2005-10-23-Deep Presence of Spirit

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Topic: Deep Presence of Spirit

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Serena

TR: Jonathan



Elyon (Jonathan TR): Hello, friends, this is Elyon. You have delighted me with your focus upon the primary and most important element of our conjoint mission upon this world, and that is your personal transformation. You know from the many years of our relation that I have offered little in the way of revealing the plans and procedures of those who administer such policies upon Urantia.



My focus has been toward infusing within you the means and methods, insights and visions, toward your own upliftment. The scope of the project for the turning around of Urantia and its positive progress forward is too broad and too burdensome to be placed upon you. I know that your curiosity leads you to wonder how all will work out and through what means this working out will unfold. But to present this view would entail a complexity that, in order to justly implant it in your minds, would distract you from the crucial growth processes that truly would help bring about a new world. Trust the overview, the scope, to your higher brothers and sisters who minister to this world.

Let your attention be to the upliftment of self. Your understanding has been expanding, and you comprehend a portion of the mosaic that this world is and that this world is part of an even larger complex of purposes and plans. Imagine, if you will, an intricate network of standing dominoes weaving in, crisscrossing in, many paths, in many directions, forks in the road, circles.

You stand as one of these, and you perceive your neighborhood, those standing near you and not very far from you. Each one of you needs to but move to apply spiritual pressure, and a chain reaction occurs, and your brothers and sisters pass that energy and it spreads. The mission of Monjoronson is oriented in a twofold manner: one, the critical process of lining up more dominoes, of making sure all connect adequately that change may occur; secondly, to energize within many of you that initialization spark, that application of power, that putting forth of will that will start the change in motion. This dynamic of change will not begin at one location; it will not be seen as occurring initially simply from our Magisterial brother. The change will occur at many points in this matrix of dominoes and will begin to unfold in many places, though not all at the same time. You will discover transformation at certain avenues and then patiently await the energizing of other areas that need uplifting. I encourage you to continue to stand strong and tall as one of this team to further prepare yourself in character and in determination that you may act when the power is upon you and ready to pass through you. Be not concerned over the temporal, transient, forces that define your day, that demand your time, that consume your energy, for, if I may switch metaphor, you are also spirit beings who are like feathers, light, able to be lifted up in the most gentle of breeze -- that of love. Because you have applied yourself in the growth of soul, you have acquired a buoyancy whereby you may be picked up with the slightest of energy.

You will become airborne, you will move for spirit even when spirit seems weak about you, when your burdens seem heavy. This ability to go aloft is a revelation to your fellows of the veracity of spirit connectivity. Many are convinced of the power of spirit when the wind of the divine is strong, when the evidence is convincing, beyond doubt. But to witness a fellow who can rise in spirit in the most subtle of loving breezes shows another the power of personal growth, of soul attainment. Likewise are you able to recover from your own encounters with oppression of any sort, none of which has a permanent bearing upon you, for you know within that, even if the weight of a misty fog were to pull you down, the divine light will dry you out and lift you up, for that which appears to hinder is merely external. It is the appearance of hindrance, for the true ability to hinder your progress is within your own power to choose. I will switch metaphor again.

Teaching Mission

It is of comfort to the mind to be able to categorize, to discern, to differentiate, to compile, to place everything in a neat configuration that is intelligible and comprehensible. This is a worthwhile trait that is a gift upon you, for your life would be chaotic without it. In this mission we are not here to place you all in one box to conform to our teaching. No, we are approaching this as one would who would overturn a box of marbles and let you roll, to let you go on your own power with our nudge into the world to bring effect.

Many will not discern the turning of this box, that spiritual pressure from above, but they will be impacted as you roll into their lives, touch them to encourage and initiate their movement as well, brother to brother, sister to sister. My friends, I feel this is enough to ponder, and I desire to hear from you. I am not the only one here today.


Social Movements

Harold: Your analogy of dominoes set to be put into motion, in the past most religious movements or great changes have been initiated by some outstanding individual. Is that something that we are not needing anymore? Or is there still that requirement to set something like that in motion?

Elyon: There is an effort in this era to establish numerous outstanding individuals, for have you not in playing with your dominoes discovered that the reaction will fail at a turn or a twist? In order to complete the entire purpose on Urantia there will need to be many initiation points that all will be effected eventually. While you may look at the success of a movement based on the primary mover, an outstanding soul, each domino is equal in its ability to create effect. Each one of you possesses the same power. What we look for at this stage in our cooperation, we with you, is for you to increase in your ability to perceive the moment wherein you may effect that change, that your vision expand, and that your react-ability and your enact-ability heighten. That is the outstanding feature we are seeking.

Tom: I see that if you empty the box of marbles on a rug they all stay stationary, but if you release them on a mountain they will roll down hill and knock over the dominoes until they seek their own level.

Elyon: Indeed it does. It is my hope that my teachings over these years has helped to lower the pile of that rug that you may more easily travel. The level we seek is a unity of spiritual appreciation among all. Each marble, each domino, has different characteristics. Each one, though unique, is vital and important to the entire assembly. I may go further. We have spoken of the arrangement of dominoes which speaks of order and design. We have spoken of the outpouring of marbles which indicates scattering, the lack of composure, randomness. It is through your will to act for spirit that you express the power of spirit which is love and light, mind and heart. It will work through plan and purpose, and it will work through chaos and confusion.


The Well

Serena: This is Serena. The well from which you draw the water that nourishes your soul is the divine presence deep within you, a well so deep it never runs dry. Take this moment to enter into that well, to dip into this divine water to be once again baptized, cleansed, calmed, quieted in mind, soothed in your soul. This deep presence of spirit truly removes your thirst. The presence of God is the realization of truth. It is the experience of love. These you possess, these you are, for you not only have welcomed the divine, you have entered into an embrace of eternal significance. You are becoming that divine presence. As your human nature is transformed you will discover that you have been all along what you seek to become, that the great Almighty has given you before you sought the gift of life, of light. While you may wonder why all the work and effort to rediscover, it is because the ascension, the unfoldment of the human nature into the divine, is one more of those miracles of God at work in creation. It is co-created, the divine Parent and each beloved child. I wrap myself around each of you and give you my love.