2004-11-09-Raising of Self Vibration

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Topic: Raising of Self Vibration

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: AhmaNiden

TR: Mary Jo



AhmaNiden: Greetings Little One. It is I, AhmaNiden.


Mary: Are you aware of the discussion I just had with JoiLin?

AhmaNiden: I am.

Mary: I want confirmation actually. I know I received help in writing…

AhmaNiden: That was your indwelling Father.

Mary: Thank you. My concern is that in my writings I spoke with so much authority, yet I am concerned that my human perspectives may have clouded things.

AhmaNiden: Understand, Little Mary, that in all these communications there will be error. It is not possible to be perfect at this level. Those that have worked with the circuits from the beginning have, of course, refined their abilities. Nevertheless, when the vibrational message is sent, received, converted into word symbols from the repertoire of the language memory banks, spoken, and then heard, there is room for error at each step.

Mary: I want to ask if you will clarify my understanding of ‘morontiatizing’.

AhmaNiden: We do not like that word.

Mary: Why? Although I think I know.

AhmaNiden: It implies…

Mary: Specialness?

AhmaNiden: Correct. We do not wish to…

Mary: Glorify?

AhmaNiden: Exactly!

Mary: I am sure I know many, many people who have…

AhmaNiden: Had their vibrations upstepped. Eventually, it is our hope that all on your world will have their vibrations upstepped. It is done as fast as individuals are ready.

Mary: Let me see if I can explain this.dddddd the beginning I would get a, ah, a ‘rush’. Do you know what a ‘rush’ is?

AhmaNiden: I understand through JoiLin what you mean.

Mary: So, I had lots of signs, other signs, too. Now, though, it is all so subtle.

AhmaNiden: Let me give you an analogy; a poor one perhaps. In the beginning of a new relationship there is often a sense of excitement. When things are new, even something as simple as your new partner walking into the room can produce a strong reaction. Just the sight of him…

Mary: Yes! It’s called NRE, New Relationship Energy!

AhmaNiden: But, over time, the energies of the two people begin to harmonize; to come into sync with one another. No longer do you experience the strong reactions from the beginning. Communication with the celestial world is similar.

Mary: That is so excellent! That is a perfect analogy! I love it!

AhmaNiden: I am glad that it is helpful. Perhaps you would write it down to share with JoiLin and others.

Mary: I will not forget it! I will write it down later. I will write everything non-personal down and then check for accuracy. So, now I understand. In fact, this harmonization is a ‘sign’ or indicator.

AhmaNiden: What do you feel are other ‘signs’?

Mary: Well, for example, this ‘morontiatizing’ thing, sorry, the raising of vibrations. I walked around for days contemplating it, running through it in my mind, discussing it, writing about it. The idea just kept gently flooding my thoughts.

AhmaNiden: Yes. That is often how the Adjuster works with you. You know this, yet, you sought confirmation?

Mary: Yes, and that is for two reasons. One is that I am still new to this. The other is because I have been encouraging others to ask at the end of TR sessions to ask the Teachers if everything was received and transmitted as the Teachers intended. I should take that advise myself!

AhmaNiden: Communication flow between celestials and mortals has always been intended to be a co-creative effort. Because of this, it is not possible to have a perfect transmission. Major errors would probably be corrected but most errors from our perspective will eventually, over time, correct themselves. We are not overly concerned with this aspect.

[After more personal discussion the session was closing.]

AhmaNiden: You are welcome and we thank you.

Mary: Oh, one more question… just WHO is "we"?

AhmaNiden: And, I have a question for you… Who do YOU think "we" is? (chuckle)

Mary: Well, JoiLin and myself, and you. Probably our Adjusters. A midwayer is required.

AhmaNiden: Yes.

Mary: Maybe our angels. Maybe my personal Teacher A’Cilla.

AhmaNiden: Definitely.

Mary: Maybe other Teachers.

AhmaNiden: There are many.


Mary: Well I thank everyone.

AhmaNiden: You are welcome. Shalom.

Mary: Godspeed.

AhmaNiden: Thank you Little One.