2007-10-15-Responding to the Contact

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Topic: Responding to the Contact

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Aurora

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Greetings to you, this is Aurora. Hello, A, and a very warm welcome to you, J. Your presence here tonight is truly a joy to behold. There are many here who have contacted you in numerous ways over the past several months. You have been, what we might call, impressed with certain signals in both your mind and body to help you receive the thoughts and ideas that we wished to convey to you.


There comes a point in time when humans become aware of the great universe that you are a part of. It is such a delight for those of us who reside at these higher vibrationally levels to make contact with you who are just starting out. This is an exciting adventure for us as well as you, for we have so few opportunities to collaborate with you at your level. This is so thrilling for us to be able to teach you some of the secrets you have considered to be a part of universe. These are things that we have placed within your imaginations to spark new creative ideas.

Now it is time for those ideas that have been sleeping or gestating inside of you to become enlivened through our assistance if you are interested in collaborating with us. So my question to pose to you tonight, my sister, is would you be open to exploring what the number of personalities around you wish to impart to you? (Yes) Thank you. At this moment it requires nothing more than your verbal consent, for we will help you by making those vibratory changes in your being for you to perceive our frequencies easier and more clearly. A, may we have your permission to continue to up-step you vibrationally as well? (Sure) Thank you.

So relax and breathe, and invite us to help you attune and become clear signals for those vibrations of light that are a manifestation of the love energy that comes from the very source of creation. (Pause)

Allow yourself to relax in the expansion of your Divine Mother’s breath as she moves through you. Her spiritual threads open new pathways in you for you to perceive more love. It is safe to open to this light. It is safe to allow these new pathways in you to grow. There is so much to perceive, so much beauty to absorb. Drink it in and be fed. The well of love is infinite. The light that shines from its core is infinite as well. Let it fill you now; allow those tender threads of spirit to drink deeply saturating each tiny strand with love. (Pause)

Allow the energies of love to become bigger than the feeling of your body around you. Experience what it is like to be held in love, fully enveloped by this radiance. We who serve you wish for you to be so firmly impressed with this energy that it creates that indelible mark upon your being and enables you to conform yourself around its language and information. So deep and vast is this well of love that you can only go deeper, broader and to use this to create yourself around it and through it and within it. (Pause)

My sisters and I wish to energetically impress a deeper light form upon your being. This light form is especially effective in helping you resonate heart-to-heart with other individuals. There is a particular quality of spirit that is engendered in this energy. If you would wish to receive this now, simply invite us to impress this within you and receive as you relax in faith and trust. (Pause)

You might call this a fraternization or cooperation type of energy, but it is a vibration that overlays a human tendency to be fractious or discordant with one another. It will feel much more beneficial in your body to have this more predominant when you are with another person. So I invite you to allow it to wrap around your being in crafting itself into those places in you where it is easy to get out of tune with another individual. (Pause)

The heart energies are beginning to be more understood in various places on your planet. This is an excellent step forward in relating to humans as energetic beings, and once this becomes more fully accepted it will truly change the way healing is understood and occurs. There will be more practitioners of heart-based healing and there is already a growing body of individuals who are being prepared to do this. You are one who is becoming more involved in this process. We are here to help you and to facilitate this level of cooperation to train you if you are so inclined to continue this path, my sister. (Yes) Thank you.

This will take you into new dimensions, both of spiritual exploration and an exploration of the physical body and the subtle energies that impinge within it and upon it. You will come to appreciate more of the intrinsic integrity of what comprises a human being on a physical world, for you will also see the other dimensions that are being birthed through life experience. I will pause here now and allow you to share some of your comments or concerns or questions with me if you have anything to share.


J: I feel like when I’m out of this state that I don’t know to access (too faint to hear)

Aurora: One of the reasons that you are being impressed this evening is to help you become more fully functional in these states of being so that you carry these vibrations with you for longer periods of time. It does require your re-directing your intention to receive spiritual information throughout the course of the day—to remember through mindful awareness that you can create this state of being within you by focusing your thoughts within and asking us as your (you might call us) energy sisters to recalibrate you so that you are more attuned to the subtle energies of spirit rather than the denser vibrations of the noise of your culture. This is your role in what we wish to assist you with—your mindful awareness to our re-tuning you.

J: So I call for my energy sisters to help me?

A: Yes, and we will respond with joy.

J: Will that help me be guided during sessions for the people I support in the healing process?

A: Most definitely! The more you become attuned to our presence within you, you will be able to summon us to teach you how to relate to those individuals with whom you are helping to open up to the more subtle vibrations within their bodies. We can give you much information and help you open another person. But, it will require for you to remember to ask and to empty your thoughts of anticipation and thinking that you may not receive what it is you need so that you are indeed as open as possible for us to impart what you will need to use for your session and for your client. Do you understand?

