2007-09-09-Healing Energy

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Topic: Healing Energy

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Serena, Elyon ,WAVE, Michael

TR: Mark Rogers, Jonathan



Serena (Mark TR): Hello, my dear ones, I am Serena. I was summoned by your petitions. I adore forming energy circuits. I will add my contribution of energy, goodness, light. I join in your collective petition (Some words missing from the above) . ..light anchor to be directed at your sister and bathe her in this love that you bundle up and send out on the carrier wave of your own love as you add it to the process.


That is what makes it so potent, my dear ones. It is fascinating to witness your conversation prior to this discussion and realize that the tools that are now being brought forward and used, to be taken up and used, are in a very real way the answers to your prayers. It is that for which you seek, and the universe principle of "seek and you shall find" has once again been upheld and maintained. You, my dear young students, are so eager to be handed the next textbook or directed in the next direction as you open yourselves up to receiving that which your deepest self is seeking.

You have dutifully been engaged in creating this energy, in manipulating this energy, in using it and directing it, and yet this has been largely unconscious by you, and that is what is beginning to change in the equation. You are now coming to awareness of that which is happening around you, through you, as a result of you. This awakening is spectacular to behold as you develop another layer of yourself and become more splendid and more mature.

It is my distinct honor and privilege to be involved with you as we open these new avenues of travel and chart these new courses ahead of us. Maintain your posture of willingness and readiness, and all that you seek shall be found and in time even mastered. I step back to allow for others but cherish this opportunity. Thank you.

Elyon (Jonathan): Greetings, this is Elyon. I will speak about the territory of self. On a world as yours wherein personalities have been mistaught and misguided in the nature of brotherly conduct, it becomes necessary to erect a fence to define one's being and to provide gates for the entry of friendly beings. This becomes your territory.

In this territory you are king of the hill. As the planet advances and Light and Light begins to emerge, civilization will develop to the point where friendliness displaces the tendency to be foes, and thereby the fencelines of your personal property become of little importance. There develops a topography of Supremacy wherein your territory transforms, transmutes into a terrain, and each one is beautiful in its own presence.

Every self manifests its own habitat. If we draw upon the imagery of a forest, one may be like a meadow, clear and pristine, soft and expansive; another as a thick forest, and another as a rocky hillside. It is clear as you walk through this environs that there are demarcations between regions, but they are fuzzy. Some meadow grasses extend into the forest, and some trees are sprouting at the edges of the meadow.

This from personality to personality is fellowship and friendship wherein you trade traits and characters and you share. Those who function in separateness and are unable to accept the commingling of one another in an ecology of brotherhood, will attempt to drive fencelines through areas and cordon off artificially zones for themselves.

This manifests as a controlling spouse or a domineering boss. But in proper order, defense is unnecessary, and the ebb and flow of natural balances will keep harmony among one another. Now I enter in another element, that is water, the symbol for spirit. Every one of you is nourished by the water of life, but each of you will take this nourishment in a different method. The meadow will accumulate a pond, the forest a babbling brook, and the rocky hillside a waterfall. It is spirit nonetheless and spirit nourishing each one in its own manner. You know that over time geography changes and sometimes cataclismically as in the event of a forest fire or a monsoon rain.

So likewise has civilization undergone such momentous events; one of great repercussion was the planetary secession from Michael's plan. But while this occurred the meadow was a lake and the hillside bare of trees. But that lake provided, again, moisture for the new growth and soon all was reestablished, clear of the accumulation of debris, of unnecessary acquirements, regenerated, ready for a new cycle of vigorous growth. I use this analogy, though it is rough in comparison to the intricacy of the manifold personalities bestowed by the heavenly Father all through this universe.

While you spend much of your time in the intricacies of relationship on your world and even more localized, there are orders of intricacy on the scale of planet and systems, constellations, that also interrelate and create what may be called an ecological transformation. You have witnessed the desert, and you have witnessed the ocean, and you will also notice such striking dissimilarities when you move from the physical into the morontia and from morontia into spirit. Each phase is of great importance and of value in itself.

All ascending creatures who have the hunger for spirit realities are anxious to ascend into the high realms of Paradise. Many go too far into discounting the value of one's own being, the negating of self for God. But you are part of the terrain, a small micro- environment, yes, but an element in the panorama of Supremacy. Accept what you are as an element that contributes to the harmony of the whole. Do not extend your territory beyond what you are, for that will merely cause other habitats to adjust and to correct. Thank your for your attention. I pass on to others.

WAVE (Mark): Hi guys, this is Wave. I am here because I can be, because you will allow me to come and visit in your group. I can't tell how thrilling it is to watch all the developments on both sides of the curtain. There is so much happening that we most certainly will not be bored. I am thrilled to be one of the players who gets to participate because we are here at this juncture of time and space together. So it is that those who show up and who are here at this time will make history, as the saying goes.

In a very real sense of course that is exactly what's happening as moment by moment we decide how things will be and choose, and it is so, and we have decided the course of history as a result of our simply being engaged in the process, and of all times, we are so fortunate to be here, those of us who desire to be engaged, because the opportunities are numerous and plentiful for us to manifest the desires of our hearts.

Take in these beautiful, peaceful, calm days and savor these moments that we share together. There will be many experiences we will add to our individual libraries, and we should give this particular experience a place on the top shelf of prominence, for we are able to enjoy these moments in such depth and with such awareness that these will be our treasured memories and experiences. I do not have any profound words of wisdom as there were many offered here today to contemplate. I simply desired to let you know that I am here with you.

Like you I am a student in how all these affairs work and the interplay of all the various energy systems. Together we are discovering the basic nature, and then we develop networks to connect all the various aspects we have come to assemble. So it is we go about building our way as we go. It's a joy to be on this journey with you, and I will be eager to witness how all these opportunities manifest as realities in our journeys together. Thank you. Farewell.

Serena (Kathy reading a message she received earlier): In an effort to protect one's territory many are pushing in response to other people's boundaries. Be gentle with each other as you attempt to integrate boundaries in the progression of the development of Light and Life.


Michael (Jonathan): This is Michael. My arms extend around you. But at this moment I take my hands to wash your feet, and these feet are not your physical feet; it is the core of your being upon which you stand. I wish to wash every toe, be it your fundamental feelings, be it your reasoning abilities. So much of your life bears upon your standing, and much of your experience has grown out of these cores. Your religious upbringing, your mathematical training, your primary language, each shapes your outgrowth. Some have contributed greatly and well to your advancement. Others have been hindrances; this is the dirt I will wash to cleanse you that you may take up your stride refreshed and ready for the growth ahead. Be ye cleansed. Be refreshed. Shalom.