2005-01-26-A Lesson on Forgetting

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Topic: A Lesson on Forgetting

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Lytske



The Beloved One: “This lesson needs to follow the earlier one on forgiveness, because forgiveness is not complete without forgetting the issue that troubled you in the first place and made you upset or angry. Yes, I do realize that the memories of perceived wrongs done to you can be difficult to forget when the after-effects still roll on to serve as a daily reminder, and yet this is the part where the lesson is the hardest, but is learned more completely. How else would you learn compassion if it were not through bitter experiences? Many people learn through their personal understanding of certain situations, but I ask you to let heaven’s light shine on the areas which are beyond your understanding.

“Since you asked for My help, are you now prepared to listen, and not let your comments intrude? Very well then, let Me try to explain, because I need to come down to your level of reasoning so you will be able to understand. First of all, do not ‘lean on your personal understanding’ of matters that baffle you, as perceptions can be very wrong indeed. Be very slow to make judgments of the other person in any way, because this will also color your perception. Moreover, do not rely upon the understanding of another mortal, but search always for truth in any matter. Truth is to be found in all persons, as all have part of truth within them, depending on the level of understanding at which they operate.

“Everyone has their personal level of understanding, and if one lacks the capacity to understand, any blame of wrong-doing will fall on deaf ears. Others may become bewildered by an outburst from you, caused by your not having finished your work of forgiveness. Forgetting is the inseparable twin of forgiveness. You may well think a certain matter is closed, but when you once more get upset by something connected with that very issue you thought to have forgotten, it is not closed. If it rears its ugly head, and feelings of grief again wash over you, you will find that feelings which are merely swallowed never die. It takes a sincere call for My help to allow you to see the truth in any difficult situation, providing you give Me adequate time for feed-back.

“There are situations which can only be resolved when humans reach a higher level of understanding, for that is an ongoing part of gaining insight and wisdom, which are only to be had by walking through these experiences. Once you gain the much-needed insight that people are on different levels of understanding, you will more easily be able to forgive, like your Master Jesus did when He was being nailed to the cross, saying, ‘Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.’ You see, He understood mortals so thoroughly, and had gained so much wisdom in understanding human nature, that He, in His great sorrow and pain, could only feel a great pity for them. How different this planet would be if people had already then put the teachings of Jesus into earnest practice, rather than building a confusion of religions around Him. Do inform yourself of His sayings, and follow His example on forgiveness. Your burdens will fall more easily from your shoulders, and your soul will rejoice when the poison of long held grievances disappear.”