2007-11-19-Experiences with Harmonization

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Topic: Experiences with Harmonization

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Aurora

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Good evening, my friends. This is Aurora. I am very pleased to rejoin you again this evening. It has been a several week hiatus, and I am most eager to hear some of the experiences that you have had in the intervening weeks with the ideas we have been discussing. Tonight before we actually conduct another harmonization experience, I would be very interested to hear what you have encountered in harmonizing with your brothers and sisters when going about your day. As you recall, there were some suggestions to practice some of the exercises and to sense how they felt in your body.


This is a time of experimentation and gaining new awarenesses. As you know, your planet is changing its vibratory rate, likewise as you are. As you move up the vibration ladder you will be adding new sensing abilities. They become more subtle, more refined. Your senses expand, but they are also of a more subtle substance. With this being said, would either of you like to share with me anything that you may have considered to be a direct consequence of the harmonization we have been conducting?


Student: I was with a lovely lady the other evening with my finance. I don’t know her very well so I was nervous. I found that playing with the energy, I could feel what energetically worked and what did not so it allowed me to be present with her and listen to her and not feel fear. It felt like, to use the analogy of an energy ball going from me to encompass her. When my energy would be with her and surround her, then I was fully with her and I wasn’t afraid. I could also listen to her and concentrate. That worked really well, but I have a question for you about that. I’m wondering if that is a good technique for me or am I giving energy away.

Student: Can I ask a question of you, R, before you hear from Aurora? Did you feel when you had your energy upon her when you were connecting, did you notice any change in her? Was she noticing this at all? Did she respond or was it just you that was responding differently?

Student: I noticed it with other people when that happened; they were more likely to make eye contact with me. They usually keep the gaze instead of looking away fast. I noticed that.

Student: It’s like your setting your intention upon the person. People who shoot from a distance, they are trained to not stare at the target because the person senses that someone is watching them. This is research where this is documented, so I see a relationship there of this subtle energy when you put your attention on a person that makes them more attentive.

Student: Yeah, and what I noticed in myself is it makes me less fearful. That’s a nice side effect.

Student: Does it distract you from your fears and anxieties?

Student: Yes, I guess. I never thought about it, and I learned something about this. So, Aurora, I’m wondering if you could comment on that technique for me. Is that an appropriate technique for me?

Aurora: Well of course it is, because it is something that helps you. The significance of doing these exercise are for you to experience the presence of these vibrations of love and harmony around you, and what they can do in, not only yourself, but in others around you. The technique you use is not as significant as is what it does and what it means when you are using them in relationship with others. Do you feel more confident and secure in your being? Do you notice that others are responding to you more favorably or more kindly? These are the things to watch for. If you are feeling a sense of disharmony either from another person or if a technique makes you feel uncomfortable, then by all means, this would be one not right for you.

Student: Using the energy ball it doesn’t feel like I’m losing energy, but I remember talking to another teacher years back who told me to make sure I hold onto my energy and to not give away too much of it or let it leak out. I’m wondering in that case, is that an energy leak or just expanding and allowing the energy to get bigger.

Aurora: Much of what you would consider to be an energy leak has to do with your intention and being able to hold an intention in your mind for a prolonged period of time. The ability to retain your original intention is somewhat of an emotional commodity. The more you feel the desire for your intention to harmonize with another person helps you stay in that flow of energetic spiritualized gravity. When your thoughts start to wane and when your feelings start to dissipate, that is when you might consider yourself to be out of alignment, or in the case that you stated, the word you used was “energy leakage.” The intentional component to what you want to share with another person lays the foundation. In keeping your focus on your intention keeps that energy moving in the positive direction. Does this help?

Student: Yes, that helps a lot. Thank you.

Student: I’m being nudged here. Metaphors, analogies are tools to convey concepts and ideas. They only go so far. We cannot apply the same metaphor continually to every situation because it’s merely a metaphor. What I’m getting a sense of here is: intention is your energy ball. If I was instructing you on using your energy ball, I would say that this button here is to be careful because it’s easy to get lost behind your energy ball and miss out on what the energy ball is for. The energy ball is for the connecting your intention with that person. We can miss the connection by focusing too much on our connector. Do you know what I’m saying? We have this tool to connect with and then we get caught with the act of connecting and lose the actual benefit of the connection.

