2004-04-09-World Of The Cross

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Topic: World of the Cross

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Samuel, Bzutu

TR: George Barnard



"Your world is not by any means the largest in the local system. It is also not the smallest, although there are not many inhabited planets that are smaller. What you are, indeed, is the most observed, the most talked about, and the most intriguing orb to the creatures of the local system and, even to many much further afield.

"It is not yet two thousand years ago when all eyes in the universe were focused on your planet, and the term, the name, "World of the Cross" was first heard, and that says it all. And it is appropriate for me at this time to converse with you for your world was observed by millions upon millions of His creatures that held their breaths and witnessed what everyone would have thought to be impossible for such to happen to a Creator Son.

"We watched from afar . . . Yes! Of course! . . . for most of our worlds were greatly advanced, and although the circuits were cut with you, we did have independent universe-reflected opportunities to view the dismal goings on of your world—the crucifying of the incarnation of the very Creator, the very Maker of what all you mortals are about.

"The Michael Son who was loved and venerated by the greater proportion of His myriad subjects had decided to become flesh on a globe that had seen so much havoc, so many troubles and sorrowful failures. This would give Him the ideal scope for doing the greatest amount of good. Only few worlds in more desperate straits than yours were incapable of getting any kind of information on the Master Son’s progress that was followed by the vast majority of us, day by day, moment by moment. This is Samuel."

Bzutu: "This is Bzutu, my dear brother. (Inaudible--sounds like "countless") Celestials, including ourselves (Midwayers), had but standing room only at the slaughter of our beloved Teacher. You will not in your life manage to imagine, or even come close to feeling the pain we felt for not being able to stop what all of us had thought could never happen.

"Anyone among the thousands upon thousands there assembled could have stopped the crucifixion, and yet we were not allowed to interfere when we could so easily have saved the Master’s life by simply making him disappear. The importance of any other happening in my entire career pales into insignificance by the events of those last moments. And, truly, not a day goes by when one of us will ponder, meditate upon, or discuss how very different it could have been.

"In the end analysis, the suffering, the intense pain, the intimidation and the hurt the Master went through continues to be touched on in many discussions. These, however, center around the good beyond measure His life and even His death has done for all those who learn of His bestowal to our world, as they talk of the extraordinary circumstances of His bodily demise whilst he still prayed for and forgave His executioners. I hand you back to your Teacher.

"Samuel: "It was a time, my dear friend, when universe reflection in allowing us to view what went on on your world caused us to hold our loved ones tight, or clench our fists at the unimaginable scene of a world gone mad. We were then of the view that what was about to occur would not be allowed, and would not be brought to its final conclusion. But trust, my dear friend, in that your world has truly made some progress as we next await the further improvements your Paradise Teacher Son will bring.


"Indeed, honor regret, despise all guilt, and in all ways keep your faith. Have a really Good Friday."

George: "Thank you both."