2006-07-23-Expanding The Spiritual Box

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Topic: Expanding The Spiritual Box

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson, Serena, Elyon, Michael

TR: Mark Rogers, Sheila, Jonathan




Monjoronson (Mark TR): Hello, dear ones, I am Monjoronson once again here to delight in the presence and in the co-creative process that we share in this hour. I have been interested in working with you on some imagery that pertains to your earlier conversation and would invite you to participate with me in using your power of memory reconstruction to follow me in this train of thought.

Recall, if you will with me now, what it was like for you as a small child when you first encountered your first opportunity to play with a box. Recall how it felt for you to crawl inside this containment and to feel the environment within. Remember realizing the sense of your containment and confinement in this object you had been drawn to and your sense of security. You may have called it a fort or a house. At first you may have found yourself a small box, one that you could fit in maybe just barely. If you were lucky enough as a child and as you grew, your love for being contained within an environment like that provided you with even larger boxes, refrigerator boxes, appliance boxes. These brought you such a sense of enjoyment because they were a new boundary, a new sense of definition for yourself.

Then you were told that those boxes were child's play, but that the new box you should adopt was the box of your room in your house as you grew up. You were told that this box defined the boundaries of your space, and you were able to fill the space up with your stuff. Things that you enjoyed, things that you identified with, things that brought you pleasure all found their way into this box to surround you as you slept in peace enjoying knowing the boundaries of that box.

Then as you grew further you as adults have enjoyed living in boxes that you are now currently in. These boxes provide for you your current limitations of what is inside your domain and what is outside your domain. You still have the sense that you have control and awareness of all that is inside your box at this point but that things may happen outside your box which you are unaware of. There may be others outside, there may be animals present, there may be weather patterns that exist all of which you may relatively or completely be unaware of as you enjoy your inner environment in your current box.

Now recall for me, with me, the feelings that you have had when you have entered a great big box, perhaps a cathedral, perhaps a stadium, perhaps a place of vast size but still contained. Recall your feeling of expansion of your soul to be in such a large box, to shift your perception and awareness from your current limitations of square footage to expand out into the great cathedral hall or the vastness of a theater. You were experiencing this expansion in your box. Even though this was a temporary experience you can recall that entering a cavernous box allows you to feel a sense of expansion.

It is my desire to reference you to these various stages of your box, even within your life. While these boxes that I have described have been physical and dimensional, there is a spiritual parallel to this experience. First your box of spirituality is exceedingly small, and you are comforted by your limitations, by your feelings of knowing your boundaries. As you grow spiritually your box size increases, and you may decide that this box is no longer adequate to provide for your spiritual presence and decide to upgrade to a bigger box much as you might upgrade from a small apartment or house into a larger dwelling to accommodate your needs. This pattern is one that you can identify and come to be in awareness of as you now are examining the parameters of the box that you are currently within. There may indeed come a time when you desire to go, as was referenced, from the smaller box to the refrigerator box to the house to the cathedral to the stadium. This is a natural progression of evolution, and one need never feel as though any time spent in any one of these environments is ever lost. You were quite comfortable as the small child climbing into the smallest box into which you could fit, but as an adult you might be interested in having more room to expand, grow, and to be. But all these boxes imply that you are on the inside and the rest of all, everything there is, is on the outside. The final frontier will be to first make these divisions opaque [transparent?] and clear enough to see that there is no great distinction between you on the inside and everything else on the outside, and then to rise to the challenge to encompass your spiritual world as your new box, without the current material restrictions that you have grown accustomed to.

It is a joy to play with your imagery of boxes as a means to demonstrate your growth in experience. I would rest there with that . .. and provide the time for others. I have enjoyed sharing once again energy signatures and commingling our presences together.

Thank you.


Serena (Sheila): I am Serena. Because of our new relationship, this new level, I have the privilege of enjoying your day with you, because each and every one of you at any given moment places yourself in the powerful and loving circle. This is the moment that I join energy with you and sit in that circle whether it is for a just a very brief moment or for the longer, more formal, meetings. Even in your tiniest glimpse of visuals in the circle I am there. Very often in the next moment it is over and we are seemingly separated, for your attention is on what you are needed for in that next moment. But I assure you that the connection is never broken, and with each outside experience it is . .. not lost [[space and[time]]. It is not viewed by us as all the other stuff you are doing. These experiences still in these moments are of great value and importance.