Student: Interesting….

Student: I was just getting nudged. It also might be helpful to use different metaphors so you don’t get trapped in seeing the energy ball, because that’s not the important thing. The important thing is what comes out of the connectivity. Just a side comment from a mere mortal….

Aurora: Actually, your advice was very appropriate and it is something to keep in mind. The ideas that are most significant within the harmonizing of another person are to set your intention and to allow the intention to solidify between you and the other individual. Once you are in that energetic flow and you sense that more, it will not necessarily be something that you continually bring your focus back to time and time again. It is more an attitude of the heart and in keeping your desires of love and friendship, to be patient and understanding with that individual.

The exercises to harmonize you are here to help you become more aware of the energetic presences around you and how they either impede or improve human relations. The most important component of this is your intention. As you go through these experiences, you will amass more tools and become more masterful at being in these places of energy exchange where you are feeling more of the energy ball around you, and the ways in which you wish to use that. We will discuss this as we move through the lessons on harmonization and using energy. I do not wish to put too many new ideas forth when we have not finished covering some of the other ideas and other information that needs to be shared with you.

Do either of you have any more experiences to share with me?

Student: I’d like to share. I haven’t fully experienced it now that I’ve had some realization of it. There are various people in my life that I’ve lost touch with and want to get back in touch with more. I’m finding that I was getting frustrated because it was difficult to connect with folks, for whatever reason. What I’m working with is letting go of what it is that I want…maybe set my intention loosely that I’d like to reconnect with folks and then let it go and connect with my old friends in how they are comfortable and what they want. Like: don’t take someone to a museum who hates museums; interact in the way they are comfortable because my intention is to reconnect with my old friends. I don’t know if I’m done asking my question, but I’d like some comment.

Aurora: Remember that harmonization is a two-way street. You are taking the first step in wanting to harmonize with another person. This puts you in a position of allowing that person to be more in, what you might call, the driver’s seat for a time. You are being of service to that individual. This is such an important factor in developing strong human relationships. The idea that you have proposed is very valid. You are no longer concerned about what your agenda is and what your objectives are, but to allow that other person to feel comfortable, safe, at ease with you.

Can you imagine what this planet would be like if everyone tried to do this in all of their interactions with others? This would end so much bickering and strife and contending with one another, because it puts the individual in the place of wanting to be of service to another individual. This is what we are trying to help you achieve, not only through your thoughts, but in your actual physical interactions with others…to feel that harmonization and to allow that person to share with you something of themselves. This can only be done when that person feels comfortable and at ease with you.

You have stated something very valuable and I encourage you to continue to develop this and to share with me again when you have found more depth and breadth of experience in this.

Student: Well, I’d be honored to do that. I’m totally confused and lost right now. Please don’t reiterate anything; I’m OK. I felt a few waves of WHOA with this service thing. I’m trying to back away from being somebody special or being someone with a gift who saves the world. I just want to interact and have some fun with my brothers and sisters. If I can do some service work along the way, great! But who the hell am I to think that I’m going to do something in these people’s lives. I just want to interact.

Aurora: Do you not think that being of service is being playful?

Student: I think it’s a little of a head trip and it can’t be the first thing on my mental plate because then it puts me in the position of being the leader or the one that knows something. That’s not a very appealing place for other people.

Aurora: The use of the word “service” was in the broad definition.

Student: I don’t need help with that…I was just sharing in the moment. I felt like you were taking this little observation I have and were making it into a divine presence. I wanted to back away from that a little bit…not deny it, but just say OK…it’s over there on the side. I’ve tried to be a man of God and have got spit upon, so I’m trying some new techniques.

Aurora: I understand. You can still be a man of God and do service and be embraced. The idea that you have shared with me is something that you will continue to refine in your own mind and heart. But whether or not you recognize it at the time, you are offering a very valuable service to another individual in allowing them to harmonize with you and to be in this harmonic resonance with another person. It is not something that they may recognize at the time. That does not matter. It is all a matter of what is your intention and what you wish to do with it.

Student: Thank you very much, Aurora. That was kind of you. I’m practicing my new ways. That’s all I have to share with you right now.

