2005-06-26-Regarding Free Will

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Topic: Regarding Free Will

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Tomas

TR: Gerdean



TOMAS: This is Tomas. Good afternoon.

Group: Greetings, Tomas


  • Necessity for Prayer

TOMAS: There is need today, as no other, for prayer. We have had this discussion before and it is so easy for you to forget such elementals. It is as if some of you were to regard such an act as a ritual and a part of a service or custom rather than an opportunity to invite the Spirit of the Father into your conscious environment. Without Father, it is impossible for any of us to do anything. None of us exist without the Father. It is also true than none of us can function without His infinite grace and upholding power.

The problem as I see it is that you forget the Father, the personal Creator of all that is. He becomes diffused somehow, as if He were rendered impotent by spreading Himself so thin as to invade space and live within the hearts and minds of humankind, not excluding the heavenly hosts throughout the vast universes of time and space. But God is bigger than that! He is able to be all places at once and still remain a powerful king, an infinite upholder of the universe and all that is therein. And he is also a personal experience to those of you and us who chose to align ourselves with an appreciation of his presence in our lives.

By our association with this magnificent power, we are happy to assume our humble place at His feet in that, from such a place of humility, He will lift us up to be all that we can be … in time, and in accordance with His will. Therefore, I will call upon the Father today in prayer and offer thanksgiving to that great Being Who shares Himself so generously with so many throughout the known world and implants His potential even in the unformed regions.

Knowing that You, infinite Father, know the end from the beginning and have us all in the palm of Your hand, we relinquish our hold on our perceptions long enough to seek Your counsel, to ask Your blessing, and to avail ourselves of Your guidance. Help us to remember that guidance from You, Father, is not inherently a part of the ways of the world, but is a part inherently of the ways of the Spirit.


  • Strife and Contention

I see such strife and contention among you. And it is a sorrow that you experience this; however, it is like the labor pains of delivery that give birth to a new life. The entire planet is undergoing horrific stress as it attempts to birth a new dispensation. It is bigger than national politics, you see, although national politics certainly contribute mightily to the discordance. Even religious differences, as destructive as they are inclined to be in these early stages of planetary development, are not the problem, nor are they a reflection on the growth that is coming about. But they, like the nations, will be heavily impacted by this rebirth of the spirit on Urantia.

Which is why we have come, which is why we remain, which is why we continue to pursue the path of our assignment, which is to offer stability in these times of tremendous change -- to remind you that your relationship with God is that priceless soul connection that will enable you to feel calm even as everything around you crumbles. But to say that it can crumble without having an effect on you is to insult your intelligence and your sensitivity. Even Jesus was able to feel compassion for the people who spurned him.

There is a great deal of vying for position … in the kingdom, at the table, or through whatever analogy you like to perceive the sundry separations that occur, as you each seek to find your footing in the quicksand all around you. You have a desire to cling to that which has served you in the past only to discover that it is sinking; you cling to other people, those of like-mind, in the hope that together you can withstand the effects of the seismic wave overtaking you, but this is only a temporary insurance against the effects of preceding causes that must be allowed to work themselves out fully and completely.


  • Regarding Nomenclature

This is why such things as nomenclature can become an issue for embattlement. Identity is not subject to nomenclature, but nomenclature is a tool for recognizing certain personality configurations that more often than not in the universe are designated by number and not by name at all because On High there is not the crying need for individualization as there is on such a world as Urantia, in particular among those who have sought and found their identity in the Lord, and this priceless treasure is enough to exalt in their mind the idea of nomenclature as sacrosanct when it is not, it is merely a designation assigned to entities, including yourselves, for assigning certain possibilities and expectations based on purpose, personality and prior experience.

The essential personality that you have been given will hold up through many metamorphoses, many mortal changes and many morontial lives, but the names may change. If you are secured in the spirit, it will not matter, but in terms of your ability to perceive personality in your life in the flesh as a creature of time and space, names are given and appreciated.

No, On High my name is not "Tomas" but "Tomas" as a name serves to identify me as your teacher, as a celestial helper – but if, and only if, your consciousness allows such, and if not, it matters not what I am called. It is my hope nonetheless that the value(s) that I convey to you, to the degree that you listen with ears to hear, will provide you some sustenance in these troublesome processes of growing and adapting from one paradigm of reality to another.

And believe me, in letting go of the legacy of Lucifer and embracing the will of Our Father, we will encounter yet more seeming tribulations, as there is natural turbulence in the psyche of any man, woman or child who grapples with universe reality in an attempt to break from the egg shell and emerge into the fledgling new life that is promised in the divine design.


  • Bridging the Chasm

It is not difficult for those who live completely in the material world to find comfort and common sense therein. Nor is it difficult for those who live fully within the realm of the spirit. But for those of you who are attempting to bridge this chasm of living in the material world while holding fast to the spiritual ideals and reaching for the fulfillment of your destiny, confusion is bound to be a natural result.

