2005-10-08-TM Infused By Larger Mission

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Topic: TM Infused by Larger Mission

Group: At Large


Teacher: Tomas, Nebadonia

TR: Tiahuan



Tomas (Tiahuan TR): Well, well, so my friends, you have conspired together to bring this friend of mine to offer his voice in this service. I am glad. This is Tomas. (Hello Tomas)

There are others gathered here, but they have deferred to our friendship that we have woven through much experience working together, many times unbeknownst to your larger circle of friends, trying to break open the resistance within this one, your friend. Resistance not because he would resist this love, but like you and all of your fellows to some extent, you question how you could possibly offer yourselves more fully in service to the realities that are being poured upon you even now.


You have been instructed; you have received this instruction through the course of years as it has unfolded in the Teaching Mission, but now we prepare for this mission to be infused by a larger mission even still.

There is no conflict; there is no competition amongst your fellows unseen, though as you say, on the ground, there may be those who find questions, wondering how these things are coordinated. I assure you, they are coordinated as are all things by our Father. It is his love that directs us all; he is our leader.

Yes, he assigns those to various positions of responsibility, and likewise these assign others, and so we all have our place in the great scheme of heaven, and how happy we are to be in the arms of our Mother and Father in any manner. We know we are beloved, and likewise, we know we are tools in their hand.

Would you now have any questions to ask? What things weigh upon your mind as we anticipate your greeting your Magisterial Son?


M – Well, thank you Tomas for those beautiful words and for everyone else who is here.

Tomas: You’re welcome! It is my pleasure. I embrace you in this friendship and encourage you to gather others.

M- Is there anything in particular that you would have to impart to the three of us, or either of any of us individually or any of our various partnerships?

Tomas: Do I discern a question that perhaps lay beneath this query? (some chuckling) My friend, it is my job as a teacher in the Teacher Corps to encourage each to unfold as the souls you are. It is not my assignment to assign you to your task. It is my assignment to inspire you, to encourage, to love you that you may do the same likewise on your world as we do from our vantage point unseen.

Perhaps you wonder though because you have been discussing business, money, power, its abuse, its use; would you wonder, would I assign you to a task? No, you have a task; you have been assigned. The assignment has come from within you. It is your heart’s deepest desire. It is our Father living in you creating in you an irresistible desire that you know not exactly where it leads or what it is. It is the desire to embrace your fellows in this divine affection. The means whereby you support your material life and contribute thereby to this larger mission will come forth as you follow your hearts’ desire. I assure you.

M- Thank you! I appreciate that.

B - Tomas, I haven’t spoken to you in a very long time, and I would like to be able to do so. I am considering, (no) I am not considering, I am already involved with mentoring a couple of younger people sort of holistically, their career, their spiritual life, their intellectual development, and I wonder if you have any thoughts about that process, someone in my age group mentoring someone in their twenties, maybe thirties, and do you have any guidance to give me on that endeavor of mentoring.

Tomas: Well, my friend, I am in a way as I act even now showing you that this mentoring is a process in which all are engaged. Those who are senior reach out to those who are junior, and you with your own discernment can recognize those who are receptive to your gifts, who are attracted to your arena of service. It is your experience that you are offering them as their own begins to unfold. You are not directing them in a sense of control, you are not telling them perhaps what to do, but you are making suggestions, and you would encourage them along certain lines that you discern that their heart desires, and that their minds are fit to embrace. You do well to follow your heart and to know that this is as though your own children.

You know that there is this experience of parenting that is required in this universe, at least at some level, in some manner. We all desire for everyone to experience, by way of, if you will, fathering children whether they be those of a biologic nature or those of the soul, it matters not. What matters is that you LOVE your younger siblings, that you recognize that as you give yourself wholly to them, you recognize the Father’s love in you giving himself to you more and more; there is no limit.

The gift of love is endless, and the offer of service is something that is unspeakable. It is priceless; it cannot be bought or sold. It can be, perhaps traded in your economy by those who would endeavor to offer programs of mentoring of various types, and these are good, but in truth the mentoring of the spirit and soul cannot be exchanged for money because it is at its heart and core a free gift of your love. This does not preclude your engaging them, should the circumstance require, in some employment, whereby you do engage in some sort of economic exchange, who knows? This is your business, this is not for me to say, but I would encourage you to recognize that the Parent of all gives himself completely, as fully as any would receive without thought of compensation, for the compensation comes when he witnesses his children being so inspired and giving themselves likewise.

Is this of any help? (Yes, of course …………………. yes, thank you Tomas)

Tomas: You’re welcome. I am not far from you. I truly tell all of my friends that I have an opportunity to meet in this manner, I am known among the Teacher Corps as an opportunist, and I welcome any invitation.

There are others gathered here. I am not certain my friend would avail himself, but perhaps he would try.

Unidentified Teacher- Greetings my friends! (hello, hello) This is one you expect to see upon your world. (that’s fabulous…….some laughter) I am not known to any at this time by name, and as this one has difficulty with names, I would simply say be assured we are near at hand. There are those of us who quiver literally as you do. Be prepared, remain focused, and as you allow yourself to receive us gradually into the arena of your material sphere, do not hesitate to recognize your own ascension into ours. This is not an invasion of this world as much as it is the cultivation of this world to such a place as would greet us as peers joined together in common cause of doing our Father’s will.

Yes, we from on high so to speak are your elder siblings; we have much to offer you , but do not doubt the treasure that you bring to us, this faith whereby you reach out and embrace us now. It is this faith as it expands to witness your own spiritualization that is the complement of our materialization. This is where we meet. There will be those when we gather as one in form, material form upon your world, who may regard you as a spiritual being. Of course, you may have occasion to laugh; you know well the struggles of a material creature. You know well your own struggles even now for do you not concern yourselves with how you will live, how you will eat, how you will clothe and shelter yourselves. These are legitimate concerns, but they are eclipsed by the light of faith. This is your treasure, and this is what we bring to magnify this treasure of our Father within you. It is his faith growing in you that we would spread throughout this world.

I would leave for now but not far. Many are awaiting the opportunities that you await as well.


Nebadonia - My dears, this is your Mother. You, my sons have grown to appreciate this gentler nature that I represent in my daughters. I would have you extend these hands of yours, roughly hewn they are, strong and coarse, (yet) capable to wield the tender mercy of my hand healing my children. You may think this perhaps not appropriate to your more masculine roles, but in as much as you have allowed yourself to feel me holding you within me, you will know that this tenderness is a source of great strength.

Healing energies are being applied. There are many who would avail themselves of these and the process of their extension. I call upon you, and I invite you to discover my tenderness as a source of your strength. You dwell in me as our Father dwells in you; we are one. My daughters watch over you, my ministering spirits guide you. In your questions about means, let them assist you in directing you to the end for which we strive to heal the hearts and minds of this world.

Surrender the warrior in you to become a healer. I assure you I treasure your gifts. Do not be afraid to be less than anything that you feel you are; you are becoming more than you can dream. I love you; I enfold you in these warm arms that surround our entire home. It is this warmth that I would unleash within you, it is the hand of mercy that I would extend through you in every exchange.