Aurora: I appreciate you anything you wish to share with me. If you are fine for the moment and neither of you have any more questions, let us again do the harmonization exercise. We will change it a little bit this evening.

Tonight I wish to expand the harmonization exercise and move this into a bigger picture, and then discuss with you the harmonics of the planet. As you know, we are all energy forms. We have certain energetic presences in the universe. Your planet has an energy form. All of the inhabitants of this world have a place in the planet’s energy formation. Is this clear to you? (Yes)

You might consider that the planet’s vibrations have been out of tune with the rest of the universe because of the Lucifer Rebellion and subsequent Adamic Default. As we bring you into harmonic resonance, it is not just you as an individual coming into resonance, but it is the entire planet. Tonight, what I would like to experiment with you (if you are willing)…should I tell you what the experiment is first? (Tell us) Very well. We will experiment with the harmonization of you with the new planetary energies that are growing. Are you interested in this? (Yes) Thank you.

In your mind’s eye, focus on your heart center. We will set the intention to harmonize with the new planetary energies to help you align more fully in them, and to weave you into this new body of spiritual gravity that is moving the planet into greater alignment with the Father’s will. Focus on your heart. Feel your intention to be more aligned in the new planetary energy. We will strike the bell and resonate you in this note of F. One moment. (Bell is struck) (Pause)

Envision in your mind’s eye that the core of the planet is alive and brimming with love. You might even want to envision yourself lying on the planet at the North Pole and envision the love energy from the core of the earth coming up through the core through the North Pole and moving right through your heart; so that your heart center is placed on the North Pole directly over the core. As you envision this, the bell will be struck again. Feel as we move in you. (Pause)

This energy growing in you is an energy designed to bring you into a greater bandwidth, to be larger in energy form, so that you are able to harmonize with more individuals. You are all part of a collective body of various energies: spiritual, physical, mindal. Harmonization of a planetary population is what brings a planet into the era of Light & Life. We are helping you to expand yourselves into the planetary energy so that you become a bigger container, as it were, to be able to hold more of the vibrations of other people that are also aligned in the will of the Father. You are all becoming a bigger collective body.

This is somewhat perhaps esoteric for you to conceptualize, yet it is such a fundamental component of what brings a planet into the era of Light & Life: individuals growing in love and being able to harmonize with others and within the planet as a body of collective thoughts and experiences. Allow these ideas to sit upon your heart. Allow the vibrations to resonate more deeply in your being. (Pause)

The time is coming when this planet, as a collective body, will recognize that it is all one big life form. Yes, there is a diversity of life here, but at the most idealized levels, you are all one. The flora, the fauna, the animal, the human life are all part of a grand design. Because your planet has been so blighted and that the species of man has stepped out of this unity of life, we are helping you sew yourselves back together into this ONENESS fabric; to help you recognize your responsibilities of not only your individual growth but your responsibility to your world.

We are here to help you feel your world more, to become a more vibrant part of it. You live such a short time here, yet it is such a pivotal starting place. The words that I speak to you convey only a small portion of the depth and breadth of your connection to this world. One day you will leave it, but you will always retain some energetic residue of this planet as an indelible mark upon your soul. Others will know that you hail from Urantia through the starry systems you will traverse through your ascension career. So allow yourself to become a more involved part of this world as we harmonize you with the energies of the planet, and the bell will be rung one more time. (Pause)

Now, allow the energy from the core of the earth to come up from its depths into your heart and invite this very primal energy to move through your system, much as your heart circulates blood through your being. Allow the planet to circulate its vibrations through you. These are the new planetary vibrations that are harmonized and aligned in the Father’s will. Ask to receive this now and simply relax and observe what you experience in your body. (Pause)

It is time to share what you have experienced now if you are ready to discuss what you experienced this evening.

Student: When you were talking about connecting, it was all so vague that it took me a minute to get over the new energies of the planet…I needed something more specific, but I let that go. I sat from my heart center and connected, and what I sensed was an expansion taking place. I close my eyes and there’s a space. Then I felt the stretching happen on a mindal awareness level. I got a sense that the energies that you are talking about are a vibrational frequency that is opening up, like vast expanses that we can float through, almost like FM radio waves…like when we didn’t use them before. Now, there is this vast energy plane that is clean, clear. That was something I experienced.