J: Yes, then my question is: can you help me with quieting my mind?

A: That will come in time. Yes, we can help you with that in re-keying you so that you the vibrations of your brain become more synchronized with the emanations of your heart. For a few moments allow your body to become aware that you wish for your brain to calibrate upon your heart center. Set this intention. As you do this, envision your brain moving down into your heart center so that your heart center was very big in your mind’s eye and your brain was very small and beating inside of your heart center. Do this for a few moments and when you feel ready to share what you have experienced of your mind quieting, I would be very interested to hear how it is that you have perceived this. Are you clear? (Yes) Thank you. (Pause)

J: I feel that my heart wants to do this, and it feels confused and it feels restricted in the area I feel.

A: This is an excellent example of what you can perceive when you allow your focus to come into your heart center. The next step will be to ask for what you need so that your heart will be able to open. Would that not be the next logical step?

J: The next logical step.

A: So if you wish to take it to the next logical step, simply repeat this experience and ask what it is you need for your heart to open. Take a few moments to do this, and then again when you are ready to share with me what you have experienced, I would be very happy listen to listen and respond. (Pause)

J: I’m experiencing a feel of being unsupported and that something came around my chest to hold my heart safe behind it. It’s been restricting it ever since. I need to get to feel (too faint to hear)

A: Are you ready to deepen the experience perhaps a little more now? (Yes) Again, allow your brain to reside in your heart center. Allow your body to share with you the information you have been perceiving. When you feel the restriction, simply acknowledge that it has been there. Does it serve you any longer? (No) Are you interested to receive something more productive for yourself at this time in your life? (Yes) Then I would like to make an appeal to our Mother in spirit—for her to expand you and to open you to a deeper perception of love. Would you be willing to allow her this moment with you at this time? (Yes) Thank you.

Simply relax and breathe deeply. Feel your desire for this resistance to melt, for your heart to open. (Pause) Invite your Mother in Spirit to impress upon you who she is. Let her vibrations echo in you. (Pause)

Nebadonia: Greetings, my daughter. This is your Mother Nebadonia who speaks. My little one, you are safe in my womb of life. The boundaries of your being rest within my universe and it is entirely safe to open yourself to me and to your Father and our love for you—the love that created you, and the love that you live within. Your body was designed to fully awaken and respond and move in the state of love. It must be a gradual awakening, almost as if each cell was becoming enlivened one at a time. Enjoy this process as you come to know yourself in a very deep, profound, and you might even call it cellular level. Your beauty is immeasurable. Your vibrancy is enormous, and it adds a subtle shading to the universe fabric of which you are a part.

The subtle shading of your being grows in hue and tone through your love-dominated decisions and actions. You add more of yourself into the universe and you expand over time. It is a wondrous unfolding of self-expression. You become a deeper part of me and all there is, and yet you retain your own identity yet grow more attuned to others. Allow this idea to sit within you. Breathe and relax as it takes it own shape and form within the parameters of your mind. I am the one who will grow you in this idea nourished on the love that flows through me from the source of life directly into your being. This is your gift to relish and cherish each day, exactly the way you deem is appropriate for yourself.

Allow your Father and me to reflect this into you, my daughter. Receive our love and blessings upon your being; upon your body. (Pause) Your awareness of these subtle energies weaving into you will grow over time. As you have said yourself, it will seem natural and organic. You will respond in new and creative ways. For now, simply enjoy and let your mind be at peace. As you rest tonight, invite your body to re-key itself in these subtle energies that have been woven into you. I will return you to the watchful care of your sister Aurora, and share with you again when you are ready to receive me. (Thank you) Thank you, my daughter, and be in my peace.

A: My sister, this is Aurora. I thank you for your trust in us this evening. This is a wonderful undertaking that we are sharing together. It is no small matter to us that you have placed your trust in us to come here and to receive. Know that we are responsive to your summons. When you need us, please call on us. It would be helpful for you to spend some time each day to sit in a place of inspiration, to quiet your mind and to ask us to share some thoughts for you to consider as you go about your day. There is much to share, and we will respond whenever you ask. It will now be up to you to make the effort, but we are hopeful that this is of such interest to you that you will be very motivated and curious to collaborate with us.


On behalf of all who have gathered to be here this evening we send our heartiest greetings to you and we gather around you to fill you with our love and our appreciation and our respect. Know that you always have friends whenever you wish to engage with us. Feel us now as we come close to you and give you a big hug good-bye. (Pause) We are embracing all three of you in the delight of sharing our Parents’ love. Good evening, my friends.