2005-09-24-My Mission Begins With You

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Topic: My Mission Begins With You

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Rayson, Serena, Monjoronson, Machiventa

TR: Daniel Raphael



[Prayer, toning, and merkaba connection preceded the session.]

RAYSON: Good afternoon, this is Rayson. (Welcome back and greetings from the group.) It is good to be here once again, though I have not left you, my friends. Today we have many honored guests here who will speak to you. These guests include Serena, who will introduce herself in more detail, Monjoronson, Machiventa, and Christ Michael.

As preface, I wish to tell you that this [session] is not related in any way to any apocalyptic thinking that you may have due to the events that are occurring on your world, or that will come into being in the near future. Today’s presentation is a notation in your history, a notation for you to appreciate in times to come. And now I will present Serena, who will speak first.

SERENA: Good afternoon, this is Serena. (Group greetings.) I am the pro-tem Chief of Staff of Monjoronson. My primary functions are appointments and assignments for those who will come in with the permanent staff. I come from one of the orbiting planets of Uversa. My assignment to you, to this planet, to Monjoronson, to Christ Michael is the participation of Orvonton in a small way in the establishment of your Correcting Time and the permanent staff of Monjoronson.


You have been told in years past that you are each a beacon of light upon this dark planet, and that as we approach your planet and view it from a distance and see the energy of the spiritual beings who live here—those mortals with spiritual energy—we see their spikes of energy on your planet. Some of those spikes are higher than others. These individuals represent those who are receptive to assist Christ Michael and Monjoronson directly in their work. You would not be here today, were you not one of those individuals.

I have preceded the permanent staff in preparation for their arrival. I can speak with you as I am today, from a distance, though I am materially manifest already on your planet. I have been interviewing—what I call interviewing—many of you on your planet to see who will be workable, and who will not be, in this mission of Monjoronson’s. Who of you can be paired with members of the permanent staff; who of you can be relied upon to pursue similar goals without extravagant, ecstatic or extreme behaviors because of your association with the staff? I have met some of you already; a few of you have recognized me; none of you recognized me immediately, though some of you have thought you were in the presence of someone who was extraordinary.

We know you by your heart energy; you know us by our heart energy. You can recognize us because you feel a deep, sympathetic vibration of a higher order, where you are open to all that is sincere. You feel as though you are in the presence of innocent children playing at your feet. You feel as though you have revealed your love to Jesus and he has returned it to you. When this occurs, you know you are in the presence of one who loves you without condition — one who is extraordinary.

You seek this love, the feelings of the heart in your relationships with loved ones. You hope it occurs, you pray that it develops; you wish with all your might that you will experience it again and again. You will come to know this as a natural occurrence in your lives when you meet one of us. You will feel no guile, no hatred, no animosity, jealousy, resentment, prejudice, [or] bigotry towards you. The only thing you feel is acceptance, genuine love that touches you deeply. Only the hardened hearts of some people reject that and they do not feel it; there is not a sympathetic vibration to bring to them. You will know us by that feeling. We have been trying to teach you this in past lessons. I present it to you forthrightly today, so you can identify it. That is all.

MONJORONSON: Good afternoon, this is Monjoronson. (Welcome!) I am pleased to be here, pleased to receive your welcome. I am upon your planet, my dear friends; I am not material—it will be some time before that occurs. There is no rush. All events must develop in good order and timeliness. As you can see, plans are becoming more materially real, though you do not see them; you have not read them in the universe bulletin, have you? You have enough news to keep you occupied already on your planet, from your own country and afar.