Temporary disassociation may occur. But as long as you know your Source, you return to your Source. Depend upon that Infinite Upholder to nurture you through. As long as you remain humble before this great Reality, you will not be lost but rather will be found in Him. Therefore, keep close to Our Father, the Universal Father of us all, whose eternal dwelling place resides within the Central Isle of Paradise, from where he upholds all the worlds and all therein.

We worship you, Eternal Parent, and appreciate the many gifts you give in the life we life and the dignity you give us through your gift of free will. Help us to use that gift wisely and well, for Your glory, not ours. Thy will be done. Amen.

Group: Amen.

TOMAS: Are there questions this afternoon, dear ones?


  • Regarding Free Will

Free will

Thoroah: Yes, I have a question. I don’t very often ask a question, but I had an observation and there are some questions involved so… First, what you said about the free will thing, I was thinking about that the other day and wrote a note to myself to consider what it would be like not to have free will, because I think we can’t quite conceive of what it would be like not to have free will. It is so innate, so much a part of us that if we didn’t have free will, what it would be like? And I think that is worth a lot of consideration for all of us, to give us a feeling of what it is like to have this power to choose! I mean, that is what life is all about!

And you said in there, too, that Jesus found … or that Jesus was able to find compassion, and that sounds simple enough. I think that we think that Jesus automatically had compassion, but you said he had to find compassion, and that meant to me he had to find that compassion within him. That he had to accomplish that feat of having compassion like we have to. There is a question in there someplace. I think that of all the things I’ve studied in belief systems, no matter what you come down to, this is a litmus test. Making it not so dramatic as they want to make it, as far as heaven and hell, but it is a litmus test of some sort, and no matter what you believe in, it’s how you live that is really the litmus test. It’s not what you believe but basically how you live it.

TOMAS: To illustrate free will, within the parameters of your understanding, then put yourself in a position of being a prisoner where you have no say over your life except to obey the regimen established. You are told when to eat, when to sleep, when to get up, what to wear, how to spend your day. Add to that, who you would associate with or what you would say.

The human will rails against such interment. The human spirit is creative. It yearns to express itself in ways unique unto itself. All of the creatures are like this, and this contributes to the myriad wonders of the natural world. And within that reality paradigm, there falls natural boundaries that keep its denizens from going too far outside their realm of capability and venturing into the realm of others.

I am thinking/speaking of the species I find on this planet such as fish – the various forms of fish that behave in certain ways, different kinds of sea life, with their individual patterns, as well as the many kinds of birds, each having their own peculiar way that they are allowed to express themselves freely within. They do this naturally, even without free will, because it is a part of their pattern.

Humans also have a pattern within which they can function, and they, too, naturally gravitate toward those things with which they are more comfortable. Thus, even as individuals neglect to appreciate the potential within their free will, they are able to live a docile and productive life.

The gift of free will is most evident, most critical in deciding – often times many times a day – which way to go – as the Spirit of Truth points. Which way shall I follow? To do this way is not to go to hell, but it may not be the wisest decision. To go the other way may be less comfortable, but more in keeping with the divine pattern for you – not the animal pattern, but the divine pattern.

If you see what I am saying, this touches on my lesson for the day, that if you live within the realm of natural human consciousness, which is largely animal in nature, your will is not stretched too far, because you have self-limited your options. But by opening the door to another dimension, that of spirit, it has put you in a position of risk as you choose that which falls outside the norm.

There is much alienation involved in the life of those who opt not to follow the norm. But this free will choice to act in accordance with a higher purpose than the simplistic and yet duly honorable purpose of merely living and dying, reproducing and so forth, is how civilization and humanity advances. It is evolution.

The pinnacle of free will is to live so well within the spirit that creativity and expression is uncurtailed, and if and as an individual who has attained such a degree of freedom and appreciation for free will they can benefit the divine, that is a happy life indeed, for it incorporates the values of the life of the human animal as well as the son of God. Essentially, the gift of will – free will – finds its crux in whether you choose to do the divine will or your own will.

Certainly no one wants his will usurped by another. No thinking man or woman wants to be told what to do when it curtails their expression. But, of course, this leads to the lesson of sovereignty, that even personal sovereignty must step aside to provide for the sovereignty of the whole, which is in the best interests of the whole, a solution which most people acquiesce to willingly. It is the subjugation of the masses by those in power, which calls for rising up against that misuse of power.


  • Response to Suffering

When you see people engaged in battle and it is apparent that neither side is winning, when sorrow abounds and confusion reigns, when self-will runs rampant on all fronts, those who are victims of such Luciferian tactics, those who are hurt (physically, mindally, psychically) in the process, are even so, worthy of compassion for their suffering. A loving being does not take delight in the suffering of others, even those whom logic would portray as being deserving of punishment.

The spirit weeps with you when you suffer, and stands by you when you weep for others who suffer for the effects of foregone causes, which were not in accordance with the highest and best interest of all of mankind. God is interested in all of mankind. He is interested in the potential inherent in every normal mind. And it behooves us, as well, to be patient and forbearing with those who have not yet learned. And certainly to appropriately feel compassion for those who fall.

