2006-10-01-Construct of Beliefs

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Topic: Construct of Beliefs

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Jesus, Tomas, Merium, Nebadonia, Serena

TR: Gerdean



Music: Elena on Piano: "Here I Am" and "'Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus"

JESUS: I am here with you, you may be sure. I am He of whom you sing. I delight in your devotion and your childlike joy, My Daughters. I will not keep you from your lessons, but did wish to make My presence known. I will be with you throughout the day and all the days of your lives. Proceed

Group: Thank you!

MERIUM: I am Merium, your babysitter, sitting with you as if you were Mother Nebadonia's little ones. It is my pleasure to oversee your care in those areas where I am able to bestow my care upon you. Your gathering today reminds me very much of our lessons past wherein we were discussing the merits of Louisa May Alcott and the "Little Women" book that has affected so many, for here we have now with us Meg and Jo and Beth and Amy.

Group: (Chortling with delight.)

MERIUM: Listen to your laughter sing. How charming you are. I have a surprise guest today. In fact a number of guests, and I will let them vie for the microphone.

Group: Thank you! Thank you for being with us, Merium.


NEBADONIA: Nebadonia, at your side now -- your Mother, as you know me. The reason for my visit today, my darling Daughters, is to express how much I love you each and how much I love you all. And while I am here talking to you in this cluster of femininity, I am also being broadcast far and wide to women and daughters throughout the world, and indeed, throughout my universe. And so what I have to say to you is that which I would also say to all my girls.

This precious platform that we have constructed enables you to develop an appreciation for our presence in your lives, for most assuredly Michael and I are present with you and overseeing your growth and development as surely as your earthly parents have overseen your education and enculturation in the physical domain. And even more so, since we are Creators of you and your parents and their parents and their parents' parents and will also be overseeing the growth and development of your children, your children's children, and your children's children's children, even into eternity.

Under the circumstances of these broadcasts, what I say to you in the intimate company of our association here in this room and you in your clothing and music and environment and customs, is for your ears, and so you are my broadcasting system. I speak to the world through you. As I address you here in this room, my voice carries beyond, echoing throughout the realms to those who would also hear me speak. And so whatever I say to you is that which I would say to all my children, even as I speak to you -- personally and intimately.

We have observed the development of this new epoch wherein your communications with the celestials has become of paramount importance to you and a supreme delight to us all. And we see the directions it takes and the influences involved in your comprehension(s), based on so many, many factors.

And while we have concerns about your squabbles, as any parent would be concerned about the associations - fruitful and otherwise - of their children, we know that you have been born of the spirit, you desire to grow in the spirit, you look to us for guidance and we provide that guidance in accordance with your capacities -- you as individuals and you as a whole.

And so I ask you to be patient with one another, be patient with yourself, and be patient with us, your Parents, as we allow some of these concerns and disagreements to work themselves out as natural learning experiences for you, and in this way, you will test your own mettle and that of your fellows. You will see what will be swayed by what influence and what will not be moved.

When there is growth in you and in a group, there must be adjustments for that growth. And it takes time for those adjustments to take place. Some movement is not growth at all but mere change for change sake; some of this is required in order for genuine progress to be made, but don't confuse progress with change.

Thus we all must wait and allow time to sift through these times and your many attitudes and the changing circumstances of your growth. Again, as individuals and as a whole. And the more that are involved, the more patience you must have for those to adapt and to bring their light of truth also into the configuration that you are in this grand Family of ascending Sons and Daughters into the new world that will be created as the result of Our divine affection.

No amount of planning or cajoling, pleading, pushing, coercing or whining will make any difference. Those noises are simply, to me, the sound of children at play. Raucous and chirrupy as the birds, it is music to my ears. I do not regard your differences as negative or hostile, hateful or inhibiting. You are My children. What is not to love?


Esmeralda: Amen. NEBADONIA: I regard your response, Esmeralda, as that of a Mother. Esmeralda: That's right, Nebadonia.

NEBADONIA: You and I understand this parental perspective in terms of our dearly beloved children in whom we have such hope and faith.

What a delightful time I have had here with you this afternoon. I release you now to your other mentors and teachers and your own indwelling Piece of Our Father, that we may all be moved by Him who moves us all.

Group: Thank you so much for visiting with us today. Thank you, Mother Nebadonia. That was wonderful. What a gift! Thank you.