As Rayson said, my approach does not foretell of an apocalyptic era. It really foretells an era of peace, the enfolding of a planet in peace. This must begin at the individual level, my friends. It must begin in you. You know the lessons about living in the "now," avoiding the worry of the future and the regrets of the past. The past and the future haunt you and foreshadow you, but only because you give them so much attention. I invite you to review your past lessons about this, as your openness to the now provides you with a way of accepting that which is real. Your love for Christ Michael is real. It cannot be expressed in the future, nor can you have regrets about not sharing it from the past; but you must share it now in the present. This is the time when you are most useful to Christ Michael’s direction. I and my advisors continue to advise you to be at peace about my arrival. You can speculate about when, you may regret that it is not now, and you may wish that it had happened yesterday. But in the plans of the Gods, the plans of the Most Highs, Christ Michael and staff, there is a development of events that will foretell of my arrival to you.

Yours is an unusual planet, as are several others in this section of this local universe. These planets require much preparation, thoughtfulness, and contemplation about the appropriate placement of an Avonal Son, for the greatest effectiveness, for the greatest usefulness of his arrival. You know the parables of the pregnant woman, and of her travail, and soon you know by the signs that the birth will occur. So, too, you can easily tell from the events of your world, a world in agony, that the arrival is not thousands of years away, but much closer.

There is an economy of souls, which is not a formulaic expression, but there is an economy of souls, which helps derive a future time when the Avonal Son’s arrival time is most propitious to occur. So too, does it occur on this world of great difficulty. On worlds approaching Light and Life [the arrival of Avonal Sons] are fairly well scheduled. They are normative occurrences — they are not ordinary, but they are not extraordinary—they are part of the evolution of a planet that moves toward Light and Life. The assurance is that my arrival is scheduled. It has been revealed to you; it will occur. Many of you may be around to see it. I will on occasion stop by at groups, such as yours, to share my mind and my thoughts with you as the era approaches of my arrival. Thank you for your time. (Thank you!)

RAYSON: This is Rayson. I know that you will have questions, my friends, so let us defer those until the end, and you can direct them to the speakers, as you wish at that time.

[This is Daniel: Our old friend Machiventa is next. He is such a presence; he is just so close to us in his energies. His experience is similar to Michael’s.]

MACHIVENTA: Good afternoon, this is Machiventa. (Welcome.) It is a pleasure to be here. Welcome to "our" planet, huh? I, too, will tell you my friends that these are not apocalyptic times, but they are definitely tough times, yet not the "end of times." These times are truly eruptions preceding the future, the era of peace. The parallel of the woman in childbirth is no mistake, for it is an accurate foretelling how you can estimate when times are tough for you. You my friends, have completely misguided opinions about your status in this world [because] you have it very well, so your estimation of tough times has to be revised. There are many on this world who live in "those times" all the time, continuously, and they know that they are in their "end of times" already.

Yes, there will be more difficulties on the planet; that is simply the nature of this era on the planet. The hurricanes that you see are really repeats of past eras—they are cyclical—there are times when there are few, weak, and times when there are many and they are strong. And this is part of the planet that is still an active geologic planet with a very hot interior. It has a great deal of energy that is still coming into balance, and will continue that way for many hundreds of thousands, and millions, of years.

This is a formative time of your civilizations — these times of strife are difficult and testing, but they are the precursors, the womb of great souls of great character. You will see many great people come out of these eras. You will also see great characters fall to their knees and vanish as well. Those with strength, those with inner assurance, those who have true bearing with the center of the universe they know, those who are sure and confident, they will remain.

Who among you is this leader? Who among you is this strength? Who among you has the character to be one with this new era? Do not doubt that you are among those who are capable of great things. The ordinary becomes extraordinary; the mundane becomes exciting; the average runs out, escapes the mediocre and becomes a member of the excellent. Each of you has this potential. Each of you has this within you. You have far greater resources within you than you can imagine. Many of you have tapped this, yet many of you have not tapped it at all.

You have a connection with us, my friends, with Monjoronson, Christ Michael, with Serena, with Rayson—you have a connection with all of these beings of light, which surpasses your intellectual awareness. Accept it and know it as true, and begin to use this for the good of your planet, and particularly for you. This is why we continue to urge you to be in times of stillness during the day, twice a day if possible, for how is the Lord to lead you if you are not available to listen to his call? Make yourself available even for a short duration twice daily, if possible. You will be given instructions. You will be given guidance. You will be given what you need to survive; and you will be given what you need to grow.

