2007-07-17-Firing The Grid, Transmission Meditation

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Topic: Firing the Grid, Transmission Meditation

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Unknown, Serena, Gabriel, Monjoronson, Michael

TR: Allene Vick, Mark Rogers, JL



Unknown/Allene: I was just told that each one of us that is contribution to this mighty infusion to the earth are also being infused with this energy so be open to receive this for yourself also.

Mark: Being used in this process, it is our intention that is of value and it might be a useful part of this exercise if we were to focus individually on what our desire and intention is and actively seek to make that our contribution to this process and I envision that we throw these contributions kind of like wishes into the wishing well at this time. Make our desires known and I for one, I Mark am so incredibly humbled and honored to be in the presence of such magnificent light workers as yourselves. Your energy is palpable.

I feel the strength of the connection and am honored. I know that our divine parents are pleased to gaze down upon this constellation of light and know that we are their children desiring help, desiring to get closer to them. Even I as a mortal of the realm feel your brightness and radiance and if I can do that it must be extraordinary so I thank you all for dedication and your diligence in this process. It truly is the experience of a lifetime and this is a great donation that we all make in this hour. I thank your all, it is extraordinary.

Allene: I wish to put in this wishing well the wish for love, peace, harmony, unity and oneness for the earth and all of its people..........


Serena/Mark: Good morning dear ones, I am Serena. It is my distinct pleasure to join your effort this morning and to bring the resources that I represent, that I am to this process. You have all come to know that we will unerringly follow your lead and as well you demonstrate even in this hour that you follow the lead of your intuition, of your understanding of your calling else you would not be here; and having taken these first steps the ball is then rolling and we may use this energy, we may direct this flow and that is why I am here with you. I am one who uses energy and directs flow. It is my specialty to weave your lights together to form a powerful beam.

You spoke of encircutments and this is more true than you are able to perceive at this time. You are only dimly aware of the magnitude of what you perceive as merely your own individual contribution. I assure you my friends, as co-creators of the realm your contributions are anything but insignificant; rather they represent the fruition of a divine plan, the flowering and fruiting of all the vines and it is my distinct privilege to come onto the scene and tend to the vines. Every season of fruit and harvest is viewed with so much joy that the efforts that have been extended have once again proved faithful to the universal mechanism.

And so it is when we look out on such branches and vines so laden with fruits of the spirit we are overjoyed that the season has brought us such a harvest, so many to work together in this effort immediately dedicating themselves to the next harvest, the one that is unseen at this time but the one that we have faith will come about as a result of our efforts now. And so it is that we become the gardeners for the next season of harvest. Your contribution of time spent in The Father's garden will be very useful and will bear much fruit as the conditions are ripe for a glorious harvest ahead but in this moment let us savor this crop, let us taste the sweetness that we have worked for up until this point. Let us enjoy the accomplishment and the success that our efforts bring even in this hour.

Thank you for your willingness to be guided and tended and fostered as the vines that you are, truly we are involved in this miracle together. Thank you, I withdraw to allow for other contributions but will stay with you to drink this cup with you............

Gabriel/Mark: I am Gabriel of Salvington and I bring you good news. As you are aware this great project that we have called the family of man has seen many changes and reached many notable points along the way in its continuing evolution but today I bring you good news that your contributions of intention have reached an apex of significance that has never been present before on your world. I make official record that as of this hour there has been a new achievement accomplished on Urantia. There has never before been an alignment between spirit and mortal will as has just been demonstrated.

It is my pleasure to make record of this event as a milestone in the development of your species and this planetary development as well. Congratulations my esteemed associates for you have brought yourselves to this place. You have risen to this level and your focused intentions are the result of your many accomplishments in the spiritual realm. I fully understand that you do not embrace even such an event as this for its universal standing and recognition but nevertheless I bring you word that this is so and as well I bring you my profound appreciation and respect for none of this could have transpired without your direct and intentional efforts.

I wish for your sakes that you could see the celebration that surrounds such an accomplishment and one day you will most certainly have access to such records and see such joy and gratitude that is surrounding such a moment as this. For now I am grateful to have access to communicate this to you. Please drink this cup with us as we toast the success of all of our combined efforts.............

Monjoronson/Mark: I am Monjoronson and I am certainly very close to you as I witness this exercise that you undertake. I see you are so earnest and so willing and diligent, even hard working in your intentions and on behalf of myself, Michael, Mother, the Melchizedeks and all the others who are most certainly in attendance, I offer our gratitude for your efforts and services as well as the assurance that they have indeed met with success. Your efforts will ring on well past your abilities to perceive. I see that you take this quite seriously and this is well and good but I tell you it is finished, it is done. Your intentions have been accepted by all those on high and now I invite you to join with the rest of us in celebration.

Truly this is a day we will all remember, truly this is cause to celebrate. I invite you to lighten up your intentions, to project joy as if you have accomplished great things because in fact you have. I can only dimly perceive the reality that is yours- that it is difficult to embrace what all is going on at times like this but I tell you as plainly as I may convey that your efforts have met with success, your intentions have been received and that all this is a magnificent display of where we have grown to be at this time. We are engaged in celebration and I invite you to join us and project throughout your day a feeling of accomplishment of having attained something I understand you know not what but I assure you it is something of great magnitude and worthy of any servants of The Father.

So be in joy, be in happiness, be lighthearted for you have heard the call, you have answered the call and we have in fact worked together in this hour. Join with us my dear ones in making this a day of joy and celebration. Thank you simply does not convey our appreciation but we are limited to words and so I offer them. Thank you my dear ones, thank you.............


Michael/Jerry: This is Michael and behold a new dawn breaks upon this tired old world and all is renewed. Let us rededicate ourselves to the task ahead with great joy and renewed assurance in our Father's great plan for us all; to feel His loving arms above us, to feel His joy bubbling up through us and we thank Him most humbly for this opportunity to serve. Thank you My children, Mother Spirit sends Her love and I leave you in My peace. Good morning.


A number of individuals responded to the Fire the Grid meditation @ 11:11 GMT 7/17/07 with an online gathering which was punctuated occasionally by the following transmissions.