Aurora: This is a very good description of a fundamental activity that was occurring. You are being expanded. You are being re-keyed or re-wired with these new energies…these broader bandwidths, these higher frequencies. It is subtle, but yet as you did perceive it, it will become more perceivable in your being the more you are interested in harmonizing and expanding yourself into these energies. Thank you for your experience and sharing with us this evening. Do you have any questions about this before we go on and continue our discussion?

Student: I reckon a little one. This energy space, is it growing inside of me or somewhere else?

Aurora: It is something that I would say that you grow into. You have an area within you that attracts these energies to you. As you attract them, you grow. You become more able to perceive them as they integrate within you. Does this answer your question?

Student: For the sake of everything, absolutely!

Aurora: R, did you sense anything this evening?

Student: I have a question. Is the energy that you are talking about, is that happen within only the human population or does it actually penetrate the earth itself? When you used the analogy of the center of the earth having the love come up from the center into us, does the energy vibration you’re talking about raise the energy of the entire planet and everything physical also?

Aurora: It touches on all aspects of life here and the various forms of matter here on the planet. It is a very large, what you might consider to be, energetic shift taking place. Some may even call it an upheaval because you are moving out of the years—millennia—of spiritual quarantine into spiritual union with the universe. This has repercussions on all levels of life and matter here on this planet. Does this answer your question?

Student: Yes, it does.

Aurora: I would encourage you to not place overmuch thought on these ideas, and instead focus on allow the energies to grow in you by spending those moments of stillness in these visualizations that we share with you. For they help you amass these new energies around you. They give your mind an opportunity to integrate new information so over time the thoughts that come to mind will be of this higher caliber and move you into, you might call it, more productive thought association. You will find that you begin to understand more of what these concepts mean through your own personal experience. Is there anything else you might wish to share with me this evening?

Student: I have a question: is more productive thought connectivity…so by meditating on this frequency, this new planetary energy, are you saying that some of our useless thoughts will slide away: like our fears and anxieties? Will we be more connected to the truth of what IS in this energy space?

Aurora: This will happen in time and it is designed to engage more people to capture their attention you might say their spiritual attention. As more people come into this gravitational pull of higher planetary information, yes, the fear mentality will begin to recede and the thought association will become more positive and aligned with the laws of LOVE and the ways of PEACE. Does this answer your question?

Student: You always answer my questions just perfect! I have to contemplate the answer, but I thank you very much.

Aurora: The massive rehabilitation that is occurring on Urantia is so far beyond the scope of what you can conceive. There are so many adjustments that are being made in human thought and human feeling. We are here to help you understand this as much as possible while you are undergoing these changes to help with the streamlining in your being to help you become more attuned to the energies of LOVE and the simplicity of life that accompanies it in being in this wonderful dynamic refreshing force that comes from our Paradise Creator Father.

The experiences are designed to expand you into these new ideas, into the new life force growing here, changing the way life is being conducted on Urantia. It is no small undertaking and that you are participating in this now more consciously delights us beyond anything that we could conceive of ourselves, for we know that we are assisting our younger brothers and sisters in something so transformative. But yet we must go slowly in helping you understand what is occurring here and to give you some sense of perspective because you are learning from us then you go out and share and teach others who are awakening as well.

It is time for this world to awaken and to blossom in the glorious light that shines from Paradise going all through the universes coming to this one little planet that has been isolated for such a long time. It is quite normal that it would be so conceptually enormous for you to understand all of the things that are happening at any given time. So we build these ideas within your mind a little at a time, experience at a time. Know that what you have received tonight has made an impression and it will continue to echo in your being and birth something so beautiful within you when the time is right.

Before I conclude this evening, I would again ask you if you have any other comments or questions to share with me. I am always delighted to respond.

Student: You were talking about the energy patterns raising frequencies. I’m curious about our thought patterns…if we can work on the thought patterns, like positive thinking and re-routing negative thoughts. I know that is helpful, but also there’s the feedback: don’t reroute the negative thinking because the negative thinking is helpful too…to be positive is to be fake, and not real. My question is: Is being positive and re-routing negative thinking still being real?