The Correcting Time continues on in good order. The events that are occurring on your world have been known to us for a long time, though we wish we didn’t have to plan upon the travail that occurs on your continents, with their human made difficulties, wars, deaths, genocides — these are calamities of morality that eclipse the devastation of hurricanes which are natural, which are innocent, though they cause you great difficulty, but wish you no harm at all. These are unconscious whirling bodies of energy on your planet, which are unconscious. These energies wish you no harm, though they do cause great destruction upon your physical planet.

The greater wars are the wars of morality that rage in your minds, that rage on the continents, which rage in governments, which rage in so many places. It is our desire, with those planners for your planet, to bring an era of peaceful morality, where strife is learned on an individual basis, rather than through societies. So many innocent people are swept away in these destructive waves of immorality, in your governments and your nations. There is so much good being done on your planet, which is ignored and unappreciated, and so much otherwise that is given too much attention.

That is why the preparations for the Avonal Son’s approach in materialization are given such care of thought. This is no quick, slapping solution upon the top of the tables, scaring everybody into rigid attention, but a very carefully orchestrated, carefully drawn plan expressing the Creator’s love through his Sons—his descending Sons—to your world. I am most privileged to be one of those descending Sons, given the opportunity as your Planetary Prince to assist in this coordination. Know that we bless you magnificently and magnanimously. Open your consciousness to receive this, my friends. It is there for you. Good day. (Thank you.)

MICHAEL: Good afternoon, this is Christ Michael. (Good afternoon!) All that is coming to your planet is an expression of our Father’s love for you. All that comes upon your planet, comes for you—you individually. I call you "my children,"—we are all children of the First Source and Center. The love that flows through me to you, through you to your children and to others, emanates from that First Source and Center. It is a joyful responsibility that we all have, to bring that love into expression in ways that help you heal, that help you gain a greater understanding and appreciation of yourselves, individually, as God-bearing individuals. You not only bear the stamp of the Creator, you have within you the iteration, the fragment of the Creator, the Father Fragment within you.

My brother, Monjoronson, as you call him, gives up a great deal to become a mortal among you. I understand this well. He will give up powers and degrees of consciousness, which you will never aspire to for many, many of your lifetimes in the universe. His adjustment will be immense. It is one thing for a descending Son to come upon a planet with some semblance of social order, to see the filaments of belief and faith enacted in institutions that are supported by governments and organizations of a global nature. It is quite another to come upon a planet as yours that is so distraught, in such disarray.

The challenges for him are not so much administrative, as it will be to adjust to you, to your ways of mortality, the beliefs that you have. This is not what you would call "culture shock," but something that one must enter into a coma and then wake slowly to become acquainted with. Now multiply that by over a thousand times, by all the cultures—what you might call "data sets"—sets of data for each culture, for each belief system, for each nation, for each heritage, for each history, for each ethnic group, and you will begin to appreciate the grandeur of his intelligence, the breadth of his consciousness, and the depth of his compassion. I am very pleased that Monjoronson is among you. I am so very pleased that his emissary, his pro-tem Chief of Staff is here, to aid in the organization of his permanent staff, the organization unbeknownst and unseen to you, of members of your ranks who are preparing to step forward into columns and rows, and the ranks and profiles of those who serve most directly.

My friends, my children, during this era of great physical difficulty on your planet, it is more than hope that I want you to have; it is more than faith that I want you to have; more than belief—I want you to have trust, I want you to reach for knowing that you are loved, cared for, and that your way is made clear to you. Your fears cause you to waver, some of you to quiver in the belly of your courage. I approach you to live in the now, to meditate in stillness—that is the only time that you can escape worry. Be open to being led. Ask questions that invite the universe to answer you. Ask those questions which lead the universe to you. Those questions are not centered on your ego, on your "I" self, but on you as a soul, that needs to know how to live practically, constructively, and in service during the duration of your life.

