2005-10-02-Questions Considered On Preparation

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Topic: Questions Considered on Preparation

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Monjoronson, Celine

TR: Jonathan, Mark Rogers



Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings to each of you, this is Elyon. It is with love that I embrace you. I acknowledge your every effort to expand your effectiveness as a minister of light on Urantia, to willingly share your experiences gained through your dedication to growth.


The accomplishments you enjoy today are the results of many struggles, of conflicts and trials. These experiences enlarged your capacity for comprehending truth, increased your agility in the philosophical realm wherein you can integrate eternal realities with those situations in the temporal realm. Such ability increases the meaningfulness of life and positions you better to minister to your fellows when confusion exists, when darkness hovers.

Michael spoke of you as the leaven in bread. But all this life force is for naught without the presence of the spiritual soul, that yeast which transforms mind and body into an entirely new being. All creatures have this capability to choose to pursue truth, to seek spirit, to possess love and light and express it. Each one of you I know to be ones who are actively developing this threefold nature of your being, and there is a fourth element to this function, and that is the continual increase of nourishment, of nutritional value.

The presence of the Father within supplies the nutritional content that fortifies your life experiences. You may continue to live and to interface with the outside world for years, and you would develop soul content, but it would be of minimal value if it were not for the continual inpouring of the divine spirit and the eternal content that spirit provides. This fortification enhances your experiences.

Body, mind, and soul in threefold harmony augmented by spirit transforms you from a creature of earth life to a citizen of the cosmos. Within the seat of your will all power resides. Herein is where you create your destiny, you coordinate your being on all levels, and you accept and allow the overshadowing of divine guidance. You then become one who may follow Michael in service to be the bread of life, to offer to another spiritual nutrition and the comforting experience of a stable, coordinated, and integrated self.

All creatures long for such stability, the sense of anchor in God strengthened against all peril and able to pursue all ideals. These are my words. I remain in your presence.

Monjoronson (Mark): I take this opportunity now once again to sojourn with you to bring my presence that you may become more familiar with me. I am Monjoronson. We have had a number of discussions as we are gathered at base camp in preparation for our ascent, and to further these discussions of preparation I would pose the following question: As a matter of necessity for us to establish new patterns as we co- create this next level of ascension it will be required of each of us that we engage in those activities heretofore unrecognized as a matter of routine by those inhabiting this sphere.

When we are asked to engage in new patterns and promote unique ideals it will be perceived by definition that we are involved in the co-creation and promotion of that which would be defined as miracles or miraculous. The question I pose to each of you is: are you prepared to embrace what in your perception would be defined as a miracle simply because it has been outside your realm of reality? ; today I will continue with that thought. Your physical form is much like the flour, and your mind is much like the water. It is the flexibility of your mind that allows it to integrate into the solid structure of your body to animate it and to integrate it into a united functioning organism. Life itself is much like the kneading wherein mind and body are continually interacting and interfacing with the external world, in this analogy the breadboard upon which you are pressed and massaged and softened.

Will you remain faithful enough to be steadfast in your pursuit of our ascent even when you are called upon to co-create a new and different approach? Will you each one be resolute in your application of that which you are familiar with in the approach to that which is now unknown to you?

Will your faith extend beyond your comfort zone? Will you have the ability to embrace that which is now currently uncertain to you? These are the questions that I would ask that you ponder of yourself. In hearing your discussion earlier I recall to you that matters that now are familiar to you and of which you now have some certainty were at one time distant and unfamiliar.

I would ask you to recall the transition that each of you made in coming to realization in overcoming your uncertainty, in challenging your doubts in pursuit of higher truths. These qualities will be asked of you as we proceed forward. It will be required of you that you extend the faith that you have grown to even greater boundaries, boundaries that will include things that you might now consider outside the realm of possibility. I would ask you to strengthen your faith muscles to enable you to not only approach that which you are as yet unfamiliar with but even to embrace these new levels of reality.