SERENA: This is Serena. Gerdean: This is an unexpected guest. Esmeralda: Welcome! Merium: What a beautiful name.

SERENA: I am the associate of Monjoronson, and I recognize within the mental construct of this transmitter/receiver the certain resistance to my broadcast, for much of her mind revolts against the emphasis on the Magisterial Mission, specifically on Monjoronson and his "alleged staff" which includes myself. But I have words I would like to say in clarification, if they can be received, for I know how it is.

When you have your mind set for or against something, you will not be easily swayed by rhetoric or emotional appeals to the contrary. If you had any idea how long we have waited for you to have the capacity to have such convictions, you would rejoice with us in this new and thrilling episode in planetary development, for there was a time not long ago when you did not think in terms of another dimension, but lived completely within the confines of this world, as if it were the only planet in existence and this life the only one you would ever know.

However, the last century has brought about much enlightenment, much discovery, much revelation and much speculation as to what yet can and will transpire. And so while we will not let go of that base of understanding which is necessary to hold your feet firmly fixed in a foundation of faith, we will work with you through whatever means possible to enhance and advance your thinking process, that it may feel free to liberally apply its intelligence to the myriad possibilities ahead.

And in this release of limitation, you will discover how many possibilities there are for you - individually and as a group - to develop new dimensions of thought, belief, feeling, reality, even morontial reality for this planet. And thus you will have contributed not only to your own immortal soul but also to the advancement of this world in the development of its place in the universe.

All that is, is advancing toward ultimate perfection. All your thoughts and decisions contribute to the work at hand. You are not being asked to do anything you are not ready, willing and able to do. Nor are you being asked to assume other people's beliefs. But simply to allow your own spirit to soar and your intelligence to seek that which can be found through spirit counsel and guidance.

I will give you over to Tomas, with whom you are familiar, for this next piece of news, for it may be even more difficult for you to chew. Thank you for your ears.

Group: Thank you, Serena.

Miriam: What you said wasn't too radical from my point of view.

Elena: No.

Miriam: But I haven't heard the scoop yet, either!

Elena: So should we fasten our seatbelts, or what?

TOMAS: Tomas here, as you have always known me to be -- a friend of yours and of truth, beauty and goodness. Fear not. But I will lead you in an exercise, an exercise in comprehension and one in particular that may help you be at peace with some of these expanding concepts, notably that of Monjoronson; however, it also reflects on me, the Teacher Corps and the myriad personalities that you have come to know and love because of your engagement in this Teaching Mission and the Correcting Time.

Some of you have been students of the teachings of George Barnard, who taught "the Construct." (Oh, dear.) For those of you who are unfamiliar with the construct, it is a psychological term that discusses how the human mind creates a reality and believes it such that it impacts in many ways, not excluding faith. I am a construct. I, Tomas, am a construct of your mind, as much as I am an ascending son like you, en route to Paradise by means of learning certain experiential lessons and teaching certain attained truths.

Machiventa is not a construct. He is one of the original offspring of our Creative Parents. Our Creative Parents are real. Our Michael Son and his divine consort, whom you refer to affectionately as Nebadonia in honor of her world, Nebadon, are real. And they will continue to be real throughout eternity as you yourselves will continue to be real throughout eternity if you continue to grasp hold of the saving truths that are delivered to you, one morsel at a time for your experiential chewing.

Monjoronson is a construct. The Magisterial Son is real. There are descending sons and ascending sons throughout the universes of time and space and they do indeed have certain work they do, certain roles they fulfill. There is order in the universe, and the order is initiated by and brought about by our Universal Father and His Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit that comprise Paradise Trinity. They are not a construct; they are reality.

Everything that has been created in this new dimension is a construct except your living faith. The construct is created to stimulate and make real your potential, so as to bring about your own actualization. This is all part of the plan to actualize your potential. We are like an architectural sphere that has been created for this purpose at this time in your growth.

We, therefore, can manifest at any time and through anyone willing to assume the responsibility of bringing us into existence. As a construct, you recognize me as a personality because you are practicing the newfound recognition of myriad heavenly helpers, personalities throughout the universe that you heard of, believe in, and now experience because of this construct.

We are creating the scaffolding of the next epoch through this effort. This effort is created by your minds in conjunction with the sanction of divinity in order to nurture your souls forward and advance the state of evolution on your world.