You have asked—when I say "you," I mean history of centuries of individuals since my appearance here on the planet—many have asked, "What can I do to help you?" "What do I need to know?" "How can I serve?" "Show me the way and I will follow." My friends, when you ask those questions, you will be given choices, you will be given decisions—that is the time to choose the way. Know that in all of this that love abounds. Love is more than a rosy feeling. It is the heart energy that goes out from me to you, to others and all. It is filled with patience and understanding, tolerance, acceptance, forbearance—you call it love—I ask you to empower it as those wonderful faith truths, those faith values, that you can enact each day.

How far can a smile go in times of duress and difficulty? It can go a long ways, my friends. Do not be afraid to smile and share your love, the love that I have shared with you. Know that as you go forward, you are not alone at all, that I am with you. I am there in ways that you cannot understand, ways in which I have not been present for others until this time after the adjudication. Now my love pours out across the world, to you—each of you—individually. My staff, my brothers, are here to help serve you, by serving our Creator, our Father God.

Blessings to you this day, and all the days as you go forward. Do not forget your daily chores; do not forget to go to work. These are days to continue your service to others through your employment, through your thoughtful attention to ways of service which were perhaps unknown to you before, but which you are willing to pick up and deliver now. Now, I will return this podium to our beloved teacher, Rayson. Thank you for your attention. Bless you children. (Thank you!)

RAYSON: This is Rayson. I will be your moderator for questions, if you have any.


Student: I have a question. Serena, have I met you?

SERENA: Yes, we have met.

Student: Was it last week?

SERENA: I met many of you last week!

Student: Oh, my gosh! I hope I was really nice to you. (Much laughter.) I just had the feeling—it was the strangest encounter, and I wondered about it for a long time, wondering what that was about. I guess I am assuming that I am right in thinking it was the woman who said she was from Laos?

SERENA: I usually appear as a visitor from many places.

Student: Thank you. When you said that you had met many of us, she just came into my mind so clearly; it was such an unusual encounter. I didn’t know what to think of it, and afterward I thought, "I hope I helped that woman—she needed my help!" I hoped that I was helpful enough. I was a little nervous about it, because she said she wanted to be my friend. She said, "Will you be friends with me?"

SERENA: You didn’t know it was an interview, did you?

Student: I didn’t know what to think of it. Anyway, thank you.

RAYSON: Other questions?

Student: I have a question for Serena. What my husband and I are experiencing currently, am I correct that we are "detaching"—basically from the material world—from the responsibilities and obligations that bind us in certain ways, so that we can be free to better serve?

SERENA: These are questions I would direct you to your guardian and your teachers. This is one that I could answer, but I will defer.

Student: I’m not sure how important this is to the group. (This is Rayson. Would you state to whom you direct your question, please?) Well, I think to Christ Michael because he mentioned the adjudication and the question concerns [that]. There are times when we are among other Urantia Book readers, when it seems relevant, when I feel very tempted to say when something comes up about Lucifer, the Rebellion, and so on, to indicate that I believe that the adjudication has occurred and I wonder if you could be any more specific about when this has occurred and if it’s helpful for us to share this information?

CHRIST MICHAEL: This is Christ Michael. I will be glad to answer your question. This is a wonderful, opportune time for leadership of a teacher, of which you are fully capable. And rather than stating your beliefs, and then having to defend that—for there are no defenses for beliefs, are there? Simply state, "Well that is one opinion, isn’t it?" and leave it at that. And then, wait for the question. Then you will be invited in to answer the question. If there is no question, then you leave it as it is. Does this help you?

Student: You mean if I were to state that I believe that the adjudication has occurred?

