2004-06-14-Results of Applied Lessons

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Topic: Results of Applied Lessons

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Eregon, Mantutia, Nebadonia, Rayson

TR: Mary Jo, Jo Ann



MANTUTIA (T/R, JA): We are your comfort. We bring opportunities for joyful meetings, connections. Turn to us. We are friendly and we love you little ones. We are joyful at your victories. We encourage you—find the path of light and love at every fork on the path of life. You ask for light on your path and so it is, child. The path is lit, your feet already on it. Agendas have been cleared. Come travel life's path as you discern it. We hold your hands and sometimes your hearts. When you are low, when times are tough, remember us. We are your ever-present companions, friends [and] confidantes. Trust us. Seeking the Father's will is what mortal creatures desire above all to accomplish. When you travel Father's path you too, as well as I, can see the potential for good in everything children, absolutely everything that comes along. Do trust us; do turn to us. We will always be there with a hug and a . ....(?)... for the journey. Be not afraid. The absence of fear, the absence of negativity enables you to feel our presence. Choose it if you dare; choose it if you will. Nothing is more delightful than to travel this mortal road of life along with you who are discovering day-by-day, moment-to-moment the glories of the presence of the Father and his manifold legions of coordinators, helpers and friends. Thank you for your trust in us. Bless those experiences that you have garnered. Hold them in your hearts. Train yourselves to remember the bright spots, the delightful coincidences. We share destiny, children, and we delight to dance this dance with you.

[JA: I am getting "Mantutia"] (Thank you. Thank you.)

EREGON (T/R, MJ): I am Eregon. Greetings. It is with great pleasure that I join you once again. Thank you for taking this time. Questions will be entertained. Have you questions?


MJ: I don't really have a question, but wanted to say that I have noticed this past week a lot more time-prompts and I have been very cheered several times at 11:11 knowing that I was being fellowshipped. I want to thank all who are here who are so faithful in that way and also the exercise of asking in the healing each day into my inner life and extending and embracing others has been very interesting. I am getting to the point where when I forget it, I notice that I forgot and wish I had embraced this one or that one. I just feel grateful today.

EREGON: Thank you child, for your report. It is heartening to me and to all here to hear you say the words that you have spoken. As you have been told, it is your education in release of negativity and fear that aids you in your abilities to sense our presence and to call us successfully. We await you at all times and we are heartened that you are becoming more proficient at recognizing and summoning. The exercise and practice that I have advised you to employ will continue to foster you and to improve your existence on this planet. Any attempt to increase awareness of the Father's presence and any effort made to gather souls and include all cannot help but improve your life and the lives of others. You have worked diligently at several, and maybe many points in your life to dispel the shadows. These exercises will, I assure you, enlighten even the most entrenched of shadows and will continue to help you create peace in your life and in the lives of your associates. You are doing well. You DO well, both of you. And I encourage you to continue these practices and remain as conscious as possible throughout your days.

You may have experienced a more intense living in-the-now moment. This too, is a side effect - a very beneficial side effect - of stillness practice coupled with the enlightening of your own inner life and the conscious awareness of the needs and …(?)… of your fellows. This living in the moment is your liberation and will remain so. You are liberated from overmuch planning for the future and you are liberated from dragging your feet through the past. You may, of course, never lose your past. It is there for you to access in times where the experience you have garnered is required and yet, you may view it with less of an emotional aspect. Use the lesson, glean the experience, however, use it in the moment for your benefit and the good of others. And as you live each moment, you then create a future, which is free from fear, free from shadow and glorious to the extreme.

Further questions or comments? This is not a requirement. I simply wish to allow you to ask and comment so that we may converse more freely.

JA: I have been trying to go about sending energy to people. I guess that is what I think of as the healing embrace. I feel like I am sending them Reiki, if that's the same as embracing them—I hope it is. I notice that it lightens people up just to tell them they have a beautiful child, or that it is a beautiful day, how much effect something so simple has and I wonder how much effect all the fear and the anxiety that people have also has. It is no wonder that we live in such a quagmire - a confused culture. I guess that is more of a comment than a question.

EREGON (MJ): Your comment is most welcome and to the point and insightful. Yes, your smallest gesture of sincere friendliness can mean a great deal to a soul who is bogged down. First, I wish to address your first comment concerning the energy sending of Reiki. This, child, IS energy that is of great beneficial use. It is the life force, as you have been taught and it surrounds and permeates you. Your conscious and intentional manipulation of this energy with benign and loving intent is most beneficial and will be directed where you intend. It is indeed, an embrace for it is but another manifestation and title for the energy that permeates all of space, all of time and all of creation. You may see it coming pure and clear from your own heart, from your own fingertips as tendrils surrounding and yes, embracing, patting, comforting. These small gestures from one who is dedicated to gathering and cheering is of great, great benefit.