Does it make me less real to you or more real to you that I am an averred construct, a virtual hologram? It should not, since it rather will give you an appreciation of truth that will enable you to see what all is involved in the creation of this next epoch, given the material we have all had to work with under the circumstances of your isolation and the almost insuperable difficulties of Urantia, which we are battling against and winning for the light day by day.

Just as you are unreal in many regards, we too are unreal. What is real, is emerging as a result of our genuine, viable reality that is eternal. Your construct and mine will fall away when it is no longer necessary, but as a result of the efforts and the experience we are enjoying together in our odd company in these meetings through the transcripts and in the minds of those who are willing to believe and stretch the limits of yesterday's truths to find tomorrow's answers, Father's will will prevail.

Trust Our Father and His overseers. Filter all these things through your own Spirit of Truth. When your faith falters in terms of your fellows or even your celestial mentors, you always have Our Father on whom you can depend.

In light of these words, it is hoped that you will be able to take us and each other and yourselves with a grain of salt, as you might say -- with a little more latitude -- for there is nothing hard and fast or fixed about any of this experiential journeying. It is all in a state of flux, and if you can remember that change is not always growth, but if you have patience we will see the ultimate results and will be able to look at Father's will having prevailed and rejoice in our contribution, even though much of it may have occurred unwittingly, unknowingly, and/or through our own blind faith or dumb luck.

Enjoy the ride. Rejoice in life itself. Hold fast to your Source. Amen.

Esmeralda: Thank you, Tomas, for coming today. You are always welcome.

MERIUM: And this is Merium. I have come to stir up the air and fluff your pillows. It seems it is time to turn the tape, so let's stretch and relax and when we resume, we can resume in faith of our voyage into tomorrow with joy and laughter.



MERIUM: (Clapping hands) Group: (Clapping also) MERIUM: I did not mean that as applause. I meant that as getting your attention. Group: Oh! (Laughter) We were just following your lead. MERIUM: But we can applaud if you feel like it. Let's applaud. Go ahead. Applaud! Group: (Applauding)

MERIUM: It's always a good idea to applaud yourself, for your good humor, your appreciation of yourself and others, and the camaraderie you share. There are many, many things about which to applaud, and I applaud your intermission discussions.

I applaud your questions and my clapping to bring order was simply a result of all of you talking at once, as if to say, "What did they say?" So let's see what it was they said that we might all resume our comportment and good faith without fretting about what is real and what isn't. You are real as far as I'm concerned. I am real as far as you are concerned, and let's begin with that.

Esmeralda: That's a good beginning. Elena: Okay. Good.


MERIUM: Tomas got rather heady today, but his evaluation was appropriate for some minds who cannot grasp that there is any substance to this movement whatsoever. There are also other movements that have teachers and divine mentors that make no sense to you and yet they do because of the interpretation that was presented.

You cannot say "my belief is true and his is not." It's just not fraternal. This is one of the old paradigms that we are trying to get away from. The idea that religion separates believers is being made a thing of the past by discerning that it is the spirit that unites; but it is the constructs that separate. And so let's talk a little bit about what was discussed earlier.

I understand, first off, you don't like the word "construct." Well, it was perhaps an unfortunate choice of words but it was one that many of you can identify with as something that your mind creates. And I don't mean to say that we are a creation of your mind in that we are a result of your creative imaginations. No, it is not the same as a creative mind that sits down and creates characters and a plot and tells a story. That is a different kind of imagination than this dimensional creation that has come about as a result of your faith and the guidance (you call them "prompts") from On High, as a result of the circuits being reopened.

We will not deny that the spirit is pummeling the planet and the Adjusters of earth's inhabitants are piqued because of the revelatory nature of the last 100 years or so. And now that the effects of these efforts and these tumultuous ("quivering on the brink") is well underway, there is a kaleidoscope of interpretations as to what spirit is, what reality is, and what relationship we can have, if any, with the unseen realm.

Heretofore, your relationship with the unseen realm has been (for those of you here, at least) one from scripture, where there are angels who sing and guardian angels who help keep you out of trouble. Now we know the universe is filled with energy and personalities that are somehow conspiring to lift us up and bring us into a new dimension. How do we get this into your consciousness and allow it to become a reality sufficient for you to grasp, in order for that to take hold?

