2006-12-02-Healing The Planet

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Topic: Healing the Planet

Group: S. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Eregon, Mantutia, Nebadonia

TR: Jo Ann, Pam



EREGON, (TR, Jo Ann): I come again to join you in friendship and in service, too, in furtherance of the plans of our beloved Father. The goal for this planet is light and life, love and beauty, which you all deserve to enjoy even in your lifetimes. We come to fellowship with you, to greet you, to let you know that you are loved, to let you know that you are not alone, either in your individual efforts, bringing betterment to the world, or in your group efforts, for there are many such groups, seeking not only personal enlightenment, but the betterment of the entire world.

And we applaud this—more than applaud this—we wish to assist the congregating, the gathering together that is done in the very physical realms. For it is the human potential of gathering, that creates the greater potential for energy movement, energy shifting. With your intentions and your wills moving together in thought, intention and purpose, you create a much stronger effect than many people meditating alone. It is true, and whenever you gather like this, building your merkabas and dedicating your intention to be in harmony with the forces of light for your planet, you attract not only the presence, but also the participation- and therefore the multiplication of your energies, through the participation of -your celestial friends and benefactors.

We thank you for this time of gathering, for being present, not only in form, but in mind and spirit, for it is with these energies that we can enlarge, improve upon—-yes, even enlighten the intentions and the energies that you send out; we can magnify them, and we do. All these energies are so many glittering prayers, or candle lights of intention that light up your world. Be aware; you will look and perceive we are with you, bringing greater luminosity into your group efforts and intentions. Soon it may be that this light encompassing your world begins to filter back down, even to those who, at this moment, remain in darkness in their own hearts. Soon there may be a balance point reached, where the intentions of the many for good, are able to affect the hearts of the millions, who are unaware. We hope that you can believe that this is so, for we tell you that it is. This is Eregon, your teacher and friend, fellow traveler, student of the universe, loyal worker among the many, who labor for the upliftment of your planet, and even of your system of planets.


MANTUTIA, (TR, Jo Ann): We all love you, with the same kind of love you experience from older cousins or brothers and sisters. We look on you as those to whom we are related, who have great potential, and you are as yet not fully-grown into those potentials. We treasure your minds, your interests, your devotions, your loyalties, your gifts of the spirit, and we endeavor to bring you along in a way that enriches you, your family, your community, your country, and yes, even your world. For every concept, which you acquire in your heart and mind, there is a higher and stronger spiritual counterpart. These we endeavor to make known to you. We attempt to find ways for you to discover these things, to your own delight.

The circumstances in which you find yourselves, on this planet, in this time, are not those which many would call desirable, but we tell you now that for the growing of noble and courageous souls, this is the most fertile of soil. We are happy to be here, to participate in these circumstances, for it has been long, since many were allowed to be here, at least in your awareness. It has been long in terms of generations and decades, your times of abject spiritual poverty, when we so wished that we could come to your aid. However, being loyal to the directives of our own superiors, we would not transgress the plans laid for the rejuvenation and restoration of this planet. Now that we may interact with you more freely, it is with great joy that we do so.

I am Mantutia, a Melchizedek assigned to this planet and to the Correcting Time, and to the Teaching Mission. Your teacher Eregon, is also present, and would like to commune with you, so I will now step aside. Thank you again for your attention and dedication to all things spiritual and good, for in every goodness in the heart of every human, there is worth and value, the potential for peace. Thank you.

EREGON, (TR, PAM A): Let us turn now, to set aside your mind, your human mind, for your planet is in great need of healing. We are often limited by the intentions of your mind, so like a sweet child who has had a very busy day, we ask that that be laid to rest for a moment. We have a string to your heart and your divine mind, and in so doing, your space, your energy field, your heart, [your] divine mind grows to such an extreme, intense immensity that you can hold the planet in your hands. We ask you now, to take Mother Earth in your hands and to . . . (too faint to transcribe). . . hold the planet, hold her with your . . . infuse her with the energies of your fine mind, use the energies of the heart, behold, with absolute intention and love, achieves healing . . . . We are so blessed.

(Long pause.)

MOTHER SPIRIT, (JA): My children, I thank you. Loving your Mother, the Earth, is one of the most useful things you can do to bring about the kind of world we would like your children and grandchildren to inherit. I am Mother Spirit. I suffuse the very air you breathe, the ground you walk on. The cycles of the earth, its weather are my breathing. My balance is inter-related to not only the physical things, material things that you my children, do on this planet, but as well and as significantly, to what you do with your hearts and minds, for I am energy, as well as form. I hold the material in place with my vibrations, and the vibrating field of mind associated with every one of you becomes part of me. As you dedicate yourselves to higher levels of truth and goodness, you create beauty around you as if you are arranging flowers, but you are arranging things you cannot see with your physical eyes.

What is the aroma of joy? What is the scent of kindness? What is the temperature of tolerance? These things have positive effects; they enrich others and they enrich each of you, by their very giving. I am Mother Spirit. I encompass you all in my love and desire only the best for you individually, and for the progress of your world. Go about in love with your world. See the good everywhere you go. Yes, it is not only the good that is perceivable, but you are allowed to discard the rest, for only the good is real—the rest will fall away.

And this is true of you, as individuals, as it is true for your culture and even your world. Hold fast to what is good; focus your hearts on it; feel it, embrace it. Bask in joy. Enrich your fellows with loving acts of kindness and consideration. Be tempted to thoughtfulness. Allow yourselves to be seduced by spirit and filled with joy. For the most real things here children, are the most difficult to see with material eyes. It is with the heart and the feelings that you recognize what is truly valuable, is it not.

We see so much improvement and increase in general acts of kindness and goodness, at about this time of year in your culture. There is a general feeling of goodwill, that permeates your holiday season, the same kind of goodwill that we in the celestial realms offer to you all, at all times. Peace on earth, goodwill among men, goodwill to all. To us these are not simply beautiful phrases, they are our very way of being, and when you tune into these feelings and vibrations, even momentarily, you are in tune with the universe; you are in harmony with the divine way of things. Does it not feel wonderful? This is our gift to you, that we wish you many multiplying moments of experiencing the goodness in life. Choose to discover it, and it shall become a greater and greater part of each day.

Your awareness creates your reality. Center your awareness in spirit, and the goodness you experience will multiply. It is unavoidable. We invite you to try it for yourselves, even as often as you desire. Every time you refocus your awareness, it creates a kind of light thread, a light cord, a stronger connection to the true center of all spirits. That is not to say that you are separate from spirit, for within each of you glows the most precious spark of divine indwelling. Simply by focusing the awareness on that ever-present inner presence, your energy body begins to glow. You can feel this too, can you not?


Well my children, it has been a delightful visit with you today and I invite you to enrich your holiday season by sending your heart energy in every direction, as you go about all the activities that accompany your holiday season, for each of you is never alone; each of you is dearly loved, and each of you has wonderful, spiritual gifts to open, enjoy and share. We wish you well; we love you. Good day.

Jo Ann: They are asking us all to just listen in silence for a few minutes and see if anybody else, or someone who wants to bring through a message.

(Long pause)

MOTHER SPIRIT: It is well then, go and nourish each other with food and fellowship.