I don’t know if this has addressed your concern, my friend.

Thoroah: It did. Thank you.

TOMAS: Thank you for asking.


  • Discussion on Capacities

It is all well and good to listen to these lessons and allow the seeds to be planted deep in your mind, even to allow these truths to be fertilized by human experience and watered by living love, but we forget – you forget! you who are so often subsumed by the material existence -- and so we review these things as time goes by since it is also true that as evolving beings, as you reach for the spirit, you can assimilate more information as you grow and as your capacity is enlarged.

Yes, I have heard you say "I know my capacities" and yet I encourage you to think beyond your own understanding in terms of what those capacities are, for with God, many things are possible that would not be possible were you to attempt to manage them on your own will. Human will is a powerful tool. Powerful! But it is a mere shadow of the power of God. And if and as you submit freely your will to the will of God, He enlarges your capacity even while -- as in "Footsteps" -- He can carry you if and when you are unable to go on. He has such compassion for you.

Elena: You know, Tomas, I don’t think we do know our capacities, at all! I mean, I think it’s kind of – I’m often frustrated but I don’t know what I’m capable of doing and I feel a lot of times that I’m tethering myself unnecessarily. I mean like just … even before the lesson, I didn’t forget about the prayer. But, I was reluctant to step forward, thinking that somebody else might want to do that. And not wanting to always step out into … you know, doing something. So that’s kind of frustrating, too, this free will combination of wanting to allow for other people’s free will, too. And that’s kind of a little tricky balance, I think. And not knowing exactly how to, when to step in, or when to take action and when to allow someone else their ability to use and take advantage of their free will. Any guidance about that?

TOMAS: A response.

You do well to question, knowing what you are dealing with, who you are dealing with, and the history of this group. You feel you are one of those who step up to the plate more often than others. You often have a question before the others and you are mindful of the others, considerate that you not always be in the forefront, allowing others to have the opportunity to speak up if they will. You are manifesting consideration for the will of others.

And yet, if you are sensitive to the divine Indweller, who is intimate with the Indweller of each one present, you will be able to "read" the energy in the room and you will be able to discern if there is another who is gathering himself in order to step forth. If they – those who are still gathering themselves – do not step forth, there is that concern that they will say, "Well, why should I when Elena will do it? Those who are more aggressive and more experienced are doing fine. I don’t need to." That is above and beyond basic courtesy/decency and not your concern; it is their issue to deal with as to whether they want someone else to do their work for them.

Perhaps they don’t feel called to pray. Perhaps they feel their service is in another capacity. Perhaps they dream of being able to lead group prayer but have not yet mustered the courage. However, there are so many possibilities in the human psyche that it could be your stepping up to the plate that just irritates them sufficiently (giggles) that they will step up to the plate …

Elena: The next time. (laughter)

TOMAS: … the next time. (laughter)

Elena: Okay, thank you, Tomas.

Reneau: Au contraire! Elena gives me good ideas sometimes. She asks questions and that gets my mind to thinking, too, about things, so … she helps formulate things for us.


  • Influence of Rituals

Esmeralda: You know, also, one of the things that we missed today, that we did not have, was that moment of silence when we are listening to the music that Elena provides. And I think that helps get our minds focused and usually what she plays has a message in itself and helps us get our minds on a more open plane and yet a quieter, more spiritual level. So we missed that today. And that is probably why we didn’t think about the ritual of the prayer, or the sequence that we usually follow. So, we missed your playing today.

Group: Yes, we did.

TOMAS: These well-formed rituals do indeed help put you in a proper frame of mind for the group’s purpose. But it must be able to convene even without its patterns, for God is no respecter of rituals. He does not care if you bow your head or close your eyes or sing a song, as long as you are open to receive His love. It is also fair to remind yourselves that without a piano here, it is virtually impossible for Elena to play. And yet, would you forego your session because it did not have the preliminary opening?

Group: No, no.

TOMAS: No. There are definite trends in all creatures of habit, which you are, and good habits do help promote the spirit. Stepping out on behalf of the spirit or your own perception of the spirit is not to be discouraged. We are here to in part enable you to come forth and be all that you can be. Not so that you can swing your free will like a saber, but so that you can learn to lead the fellowship in ways of the spirit. This strengthens you as you begin to realize the power of God works with and through you. You are lifted up in your perception of self. And such self-respect is a gift of God also, since that which is respectable about you is born of the spirit, and supplies the spirit reality and potential of all.


I believe we are reaching the saturation point for this afternoon, and I let you go, knowing you are doing well individually in your faith path, even as you needs grapple with many uncomfortable changes and circumstances of the current paradigm of life on your planet. Turn your countenance to the divine Upholder who truly holds you in the palm of His hand, and be at peace within your own soul. Be of good cheer. Amen. Farewell.

Group: Thank you, Tomas.