You mentioned earlier, Miriam, about the energy that tapped you on the head before our session started, and you recognized that as a reality. Indeed, it is. It is from another dimension. And yet, as it enters into you, into your consciousness, it becomes a part of your frame of reference. You know the difference between that kind of an impression and when, let's say, the sun shines on your head, giving off a different kind of energy, heat energy, and/or if a bird should render droppings (group laughter) on your head which is another altogether different kind of energy. (Wow!)

And so you know the difference between energies and their sources, and the Source of energy that visited you when you anticipated -- when your Spirit anticipated the approach of the Master -- you were in fact readying yourself to hear His voice. And this is the kind of energy that we like to stimulate and reinforce in you. That is the kind of energy that you can draw upon in your private time and review as something that is personal to you and infinite, real in an eternal sense.

So these words today about reality were referencing your eternal sense. Much of you is finite and material and will not survive the death experience. Neither will we survive your death experience, except that which is eternal.

You live in what you know to be a real world, and it is indeed reality. But it is a finite reality. That which goes on in your soul is a morontial reality. It touches upon Spirit as well upon the finite, and lives in a dimension of reality that is separate from the finite reality. It is this morontial reality, the soul's reality, that we attempt to stimulate and invigorate, and we use any and all tools at our disposal, with the permission of the Master Son, to bring about this morontial reality within you and in such a way, as often as possible, in as healthy a means as possible, you can share your morontial reality with others.

By creating the Teaching Mission, by understanding the Melchizedek Receivers, and by anticipating the Magisterial Mission, you can develop the eternal aspects of our growing reality, even though much of the scaffolding that we use will not be necessary when the reality itself comes to pass and can sustain you.

I can feel that there are still clouds in your mind as to what was offered today. Are there questions that we can apply ourselves to for clarification?

Miriam: Well, Merium, thank you for being with us today, and you know -- it's been a wonderful afternoon with the Master, and Mother, and Serena … She sounded… she didn't ruffle my feathers. She sounded okay. I'm oblivious to a lot of this Monjoronson hoopla, and so I do think I kind of have an open mind because I don't … I'm ignorant. But I -- I don't take it for granted, but I'm realizing now in a way that I do. The reality of how you come to us today, Merium.

I mean, I have been around this Teaching Mission block for ten years and it is a real part of my life. I mean, I was almost feeling like coming to blows with Tomas when he was saying-- If he was going to say Abraham wasn't real, I was going to say, "Okay, Tomas. Let's step outside." Because Abraham is real to me. He's my mentor, my teacher. I love him. He is dear to me. The Master is real to me. He helps me through the day, and you know, all these things that you guys have kind of spoon-fed me on, as Mother or someone said earlier, "as we are capable of learning it and receiving it" that you guys have made sure that I get what I need as I go along, so I know that this is part of it.

But I take for granted that-- because I can't see midwayers, and I know there's midwayers here right now, helping you be here, and it is unseen helpers, and so I do know that like a lot of people, if you said that to, it would freak them out and they would say, "What do you mean 'unseen helpers?' so for the very fact that I'm maybe still not capable of seeing midwayers and doing all those things, what I know is real, I am grateful to have learned that it is real. You know what I'm saying?

So I lots of times think, as I'm thinking and communing and talking to Father and doing what I do everyday, and to Mother and with Michael, I think, "One of these days, like when I'm in the next place, this is going to all look so different." And I am aware of the fact that it is a finite thing, and the reality of like how Abraham sees us when he comes every week, we'll be able to see Abraham some day, and it's going to be like totally different, and at that point, looking back to what I am now, I will probably see all the limitations and all the … I don't know. I'm not going to use that "construct" word, but … your … scaffolding! You know? I get the scaffolding part, to the effect that I know there is scaffolding, but I don't know what it is. I'm just grateful that you guys shore me up and show me what to do. And so your words are comforting and I'd like to apologize to Tomas for getting a little flared, for … anyway. I'm taking up the whole thing, but that's what I had to share. I hope that's okay with you.

MERIUM: It's more than okay, it is encouraged, and we applaud your comments and your faith, for you are "right on." You know what you need and you use it, and what you don't need, you have no use for, without disdaining that it may be useful to someone else.