It is not as though all that you think of as beyond your realm does not exist as reality on some level, it is simply that you as individuals have not embraced these patterns, realities, and ideals which are currently just outside your reach. There are many of these reality patterns which will become within your grasp should you allow yourselves the ability to embrace them through the extension of your faith that it is indeed possible. Many of the limitations before us as we proceed are in fact internal limitations placed by your perception of what is or is not possible.

I invite you to open yourselves up to the possibility that all things are possible, that the only limitations placed upon you are placed there by you, that if the Father so desires that something be made so, it can be made so. I ask each of you to spend some time in reflection of your personal boundaries of faith, because, as we proceed forward as climbers, we will encounter situations wherein we are uncertain as to how to proceed given the existing patterns that we are familiar with.

Therefore in order to proceed we must be open to the establishment of new patterns that we are currently unfamiliar with. This acceptance of that which is currently unknown to us is achieved through the faith that simply because we are unaware to this new dimension of reality does not at all imply that this new pattern or dimension does not exist, only that we are currently unaware of it.

Therefore it will be required of us that we be open to new ways, new ideals, new patterns, and new approaches as we make ourselves available for such to be made real in our lives. This is typically done in spurts of growth in the human condition wherein you become comfortable with a certain level of understanding and then as a matter of your choice you encounter a growth spurt wherein you extend your faith to accommodate that which you were previously unaware of, and then you grow accustomed and familiar with your new parameters until you are ready to extend your boundaries once again.

This is where we find ourselves at this juncture. It will become necessary that we extend our boundaries once again to enable us to embrace even broader patterns of reality that we may be more successful in our upcoming ascent. Ponder where your boundaries lie and your receptivity to extend your faith to allow you to once again push your boundaries and allow yourselves to encompass a greater spectrum of that which is that you may have control over, a broader spectrum of that which is.

Having extended yourselves you acquire command over the next level of reality that awaits you. That is enough to ask of my comrades in this ascension party on this day, and I would remind you that this is nothing more than you have repeatedly shown your willingness and your ability to do in the past. But you are coming to the awareness that this is going to be required of you over and over to extend yourselves further and further. Once again we find ourselves requiring of you that you exhibit your faith as you have so willingly done to this hour that we may even discuss this.

Thank you for participating in this ascension party and for the time that you each invest in consideration of the affairs of our group and of your individual participation. I enjoy the opportunity to mingle with your energies and am grateful for the opportunity to share my energy among you that we may come closer. Thank you. These are my words.


Jonathan: Monjoronson, I am willing to be faced with the miraculous and to extend my boundaries. I ask for any corrective measures necessary to maintain a sound standing and a sane frame of mind amongst the devotion and faith I know I will need to muster to undertake such experiences.

Celine: (Serena?) I would take this opportunity to briefly address you. I am Celine. I await the juncture of time and space and faith wherein we may work together. I foresee that this juncture will occur in the not so distant future. I realize the magnitude of that which is asked of you to allow this to occur. Truly for you to arrive at this place is in fact the precipitation of a miracle that the Father so desires. I am humbled to be a part of such a transpiration as will so shortly occur. I call you each one to make allowance within your hearts for such grace to be bestowed upon this world. Release yourselves of thoughts that you are unworthy or that such could never occur simply because you are personally unaware of it. Allow the greatness of the Father's love to unfold in such a manifestation as we so eagerly await. It is truly up to you to allow for this grace to be poured out. You are worthy children of God, and this is the desire of the divine. All that is required to bridge this gap are willing participants. I invite you to be such. I make myself available to you.

Jonathan: Thank you for making contact with this group. Speaking for all of us, we are willing to be those participants in this unfoldment and to take your guidance.


Mary: I'm getting a strong feeling from Mother Spirit of nurturing and love and care and arms enfolding. Our parents, Mother Spirit and Michael, understand that we are putting forth great effort, that we are pushing, trying, and working. Their call is for us to have time of respite from the striving where we take refuge in their arms and find rest in them.