This universal project you are attached to has asked you to stay here on this planet for a great and wonderful purpose, and if that includes ironing and cleaning up messes and fixing pipes and feeling too hot from the sun, then I assure you this is value, for you need something to do while you are here. As you have developed your daily routines, it hasn't stopped you in the least doing what we know you all would much rather be doing. Because of how many of you there are, how strong you are, how determined with the desire you are to be in the circle, there is constant attachments. Although when you gather in large groups it is more powerful because of your connection, [Sheila: I'm seeing that lightning going from our hearts to the center.] between all of you there is always connection. When one of you is there you are all there.

Now I hear you bringing one another to your individual events, and you are treating it as a natural occurrence. As I watch you evolve in this . .. it is as if you never skipped a beat. You have all clustered together into a circuit that has not fluctuated since you began. You are treating it as it is what you naturally do and who you naturally are. Then we hear one of you whine, "I didn't make it to the group", and we giggle and say, "Oh, my dear, you have never left." "But I won't be there on Sunday!" Oh, yes you will, my children. You are there.

Let your imaginations run wild. Allow yourselves to be attached to the circuits knowing you're trusted and this is your display of this team, of this family, of this community . ... Your hearts are as one. Your love for one another is pure. Your desires are strong. Be children.


Elyon (Jonathan): I also greet you, this is your teacher Elyon.

You have read in your text of the two high levels of love, that of brotherly love and that of fatherly love. When you first awakened spiritually and began your conscious ascent, you first were aware of a love "toward". It may have been for a parent, for a sibling, for schoolmates. It may even have taken focus in a love for attention, for possession. As you grew to value your love your consciousness unfolded and you attained a love "with". This love is a Supreme love, of brotherhood, arm-in-arm. This level of your growth mightily catapulted you forward in your search for the highest, and your energies became focused upon creating community and fellowship, for that love "with" greatly energized each one. In that togetherness the group of individuals was lifted with a force that by oneself was unrealizable.

As you expand in your grasp -- in reality, experience -- of love, you are finding the level denominated "fatherly" love, not a love "for", not a love "with", but a love "as" where there is no exclusion, where all is loved as yourself, for that matter, the love is even without your own distinction. It is a merging of all the circles of individuality, first into an overlapping and finally into one superimposed unity. Fatherly love understands. Brotherly love belongs. Individual love recognizes. Each of you is developing your presence as a loving being simultaneously on all of these three levels. When you are frustrated over your sense of loving contact, take note and attempt to perceive the emphasis of your love-focus. Perhaps a simple shift to one of the other two will bring about the conditions wherein you may progress. God is love and you are love.

Thank you for your attention.

Magisterial Mission

Michael (Mark): I am Michael. I desire to commune with you for a moment. As the energy wanes I step in to seize this opportunity to acknowledge you as my cherished, dear ones who have indeed accepted my invitation to follow me. You would not be here now were it not for your having willingly accepted this invitation and willfully taken action to do so. I have witnessed your sincerity and your commitment, and now I have brought my brother into our circle, and you have just as willingly and just as willfully accepted him and all those who accompany him.

So now I say the nature has changed, and I make the new statement: Follow us. But I need not put out this call because you have taken up this opportunity in your hearts. You have risen to this chance. You have seized this day. I just desire that each of you knows that, even though there appears to have been shifting in direction and emphasis and focus among different personalities, what you do in following Monjoronson, you do for me. You, we, follow the desire and the will of the Father together. We are as one in our desire to fulfill the calling from on high, and I know that each of you will be willing to accept that which you are graced with as being part of this plan. Never doubt that in following your leadings and your promptings from these others that you are as well following my desires and the desires of our Father above.

So I have said "follow me" and you have shown your willingness to do just that. Now it is simply expanded to be "follow us". Likewise I am certain you will seize this opportunity as well. It brings me great joy and comfort to know that I can count on you, my steadfast dear ones. You are in fact willing to follow wherever this road may lead.


Therefore have you earned my respect, my trust, and the respect of a universe that beholds such miracles as these. Thank you for accepting and allowing this process, my presence, and the presence of those entrusted to facilitate this growth. All is well, my dear ones, in fact all is good.

I leave you with my peace. Farewell.