Esmeralda: Merium, I don't get perturbed about those things. Like I said, I didn't understand what Tomas was saying, and I wasn't sleepy yet I dropped off, but it's all real. What I need, I suppose, is real to me. Merium, you are real to me. Tomas is real to me. SO is Abraham, Ham. Celene! And I have not been aware of Celene very long but she is very real to me. In fact, I don't think about her enough but I also find myself saying something to Celene during the day like she was a contemporary or something and I'm talking to her, and I also tell her that I'm very sorry that I can't hear her speaking directly to me, though she says she can. But all these are real to me. And it was brought about by Miriam's husband's accident and since then I have had no reason to doubt any of it. It's real. How could anyone have known the things that we we're told? It had to be spiritual, and I also believe that there are seraphim. They are real to me, and the guardian angels. And I am very grateful for having all of them.

It may be that I am … I think I am sort of a shallow person. And so I don't … maybe sometimes I am so shallow I just don't require depth of thinking. It's just there.

MERIUM: It could be, too, my dear, that all humans are shallow, and we create ways of reaching you which will charm you even in your limitation.

Another picture has been presented to me by Van El, the communications expert here. He suggests I talk about it in terms of television, or the motion picture industry. The characters on television are not real, except as you become familiar with them over the years. Everyone now knows who Hawkeye Pierce is, even though he is really Alan Alda playing the role of Hawkeye Pierce, and yet through that performance in the setting of the 4077 M.A.S.H. unit, and the other characters involved in that series, an entire generation and more of people have been able to garner a sense of what it is like to be in the position of war bearing down on you month after month and not being able to get outside that paradigm except perhaps for R&R in Seoul once in a while.

The reality that it presents, that show as well as others -- the Waltons, Law & Order, and so forth -- is a reflection of values which may or may not educate or entertain everyone, but they speak to a certain portion of the population and answer a need. These "people" become real and your very lives become entwined. In the case of this T/R, for example, Gerdean watched MASH every night for a long period of time in the days prior to the opening of the Teaching Mission, when she was having certain human feelings and emotional responses to life itself. And the experience of watching MASH allowed her to transform her days and nights into a paradigm of the MASH unit such that it was able to sustain her and encourage her in the war zone of her human experience, far away from loved ones and in a unit of workers that did "meatball justice" (instead of "meatball surgery").

And so it is real to her in more ways that one, but it still is a television show, and this which you are enjoying today in this new dimension of reality is in some ways the Heavenly Helpers Presents (like MGM Presents) certain characters and certain values with personalities such that you as a movement, even as a global movement, are able to watch, listen to and take to heart, stirring within you those sparks of spirit consciousness that will grow into a morontial reality for you, in vesting your own soul into greater reality as a result of your involvement and association and loyalty to that reality which is presented.

And through it all, even as it is effective, the real reality is enduring and eternal, and in the course of time that which you know to be genuine for you, regardless of its presentation, is that which will sustain you forever, that which has become a part of your immortal soul.

I fear someone needs to come in and fluff my pillows today, (laughter) and we started out with such auspicious beginnings (laughter), with four lovely girls, sitting here ready to play games and pour tea. Well, perhaps after we leave you can do that, but before I go, I want to ask if there are questions unrelated to our discourse today, as I don't want to alienate anyone's affections by being too speculative or spiritually politic (if there is such a phrase). Any questions as to your own lives and your own concerns?

Esmeralda: I don't have any today, Merium.

Elena: Well, I just have a comment on-- I'm having a… Actually, I'm in a good place today, and that's been for a lot of help. A session with Gerdean, a number of things that have gone… a lot of people loving me and a lot of wonderful things happening. I mean, I'm in a very wonderful, blessed place. But I am having a hard time on what to keep in my life and what to maybe release, so any guidance you might have in that area would be helpful.

MERIUM: Well, not to reiterate all of the above, but basically the same lesson applies. If it has been scaffolding and remains good scaffolding for you to use to develop that which is real and lasting and eternal for you, then keep it up. But if it is mere roughage, then let it go. Only you can discern what has lasting value for you, that which is meaningful to your soul. Think in terms of who you are, Elena, and foster and nurture that which you are. I know that you have many perceptions of who you are, and that may well be part of the difficulty, trying to decide how many of myself can I keep. And if you were to take that diamond, with all those facets, and polish it up one more time, you might find one or two angles that truly shine with superhuman brilliance, and I would suggest that is the angle to strive for. There will always be that setting in which your diamond is placed, but how your light best shines forth is that which I would encourage you to nurture.

Elena: Thank you. That is very helpful.