There are many who will be friendly and many who are very sincere and yet, there are not enough who see this tenderness as being God-given, God-directed and God-motivated. This is what will unite your brothers and sisters, the love of God shining through those who are wholly dedicated to this endeavor. All friendliness is beneficial and the friendliness that is fragrant with the love of God is the most beneficial and least likely to be misunderstood or rejected. For at the core of each person is a hunger, as you have been told. This hunger is fed when this love is translated through your friendly gesture, your spiritual embrace.

Yes, this world is largely fear-ridden. Your brothers and sisters are burdened by fear, burdened by depression, burdened by anxiety. You yourselves have had experience with these things and have called upon God and called upon your angels and called upon Jesus. And you have had the gift of your text to put into perspective the energy manipulations that have taken place here on Urantia. You understand the magnitude of isolation - what it has meant. And so, you have a very unique gift. Your challenge is to translate what you have been taught into words and actions that will be accepted and understood by your fellows who languish. These energy forays are a wonderful place for you to start, for it is helping you to become simply more aware and as we have said—present in the moment, for that is your eternal moment where you may do the most good. Thank you so much for your comments. I wish you continued good experience with your exercise and practice of these things. You are a bright light in many, many lives. You have not always known this—I tell you it today—allow not your busy life to mask the importance of your light to those in your world. Continue Child, for your efforts are always honored and noted.

We wish to encourage you and to advise you to continue sending these session lessons to the main depository for distribution. These lessons—these last several lessons on daily practice and spiritual embrace—are meant for many. As time goes on, you will be given further lessons for distribution as well as for, of course, yourselves. These lessons are given in this intimate and small gathering and they apply to you and yet you may feel free to share them with your fellows. The base of information is growing and growing and it will be a great benefit to those who you will never meet, you will never see, and yet you are doing a great service by your willingness to continue with these meetings. We are so heartened that you have continued to be willing transmitters.

Have no concern for the future, children, outside of reasonable expectation. Your work is important and on the Father’s pathway you will not become lost. Enjoy your daily lives and as you have been invited, please include us whenever you wish to, for we long to share this life experience in a conscious way with you. It is a privilege untold, one for which many would do much. We feel privileged and so we thank you. There are others here. I shall now take a step back. Know that you are loved and I shall speak with you the very next meeting. Until then, peace be with you and adieu.

  • BREAK (Michaelle joins)

[Resettling after dinner break. Re-centering and entering the stillness...]

NEBADONIA (T/R, MJ): Mother Nebadonia wishes to greet you. Yes children, it is I—your mother, your protector, your friend, your constant companion. I am so happy to have my three daughters once again gathered together. Michaelle, you are most welcome and I am so very glad that you have joined this meeting, this small joining of hearts - small only in the sense of numbers, but quite large and beautiful. It is my pleasure to greet you, to bring my love.

Thank you for honoring your mother the earth as well. She is a good and stalwart mother, able to withstand much. She is in creation always and we are in perfect concert. Be kind. Give kindness to the earth and to others and you can only enrich your own lives. Be kind and love one another. Love as you are loved; by me, by Christ Michael and most especially by our heavenly Father. Love in this way as best you are able.

I leave you my peace, children. Know that I love you dearly, now and forever. Speak with me at any time. I am here for you and I shall not fail you. Good evening children.

RAYSON (T/R, JA): Greetings! As you are well aware, this Correcting Time is conducted by mortals who are willing to be the hands of light, the light-workers, if you will. It is your efforts dear ones, day by day, as we have told you. Each smile, each tender word, each kindness can be multiplied. When you lighten someone's day, often in turn they will lighten the burden of another just by the overflowing of their uplifted souls. Children, within each of you is an eternal spirit longing to bring you into all life's goodness and sweetness. As you accept this gift it becomes one way in which the world becomes enlightened. Each of you willing to carry the torch of spirit on one's path lights the path for others. You know not and see not where the goodness often comes but overflow it does. The sentimental emotion stream [is activated].

Trust us also on this forgiveness process you are asked to do for August 21st. So much forgiveness is needed in your world for those wracked with guilt or [anger], who can rarely hear the voice of spirit. …(?)… is constant for these ears. The mind chatter of beings like yourselves can truly be incessant. But fear not! For the sincere heart is one in which the truth lodges.

Thank you for joining your efforts to the teaching Mission and for continuing this practice. Be willing, girls, to share this work, these sessions, with others. [Ed. Not very clear, but something about what we talked about before, opening our sessions to others] . ..this would be a good idea. But you must notify people for this to occur. (Laughter) We invite you to do this. It is not a command. We will meet again. It is Rayson.

(Thank you...)

JA: Is there anyone here who has a message for Michaelle? Michaelle, are you conscious? (Michaelle fell asleep) I guess she is joining us on the superconscious level...


Thank you dear friends - thank you...

[Signing off and entering into regular conversation until the tape is turned off...]