2007-08-10-Morontial Perception

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Topic: Morontial Perception

Group: Andover TeaM


Teacher: Machiventa, Tomas, Serena

TR: Leoma



Prior to the session the group discussed the morontial form and how our perceptions might be different while in that form. We then had assistance in attempting to perceive the presence of celestials (angels, midwayers, morontial students?) attending our session.


Keith: Father we thank you for this time together for a sharing of experiences. We thank you for all the guidance you have provided to us in the past, and in the present now. We come before you with the intention of continuing to learn as we reside on this planet as a human with free will. May we keep our focus open and listen to be able to bring in all the goodness that we can to those around us, to ourselves and to the world and the earth. We pray that the guidance will continue to be there so that we will always have a source to go to determine when we are trying to make decisions for the highest good for ourselves and others. We thank you for our abilities and awareness, and we open our senses to any messages that you will send to us today. Amen.


Machiventa: Good evening dear friends. This is Machiventa Melchizedek. (Good evening) It has been some time since I have spoken directly with you. It is my pleasure to join you this evening in your small circle.

Morontia, Perception

It is most gratifying for us to see that even amidst your very busy lives. You take some time for this connecting with higher energies with your unseen guides. I commend you for this effort you have taken. You will always be blessed with your intentions in place. You will never be denied what you ask in the name of Truth, Goodness and Love.

You have received the lessons this evening in perceiving others beyond these usual senses. The beginning of understanding morontial perception is difficult to do, is it not, when you are still so physical. You responded well in your exercise. It is true that when you are in morontial form you will perceive others without the use of the usual senses of sight, hearing or touch. These types of senses which you are used to will be augmented many times over with higher sensibilities – different types of perceptions which you have no vocabulary for and little concept of at this time. That is to be expected and is as it should be. You will indeed perceive others at a soul level. The personality perception comes after you have interacted. The full perception is as automatic as you would perceive it now, when you are in the morontial form. It is accomplished without effort – without thought. It simply is. Time and distance have little to do with how these perceptions take place.

Intention is paramount when perceiving others at the soul level. Your intention, as well as the other’s intention, will be transparent for what the intentions are to all parties involved. There cannot therefore be any deceptions, misconceptions or misunderstanding such as you experience now in your daily lives. They simply cannot exist when your intentions are immediately transparent.

I will give you over now to another.


Leoma: I am not sure who is directing this, but I think that we are to attempt to receive one another in our circle without the use of our usual senses.

Randy: That came to me also.

Leoma: Let us concentrate on our heart centers. I am seeing lines connecting our heart centers, like a triangle between the three of us. Let the energy flow along these lines. Let this triangle soften into a circle. This energy flows counter-clockwise in the circle.

Now we should attempt to disengage and see what we feel. Simply allow without thought of what is happening – or trying to make anything happen for a few moments.

Randy: I am getting that it is important that we should not judge whatever we perceive. Whenever we judge, we put it in a framework of seeing or hearing. Just recognize that it is there. (Long pause)

Tomas: Good evening friends. This is Tomas. (Good evening) Do you have questions or comments about this most interesting exercise? (Pause)

It is difficult when you don’t have vocabulary for this, isn’t it? (Yes!)

Senses, Inner Life

Randy: I have a comment. When we think in terms of our senses we are locked in too much to the physical three dimensional world that we are in. It is so natural to think of people as separate and existing outside of us. I realized that it may be beneficial to think otherwise of the inner world – and the outer world then immediately dissolved and I could very easily sense my colleagues in ways that I don’t normally sense. There was an expansion when I sensed that we are all one and are connected.

Tomas: Very good. Just when I thought that you were thinking too much you had found a technique to open the inner. Good.

Keith: This past exercise – it is hard to not focus on the visual. The illustration I had was like multiple entities floating at the heart level… in and out and around. What I got was we can intersect what we want to connect. But it was fast.

Tomas: So your perception was connecting with various entities at once?

Keith: Connecting with the entities and floating on a plane that connected all of your hearts. We could go in and out of that plane. To create a connection our vibrations need to be the same energetically.

Tomas: You also have perceptions of the other two physical beings in the circle?

Keith: Yes. They created the exterior boundaries of the circle in the plane.

Tomas: Interesting.

Keith: If you had two or more people that had very open intention, is it possible in this world to perceive that much clearer?

Tomas: There are individuals who have achieved that kind of openness. It is not the norm yet at this time.

Keith: So with practice could that become a norm for any one particular individual? Or is it only available as a gift?

Tomas: There are some individuals that have a greater propensity for that type of perception. For others to attempt it at this time, they would be diverting so much energy and attention away from activities that at which they would be more adept. If everyone was attempting to do whatever they were attracted to, such as that what others could perform, their energies would be scattered and unfocused. They would perhaps miss the whole point of your purpose in life – of the intended outcomes for the lessons of your life. You are, after all, physical beings. There is a reason for that. There is a purpose for being here as a physical being – for the lessons that you can learn from this state. You may not realize how your position is envied by those orders of beings that will never be truly in the physical state.

