2004-11-09-Raised Vibrations, Love All

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Topic: Raised Vibrations, Love All

Group: At Large


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Charell



If you consider the issue of whether or not Lucifer is annihilated and the circuits are open, what do the majority of listeners need to hear? What will comfort them, push fear behind, and allow them to move forward in love? Believe me when I say that the teachers Never lie. But, trust that they understand levels of perception and the human condition. Most of you do not know how to ask questions except from your limited perspectives. From the timeless perspective of the Creator, Lucifer, for example, is alive and simultaneously is no more. You think sequentially, bound by Time and Space, and cannot fathom God's reality yet. So nearly every question that humans can ask, can have multiple answers that are true depending on who's perspective is used. If Lucifer being annihilated will serve the majority, then Lucifer is no more. If the question was, "From the Ancients of Days' perspective (or from the Melchizedek's perspective) in my current time and space, has Lucifer been annihilated?" the answer(s) may truthfully be different.

Regarding what some call the 'morontiatizing of mortals' that will serve the Magisterial Son's Mission, I know whereof I speak. I know what this 'morontiatizing' is and believe me it is not what you think. You are asked not to glorify it. You are asked not to give it elaborate names that create concepts of elitism. I know there are many, many who have raised vibrations and they come from all walks of life, with various intellectual gifts, many perspectives, and many different beliefs. All have one thing in common: the ability to channel God's unconditional Love and anchor it, hold it, in our world. All who are willing to work to this end are included should they wish to be; all will be given a place.

I know you love God, and I know you want to serve the Magisterial Son, but you have a weakness which you must overcome. You do not love your brothers and sisters as you must in order to be fully utilized in the Magisterial Son's endeavors.

You have a brilliant mind and many gifts but none can compensate. Look with genuine compassion and with genuine love to ALL your brothers and sisters and you will realize your full potential.


That is all.