MICHAEL: No, that you would simply state, "Well that is one opinion." And leave it at that. If the individual is curious, they will ask you questions. If they are defensive, they will not. And had you stated your opinion, then they would need to defend themselves and provide their opinion about that situation again, placing you on the defensive. Good, effective teaching does not occur from the defensive, but through the intuitive mind, one where there is an open-ended-ness, where you can approach the inner circle of mind adjutants in the individual to awaken in them, the rationality of their beliefs, to weigh in new ways those statements that they have made and the question that you raised without asking the question.

Student: I guess what I thought of, instead of saying, "This is what I believe," I would rather say, "Do you think it’s possible that this has occurred?"

MICHAEL: That leaves them to answer the question on their own opinion of their own beliefs, and gets you nowhere. It does not open their mind to the possibility, but provides them with a platform to state their opinions. (Thank you.) You are welcome.

RAYSON: This is Rayson. I will close for the group.

Student: Before you close, I do have one more question. (Certainly.) We’ve heard in a couple different ways recently about the volcano off the shore of Africa that if this changes in such a way, that if a great deal of material slides into the sea, this will create a giant tsunami that will have an enormous effect on the East Coast. I thought about this, wondering if that is a strong possibility, is there anything that those of us who have heard about it should do to perhaps, warn some of our friends that if they hear of this, they should immediately make for higher ground?

MACHIVENTA: This is Machiventa. In the management of world affairs, one does not want to cause panic, for great damage is done in those cases where there was actually no threat at all. I would suggest that you simply clip a news article from your e-news, your electronic news, and forward it to your friends for their attention, saying, "You might be interested in this," and leave it at that. Surely you know that your planet, geologically, is quite unstable. The energies, which are cyclical, on your world, are as much internal as they are external. Your scientists have not been able to fathom where these energies are coming from. They attribute the energies to come from the sun, through the weather systems, and so on. Yet there is a great deal of radiance that comes from within the planet that affects the weather of your planet and the geology and plates in ways that are undiscovered yet.

You do not need to become survivalists to live successfully and happily upon your world, in your lifetime. I would warn you against becoming complacent and ignorant however, for your society and your brief lives give you the feeling, the assurance that twenty years of peace and good crops, and good weather is the normal—far from it, my friends. Your planet can become a complete desert, almost, in the next ten thousand years, yet within fifty thousand years, become another jungle. The flexibility of the germ plasm of plants and animals that are upon your world is beyond your comprehension.

Remember, this is not just a planet of rock and stone and water, but a living entity; it is an energy system. You may attribute a consciousness to Gaia, but it has an energy system [that] has been imprinted by pattern upon it, and it retains, remembers, what it has and shares that with the future. These statements are perhaps nonsensical to you, as any trends of that expression far exceeds your lifetime by a thousand times, yet the midwayers know them well.

I am not saying you should not warn your friends, but present it in a way that does not cause panic and does not make you look like a "basket case." Credible witness to your faith is really encouraged. We know that by your presence here. You are an extraordinary few; you are unconventional; you are outside the realm of what is acceptable and politically correct in your society. You are our material emissaries. Share your news, but do so thoughtfully. I apologize for sermonizing to you. (Giggles and a thank you.)

[Ed. The following question was greatly truncated with permission of the student.]

Student: I’d like to ask Christ Michael a question about meditation. I believe it was Machiventa who exhorted us to spend [time] twice a day in meditation, and I have a question regarding the Jesus-style of meditation, that I have read about in Peter Holly’s article. In Jesus-style meditation, where one not necessarily goes still, and totally relaxed and empties the mind, but the active meditation that Jesus was supposed to have done here—just deep thinking. Here’s the "nub" of it . . . . (Much laughing.) I have a hard time settling down into deep meditation, and sometimes I think I really glommed onto the idea of the alter ego. I like to converse with my alter ego, and I go through my day in a solitary fashion most of the time, having a lot of conversation between my ears. Sometimes I feel guilty because I haven’t sat down and made a time to meditate, but yet I feel like I have really gotten contact throughout the day. I guess I want reassurance, and maybe it will help somebody else who has the same kind of problem that I have—or actually the discipline of it. Jesus, how could you do it, and was it always like total silence?