Being open and attempting to connect in the way that you describe comes easily for some, and not so easily for others. If they attempt to make those connections while not honoring their own kinds of activity for progression in their ascension career they may be focusing their energies in an undesirable manner for their progress. Does this make sense?

Keith: Yes. Rather than forcing such a situation, we should remain open to input regardless of what it is.

Tomas: Yes, you have stated it well. Go with the flow, so to speak.

This one, the TR, perceived in the exercise a kind of blending of soul-level realizations – for not only the two of you but for herself as well. This was a sort of disengaged observation – disengaged in the sense of non-judgmental and non-emotional in the perception of the commonalities between the three of you on the soul level encompassing your desire for attainment. Your commitment and dedication to your ascension careers is to intentionally progress to the best of your abilities. You all share this in common. It is a reality on the soul level that the TR saw connecting between the three of you during the exercise. It was the same for all of you, although each of you expresses that desire in differing ways.

It occurred to the TR during this exercise that this was approaching the way that Christ Michael really walked this planet. He connected with individuals and knew them on a soul level – on a deeper level than they were even thinking and feeling – but who they truly were and who you might say God intended them to be.

These words are inadequate to describe just what was happening on that soul-to-soul level. This only minutely approaches what you will experience as that type of perception in the morontial form. We can only approximate and scratch the surface. Yet these exercises help you to prepare to begin to make the steps toward being more morontial while you are yet in the physical, so that later on the transition will be much smoother. You will then have already attained a higher degree of morontial mota understanding.

For all of us who come to teach, it is our desire to aid you in this process of taking baby steps toward the morontial form – towards being more morontial. Even though the concept is inconceivable to you and impossible for us to describe or delineate for you, all we can do is lead you and take you by the hand like you would a small child – to show the way to school and show where the classroom is and introduce you to the teacher. Our task is much the same in this Correcting Time. It is but a beginning and sometimes seems so inadequate. Yet these small steps must be taken one at a time. It is the only sure way to graduate on to the next step in your never-ending education.

Are there other comments or questions?


Randy: I am curious about emotions. Is there a morontial-like equivalent of human emotions?

Tomas: (…thinking) There is so little in the morontial life that is equivalent to the physical life. It is on such a grander scale.

Emotions are the part of the living being that I would like to say makes them alive, although that is not an entirely true statement. It is what gives you spice, makes you interesting, and helps you to perceive the world around you and to express what you feel about your perceptions. Without emotions you would be more of an automaton. You would go through life perhaps more easily – or so it would seem. Yet without being connected with your emotions, it would seem to you that there is little in life worthy to note. It would be like going through life with blinders on, and with a chain-linked fence around your heart – perhaps protecting it but yet also restricting it as well.

Yes, in the morontial life you will have emotions. You will understand at a much different level what value emotions have in your ascension career and in the development of your soul. The emotions are interwoven with so many aspects of your being that they cannot be separated out from growth, from self-esteem, from knowing yourself, from perceiving others, from knowing the heart of your Creator. So I suppose the short answer to your question is that there is the counter-part to human emotions as you continue on the mansion worlds. Yet as with all things, it will be on a more refined level of experience. You will experience emotion that will not unbalance you, as so often occurs in your physical life. As you feel emotions you will have a greater understanding of the role they play in your beingness. I believe I have said enough.


Keith: Are these lessons that you teachers present to us random, or are they ones that we chose to learn before we come into existence on this world?

Tomas: Yes and yes. It becomes obvious when one looks over the years of transmissions which have been recorded. At times lessons are given as a direct response to queries from within the group – or questions put forward even by an individual because of what is on their mind… maybe connected with global events. Yet when you look back over a period of time you will see a thread running through the lessons. In some cases you will see a very definite plan of progression of the lessons, of them gradually building one on the other, so that over time growth has taken place intentionally. So, both randomness and planning have taken place. It all seems to fit together somehow. It is how things operate in God’s universe when you come with your desires and intentions to learn and to grow. Does this answer?

Keith: Yes. Are some of these lessons ones that we have individually chosen prior to existence as a human?

Tomas: Are you referring to Teaching Mission TRed lessons or to life lessons?

Keith: Life lessons… before we began this life.

Tomas: Yes, many people have taken a role in pre-planning the general lessons that are to be learned – steps to be gained – in this life. If they are gained while you are here in the physical form it is well and good. If they are not, you still have plenty of other opportunity to gain those lessons.

I might also add that sometime along the way there are other lessons learned that were not planned ahead of time. You cannot foresee everything. It is the larger picture that you plan ahead for; so many factors can enter in along the way. There are many, many lessons for the astute learner to be learned at every moment of the day. (Pause)


I perceive that our time together this evening is coming to a close. I believe that Serena would like to give you an energy-weaving blessing. So, there will be a few moments of silence.

(Pause for the presence of Serena and her associates to bless us with an energy gift.)

Serena: Good evening dear ones. It was good to be with you.