2007-06-18-Abraham & Mary

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Topic: Rest

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teachers: Abraham & Mary

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I always enjoy the atmosphere here. There is enthusiasm and yet, there is serenity. There is inspiration and still you are grounded in reality. There is such a wonderful support of one another. It’s like being home. I thank you. I have grown to love your unique personalities. Everyone has something to add. It is a ripple of positive effect. I do make effort to spend time with you each a little during the week. We always have a ministry to pursue and I am always there for counsel.


I am finding it important to speak of rest. It seems that your lives are always in fast motion. There is such a wear and tear on the body and mind. You are each wonderful to fulfill your obligations. Many of these obligations are mind consuming and we forget to rest. If the body is not well, then certainly this occupies the mind. It does create a static between you and Adjuster guidance. This week find time to rest the body and mind.

I am MARY. What a lovely group this evening. I too always feel at home. I can appreciate Abraham’s words. I even now overwork myself. It is fascinating to me how mortals change with time, priorities change, energy changes. It may cause some disturbance in understanding to feel burdened and overwhelmed in everyday living. I believe sometimes that mortals can forget that they are on the earth and in the flesh to learn. If you want to mature spiritually, then experience is a must. Many times life is brutal and we forget to knock on the door. Many times we are saying, “God, why me?” when we should be knocking at the door of our Brother/Father.

There are many paths to paradise, but said Jesus, “I am the door to true understanding of the eternal purpose.” We can allow ourselves to be victims of life. We can lay down before our troubles. What misery. Our purpose here is to have experience, gain spiritual skills for the career ahead. We go before the Master because He is in understanding of how our minds work. He knows what we need. He had the experience we are having now. He makes heaven understandable, accessible.

As we go through daily living, let us remember to knock at the door. Allow the Master to define what is happening. He is the way to the Father. I can see Him now up speaking before individuals who hated him. The Master knew He had not humans to lean on. Mortally He was alone. That in itself is a serious cause for fear and anxiety. Even during the darkest hours His rock upon which He leaned was His strength to keep focused, to stay the path, to fight fear.

I am in understanding of the Agondonter status. It can be difficult. Faith in the flesh takes effort. I see on the planet now that there is great desire to escape pain. Simply put--there is great fear. When we are trusting of those unseen helpers who love us so much, then do we feel the strength of the Master. We can rise above being mortal, rise above animalistic tendencies, emotions and the grip of fear. Where is our rock? Can we stand before the door in our everyday circumstances?

The earth is not a trap, like flies on flypaper struggling to move, no. The world you live on is a stepping stone to greater reality. Take the challenges. Ask the Master to interpret. He is our rock. He is our guide.


Our time is up. We are due elsewhere. Remember this week to find time to rest. Remember to go through the door. The Master is our interpreter. Our love is ever growing for you each. From Abraham and myself, we bid you shalom.