Aurora: Keep in mind that you are being of feeling. This is an important factor in the thoughts you hold in your mind. What is it that you are feeling when you are having particular thoughts? Sometimes you will be in a state of peace or contentment, feeling happy and your thoughts will generally tend to be more positive. Then there are times when your thoughts are more neutral and the feelings are neutral as well. Then, of course, you know all about the dark thoughts and feelings that trigger them.

It is challenging to change your thoughts when you are in the grip of negative emotions, is it not? Rather than just trying to change your thoughts, it would be helpful to change your emotions—to change the feelings around the thoughts. This is more challenging for humans because they do not go to the source of LOVE within them that will turn the emotions to being more positive so that the thoughts will start to change.

You can at times change your feelings by changing your thoughts, but you must be honest with yourself and acknowledge the degree of difficulty that this has for you. If you are in the midst of a negative feeling, simply acknowledge it, and accept this is where you are now. You can always ask for this to be changed by spending a few moments of quiet and asking for LOVE to come in, for peace to fill your heart, for forgiveness, for courage, for patience. Think about something that would stimulate you or inspire you when you are in the midst of these feelings. Because that can change the feelings around and begin to reconfigure your thoughts into a more positive thought stream or thought form. Does this help to clarify your question?

Student: That was very helpful. Thank you.

Student: I would like some further clarification. There is something I didn’t hear. I’m a little perplexed on it: Self-responsibility—responsibility to know thyself, to accept weaknesses and strengths to know who we are and to take responsibility for our thoughts and actions in our functioning. I didn’t hear any of that in there. I’m of the mindset that the mind is a tool for our essence to commune with Spirit so Spirit can interact and translate and transform. Our mind is a tool and if it is not cleaned and put away properly, it’s not going to work right. If we don’t look at the manual, if we don’t accept that we have power over the mind to some extent, then we’re going to be a slave to it. I also got a sense that you were suggesting that we carry around some “happy packets” of some sort…of something that reminds us of good times that have brought us joy and when we are feeling happy we can look in our happy packet and just let it go…let the bull go.

Aurora: Would you consider that to be taking responsibility, because you are changing your emotions and then changing your thoughts. Would this not be responsibility?

Student: Yes, it is a beginning…it is a step towards it, but by doing those things and not following through on our observations of what works and what doesn’t work, and blaming others for our problems we give away our power and ability to function at the higher level that is coming upon us now.

Aurora: That is a universal truth, and you are accurate in your assessment. The idea of self-responsibility is of course a fundamental component of spiritual growth. It is implied in that individual who is spiritually growing and fragrant—that person is more responsible and aware. It is all a matter of taking those steps. I thank you for bringing this added dimension into the answer, and will ask that this be blended into R’s thinking as well, if that is acceptable to her.

Student: Yes, that was helpful.

Student: One more thing on that responsibility. In the act of being self-responsible and accepting ourselves where we are, like a good employee that can’t resolve a situation goes to his superior and passes it on, when we can’t work things out we go to God and get our help and hand into awareness. It doesn’t mean that we have to carry the burden all alone. The responsible person knows when to go to his supervisor.

Aurora: When you are in the midst of the emotions that become too overwhelming for the thoughts to change, this is an excellent time to go your Father Fragment and ask for more love and more peace to fill you, to go to your Father Michael and Mother Nebadonia and ask them to build more love and peace and forgiveness into your heart. This is taking responsibility for your thoughts for you are asking for those qualities of Spirit to now realign your thinking and your feeling. This is a great step in a person’s ability to be responsible, courage, and noble citizen of the universe.

Student: Thanks, Aurora, I feel like I really participated.

Aurora: And isn’t that what life is all about! Let us conclude this evening. Tonight the energetic repertoire of your beings was expanded. Continue to allow this new planetary energy to have more predominance in you by simply refocusing on this exercise throughout your day if you remember to do so. I would encourage you to spend a little time on this in the coming week so that we again meet next time you feel there is a little bit more integration of this energy within you.


My sisters and I appreciate the ability to bring these energies more fully into your being and to help you assimilate the love that is all around you, beckoning you into this wonderful song of the universe. Sleep well tonight and awake refreshed to be about the Father’s business another day. Good evening, my dear beloved friends