and there is a fullness of her being that requires an attention on your part to notice. Do you recall the lessons that we shared many months ago about being in the eternal now and being mind-ful? (Yes) It is this sense of fullness that allows you to feel her course through your being. When you feel full of her, when you feel expanded, when you feel peace-ful; is this not the fullness of our Mother that moves and reveals herself in you? Are you looking for a more quantitative or qualitative experience?

Student: I am looking for an experience where her love is something that I can truly experience within me. I know it’s there, I just need to find a way to open up to it.

Welmek: Think of our Mother as opening your circuits and weaving in more of the fabric of love through you. The more you are able to overcome your own inner inadequacies by asking for mercy, forgiveness, patience, understanding to dominate your mindal environment will more love threads weave through your being. The fullness of our Mother brings these qualities in, and your desires for the fullness of your healing to continue allows for more love to be planted or woven into you. When you feel these feelings of inadequacy, do you naturally call in our Mother to open up new channels of love and understanding and forgiveness into you?

Student: As much as I can.

Welmek: And so it is. You grow and you will remember to do this more and more. It will grow in you. It is not a matter of expanding all at once or too rapidly. It is a very steady, very purposeful, very plan-ful progression as each thread is carefully woven into you in strategic places in your mind. Does this help?

Student: Yes, it does. It gives me one more thread of hope.

Welmek: And how about the thread of patience? Is that being woven into you too, my friend? And I say this in all light-heartedness for I know how you are trying and how you struggle with this at times. Be patience and loving and gentle with yourself. You are growing in our Parents, slowly and faithfully, and one day you will experience a higher degree of love than you are now. And always remember to call on us as your friends and teachers to help you throughout your day, to walk by your side and to whisper those words of encouragement to give you the strength you need.

Student: Thank you, Welmek. I consider you a dear friend.

Welmek: As you are to me, my brother.

My friends, there are no easy answers that I can give to you. There is no magic formula that will erase the pain that you feel. This world has been mired in pain, and you see evidence of this all around you fully expressive and almost seemingly dominant on this planet. This is time of calamity and chaos. But it does not last. It is a fleeting shadow of part of the evolutionary unfolding and a legacy of error and distortion of God’s plan.

There are times when we as your celestial friends and guides wish we could do more to help you, but we are constrained the mandates of our superiors who have greater wisdom ! and a wider range of understanding of the beauty of the evolutionary process, even though from the human standpoint it is difficult and quite irksome to your human nature. But I have seen your faith, and you know from experience that it grows. But you must use this faith in order for it to continue to grow. And your faith is activated by several ingredients, and one of them is hope.

Speak to your indwelling Spirit. Ask for more hope to infuse you. Cling to the idea that love will one day prevail here in the hearts of all. That there will be all kinds of new relationships that are healthy and strong and nurturing.

Bond to one another in these times. Seek those like-minded souls for you to be supported and to support. Where you can love and be loved. Where you can cry with one another and laugh with one another, and feel all of the emotions that you are all undergoing with one another. Build a new sense of community and family around you. Expand your boundaries of relationships and family. Ask to be guided to a greater awareness of who can love you and whom you can love; who can support you and whom you can support. Know that you will be connected and given what you need to stabilize you through this tumultuous time. Remember to ask for what you need and trust that it will be given to you. There is so much love and help for you. It is yours. Are there any other questions before we conclude this evening?

Student: I’d like to ask a general question that’s personal at the same time: about building up the super-structure that Jesus did so it’s safer for our Thought Adjusters to inspire us more. The parable about squaring up solid beams, not rotten beams. Could you give us some insight about shoring up a strong foundation for eventual greater service?

Welmek: The exercise our Mother led you in this evening was the exquisite example of your question. I would encourage you to re-visit this many times and know that this is what you are building inside of yourself. Think less of the idea of what this means and focus more on the experience of actually allowing this structure to be built in you. You will surely know the solidarity and squareness of this both in your mind and in your heart. Do you understand, my friend?

Student: Yes, those are very comforting words.

Student: Welmek, I have a couple questions. When Mother and Michael say to us that they have added something into us, considering that their presence is already fully within us, what is it that they add? More openings?

Welmek: Imagine if you will a lamp, and the lamp is attached to a circuit through a wire. Sometimes the switch is in the “on” position and sometimes it is in the “off.” Most people go about their lives with their switches in the off position, do they not? (Yes) And when you, through your desire and intention, ask for them to add something into you, the switch is on and it is the flow of their love, their essence, their presence into you. This is what they are doing. Do you not feel more current running into yourself when this happens?

Student: Yes, I do. That makes it much clearer. The second question involves my ladyfriend, C, and her two boys. So much disruption and correction is going on in their lives. How can I be of service to them? Is just loving them enough?

Welmek: As you spend time in your stillness practice, include much time for intentional prayerful healing for them. See them standing in the presence of our Parents and asking for their love to embrace them. Spend as much time as you can, in not only your desire and attention, but to also sense your love and your compassion for them to be healed and to be re-encircuited with this spiritual current that runs through their minds.

You have a talent for meditation, do you not? (I guess so) But you have grown in your capacity to be still, would you not say that your mind is better trained? (Yes) So spend this time actively and perhaps devote 15-20 minutes a day with each individual. Know that this energy that you add into them can be transferred to their mind and give them strength and support? Does this help?

Student: I have been attempting to do that on a daily basis. It does seem to work. I keep on being a positive influence in their lives and encourage C to hang in; that there is a light here and now even though they are going through a lot of discomfort that through that they will find their real selves. I encourage their hope.

Welmek: Then you are doing what you can, my friend.


My dear friends, I have enjoyed being with you this evening. I encourage you to call upon me during your day if you need the guidance and support of a dear friend. I am available to you. I will do what I can within the boundaries of my means to escort you into deeper realms of trust and hope. Your journeys are not easy ones; they are rugged. They are difficult, and yet they will lead you to a place of great joy. Focus on the destination and know that there are many who will guide your steps throughout the day to help you achieve that place in your heart of true liberty, hope, and wholeness. Good evening, my dear brothers and sisters.