MERIUM: Your light is certainly worth showing off in whatever fashion that you find appropriate. Comfort may not enter into it. It may feel in fact uncomfortable for you to shine so brightly, but set aside your sense of self-effacement and modesty in order to allow yourself to be all that you can be. Not to satisfy someone else's sense of who you are but to satisfy your own recognition of your own Inner Light. Go for it.

Elena: Thank you. Thank you very much. MERIUM: It has been a wonderful time. I know Celene is happy to be here, as is Demetrius… Miriam: Ooh! Ooh! Am I interrupting? Can I say something? MERIUM: Always.

Miriam: I, um, I-- It's an honor to address Mother's personal teacher and part of why I'm here for two weeks this time is to spend time with my Mother as I understand she has a new project and I… as a matter of fact, Mother and I will ask maybe Gerdean if maybe Celene could meet with us in a personal session while I'm here but my Mother has always done so much to help me and anything I can do to help her with this project, it would be my heartfelt desire to do so.

Esmeralda: She is talking about a project Celene mentioned in our private session, and so I think I know what the project is and I think I understand it…

Miriam: But if Celene is here, I'd just like to say, "Hello, Celene" and "thank you for being my mother's teacher" and, you know, when I heard that she had been with her all her life and watched her through her childhood and all, I don't know. I just say, "Hello," and I greet you with honor and respect.

MERIUM: And in the face of such heartfelt viability for these mentors, how can anyone come along and say they are not real?

Group: Yeah! Right!

MERIUM: Well, the love is real. That's why. Love is always real. And as you learn to love one another, seen or unseen, whole or in part, your love is reinforced and the relationship itself is made more real. Love is.

Miriam: I'll say amen to that.

Elena: Um-hum.

Esmeralda: Along with truth, beauty and goodness.

Elena: And appreciation for our helpers, too. I mean, we really appreciate them and love them, and that is a real part in our life, so thank you, thank you.

MERIUM: Well, know that this has been instituted -- this forum has been created and is sanctioned by our Universe Parents in order to help lift you up into the destiny which is yours, to enjoy the spiritual heritage which is yours, and to help create the reality which is the destiny of your world - light and life. And so it is sanctioned, approved, blessed, and anything that is blessed from On High is good enough for me, and that includes me as well, and so I am glad of it.

I did indeed have a life, and I am indeed young at heart. Fact is, I don't have a ponytail and I'm not 18, but it's easier for you to see me that way, and so that is what that lesson was all about. My reality is that I am here to help you. Your teachers are here to help you and grow with you. And that is what matters. The idea that was expressed above was to help you understand that there are differences in beliefs, but in the main, you are all smiled upon by the powers that be, because you are worth the effort that it takes, in whatever form possible, to evolve into the radiant souls that is your destiny and our pleasure.

Yes, I am certain Gerdean would be pleased to meet with you privately for a meeting with Celene and any of these other characters on the Cast of Characters you know and love. We will look forward to our continued association, not fretting about that which we cannot understand, but embracing that which we can and rejoicing therein.

One more time, it was wonderful to see you with us today, Miriam, and how I have enjoyed our tea party.

Miriam: Merium, would you offer Tomas my apology for getting a little torqued?

MERIUM: I will. Do you want to hear from him?

Miriam: Yeah, it would be kind of nice. If you (you Gerdean) are not getting too tired. Or anyone.


TOMAS: Tomas here, in my easy chair. I am not offended by your ire or your defiance. I am in admiration of your spunk. I love it when my children, friends and associates have a mind of their own and are not afraid to use it. I would far rather have you speak up about what bothers you than to believe everything that comes down the pike, for what will that do to help you create a sense of Self that will serve you and your Adjuster throughout time and eternity?

Your personality is God's gift. That cannot be mistaken or taken away. There is so much about you, and all of you, that is precious and dear. Again, if you could see yourselves as we see you, you would see from a perspective that borders on that which Nebadonia enjoys. You are all truly so precious. We are often amazed and astounded by the tenacity you have to that about which you care and in that which you have faith. This genuine hold on what you regard as real and meaningful for yourself and others is a part of your substance. That substance is a part of your morontial reality -- growing reality, not simply changing.

And that is what we have been commissioned to do: help you in your spiritual growth. There are others who have the authority to administer planetary affairs, such as the Most Highs. Our task is to work developing your reality, your soul reality, and that's enough for today.

We all join together in wishing you a happy day, a productive week and an endless tomorrow. Farewell.

Group: Farewell!