MICHAEL: What a platform of opportunity you have given me! (Much laughter, including from Michael.) First of all, dear daughter, be always clear about your "intention" when entering into that time. Whether you are talking to your alter ego when you are driving in your car, or at work—what is your intention for that? Is it just idle mind chatter, or is it seeking insights to guidance? Also, as your teacher has taught you, think of your "sincerity." Is this a frivolous occupation of your mind, to while away the minutes? Or is it a way of holding conversation—intimate conversation with your wider wisdom?

Let me give you an insight, which I have not written or published yet. [Note from the TR: Michael was projecting a humorous intent in this statement.] Let me give you an insight, one that I used when I was here, among the people. You recall that I had twelve of these young men around me, and they would ask questions incessantly until I asked them to go aside and pray. And I would go aside myself, and I would have conversations with my Father. I would ask you—I would invite you—to have conversations with me. Your alter ego is fine, but I would invite you to invite me into that space. Believe me, I have capacity to be attentive, to be present, and be earnest and sincere and patient with you. I will listen to all your talk; I am there for you. I am not your crutch; I am not your bandage, but I will give you healing, in that time, in that space, between your ears.

Is there a right way? No, there are better ways; there are best ways. But if your intention is sincere, that is the right way for you. I am not the presence that sits with you at the bar and sips on wine or beer, though I have had many occasions without number, with people in that situation, as I provided comfort to them when they could find no other. I am saying that, knowing you—and knowing you so well—that when you talk and speak with me, that you do so with thoughtfulness, with a question, with an earnest desire, for a thirst and hunger for that which you do not have already. I assure you that you will go away from our conversations satisfied.

I cannot address many of your questions that are simply analytical, ones to weigh and measure in terms of yes or no, but I can lead you into depth of knowing me, and you can lead me into knowing you deeply, by inviting me there in that space. You will know that I am with you by that heartfelt energy that you feel, the same energy that you felt from Serena, the same energy you feel from those who love you unconditionally, those who accept you as they do a child. And as you grow in our conversations, I ask you to share that same energy with others, without fault, without limitation, without bias or judgment, but a sincere expression of me through you, and you becoming greater. And you will know immediately whom to pour this out upon, and those who will not appreciate it. Does this help you? (Student: Oh yes! Thank you so much. I thank you soooo much! I feel so warm and loved—thank you.) Bless you.

Student: I have a question for Serena. I would like to know if it is possible to re-schedule my interview? (Laughter.) Last week I was busy "sliding down the razor blade of life," and I was not at my best!

SERENA: So, you would like a second interview? (Yes. I would like to be involved.) Certainly. I read your résumé already.

Student: Have I met Serena?

SERENA: I ask you the same question, dear.

Student: She was the last personality that I transmitted, and I don’t transmit very often.

SERENA: When we meet, it will be in person.

Student: I am not aware of it, but then my life is pretty chaotic. I was wondering if possibly we met, and I wasn’t aware of it?

SERENA: . . . (inaudible) . . . .

Student: Well, I’d like an interview, and I would like to be at my best, because I too, would love to serve.

SERENA: You have served greatly already. (Thank you.)

Rayson: This is Rayson. Are we ready for closure? (Pause.) One last question.

Student: Many people, not only in the Teaching Mission, but also people outside of it have all been commenting on the new energy they feel. I have faith in it, I totally believe in it, but I have not "felt" it. Is there anyway that I can attune myself so that I can experience this?


MICHAEL: This is Christ Michael. I will validate that there is a new energy, an expanded energy on the planet. Your validation is from within yourself. You have struggled with this for so long, dear one. Be at peace about it; know that it is occurring; know that I love you; know that I have poured this out upon your planet; know that it is coordinated with all the efforts of healing for your planet. Be at peace. (Thank you, Father.)

RAYSON: This is Rayson. Thank you for your time and attention. Good day. (We thank everyone for coming!)