2008-01-13-Energy and Its Use

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Topic: Energy and Its Use

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson, Serena, Elyon, Nebadonia

TR: Jonathan



Monjoronson (Jonathan TR): Greetings. I am Monjoronson and I settle in with you today and share our camaraderie and rejoice in our siblinghood. We have the honor of serving this Michael of Nebadon, our supreme Sovereign Son. We are -- and I can speak for us all -- dedicated to his mission of reaching every creature who seeks for the love of God and that comfort. I am appraised of your soul standing and know of your determination to be of service to one another. Let me continue your current topic regarding energy and its use.


I have, and others as well, emphasized much the power of your will. When we speak of this volition it is more than, but does contain, the intellectual element of choosing. But it also includes a driving force from the soul, a form of dedication, of determination, of pursuit. This soul level continues even if mind adjusts its pursuit, changes its decisions, alters its course, for that is merely the functioning of the process to accomplish what the soul seeks. This is how the soul has faith even if it changes its beliefs.

But the soul is young and is growing and will mature throughout its ascension, and it too will make adjustments, perhaps not as often and certainly not as quickly as does the mind, for the mind is a feeler that seeks and searches, collects and categorizes, but the soul, it becomes; it grows, and it does not shed so rapidly that which it is becoming. It rather continues to become even more. There is overlying this arrangement - pattern; it is who you are, your personality, and this is changeless.

When you receive energy, be it on any of the three levels, spirit, mind, or from the physical realm, it is a force and a power, but it is diffuse. When it is received into you who is pattern, energy takes on a more definitional or directional quality; you transform the energy into a useful form. This is how the same forces can heal the body or uplift the mind or soothe the soul as well as touch another.

Volition is the right of personality, and it is steadfast, or perhaps more accurately, steady, for your pattern is a reflection of God. This pattern is the commander-in-chief of the vortex that you are. Your soul is like the planet that circles the sun of personality, and your mind is like the moon that whirls around the planet, moving ever so fast in comparison to the progress of the soul. All the while you, the pattern of God, is stationary in time and space. Energy flows in and takes your form, and with your will, your choices and decisions, you focalize, direct, and apply that energy.

It is good to look for energy that you may acquire the power it provides, but it is subservient to you. When is a blanket a quilt and not merely a blanket? It is the effort of the designer, the pattern maker, and the configuration is a revelation of the creativity of that volitional entity. So you each are the quilters of the universe energy all about you. As you refine your sensitivity to this ocean presence of energy you develop your own quilting pattern and are able to correlate your spiritual, mental, and physical states according to your creative powers.

Before the bestowal of the divine gift, the Father’s Inner Presence, you were a measurable, definite, discreet entity. Before your mind rose from merely adjusting and adapting to your physical form and became in itself an activated dimension somewhat independent of your physical form, you were present. Before your body was much more than a completed form, was more of parts emerging, becoming manifest, you also were present. This pattern that is you is the most distinguishing factor of all aspects, for another has a mind and a body and a spirit presence of God.

I find it difficult to emphasize how unique and precious you are as a person. You are an island of paradise just as the Father resides on the Paradise of all universe reality. I say this in order to empower you to use the energies that are available. You are an intersection, complex in its interweaving of various dimensions. But you are also the driving force, the captain.

While you look to develop your skills in healing and promoting well-being, know that it all resides in you as you already. The changing of your perspective from one looking to acquire the skill to one who is skillful makes all the difference in your abilities. You are the Father’s son; you are the Father’s daughter, and what is God’s is yours. Your physical form, your mind, will adjust as you come to understand the significance of your being. The presence of the Father, the spirit of infinity, the light of love, will assure you, will stabilize you if your mind tells you, in doubt, that you are not what you are in reality. Trust that you have been graced and granted the configuration of yourself and that God looked upon you and said, "This is good". Then do take up your bed and walk, for you are God’s child, and you are Michael’s spirit worker.

The significance of your personality is hard to fathom at your state of evolution, for much attention is drawn by mind and body to the affairs of your terrestrial life, and the sequence of time and the coordinates of space can prove distracting, and the constant movement can make it seem that you are also tumbling and tossed about. But you are eternal, a pattern of perfection only unfolding in time. It is your ability to will through volition that will make this unfoldment go smoothly.

I conclude my comments by reminding you that, as the energy that is ever present around you is detected by you, you are worthy to take it in, and you are in charge of where it goes and how it is used.

Serena: This is Serena. I follow Monjoronson’s comments by drawing your attention to the wonderful world upon which you live, and as it has been emphasized, your sovereign domain of being. I want to incorporate that into the network of conscious planetary personalities who understand the interconnectedness of each of us and how, as we learn to harmonize our intentions and to coordinate our activities, we are making this planet into its own paradise. This garden in which you reside has many beautiful things growing; one of them is you and all the others your friends, your family, your spiritual brethren.

One who dances learns the techniques, the steps and turns. But dance entails engagement with others, and when two dance the dance takes on higher meaning. Four may dance together and more. That is our goal here on this planet, to bring each individual into the awareness, not only, but also the functioning of your interconnectedness and through coordinated action bring about progress on this world. As you learn to smoothly interrelate and interact, harmony will become apparent and peace will prevail and love will reign supreme.

Elyon: Greetings, this is Elyon. I am enjoying the radiant glow emanating from the presence of these two fine teachers. I am happy to be ranked among them, servants in reality to those upon your world. These teachers come not to lord it over you but to lift you up that you may recognize your true standing as a child of God.

You will be known throughout your local universe ascent as one who hails from Urantia. Though you know the troubles your world has been through, both human caused and causes from your celestial government, that will not be the mark that distinguishes you. What will be the differentiation is that this planet, having been visited by Michael, is taking a course of unfoldment that will be different than the normal unfoldment of all the worlds in Nebadon. It will be seen as you see certain cities on your world as special locations. Jerusalem, Rome, Mecca. Locations which many look to or go to, to draw inspiration, to become energized. Urantia is developing in that direction. While the many mortals who run about on its surface can create much havoc and stir up much trouble, that is only the lesser rumblings of the greater plan. So hold strong in your faith and trust in the progress of this world.

You have but a short time to be influential. While it may seem like a small contribution, you are part of the forward momentum, and you will be proud of your origin, and you will also be happy to look back in the eons to come and see how this world has risen to its glory. This is why I am here, for would I not choose to go to the world of my origin and be a minister as I do to you? My native world is progressing quite well. But Urantia is a project that will be enshrined in glory as a world of Michael. That is why I am here. This entails working with you.

Please if you desire ask me a question or share among us all your observations.


Jada: We were talking about taking in energy and directing it with our wills. Often we have the energy but it gets dissipated from crazy desires or ignorance. Could you speak to that?

Elyon: You will recall Monjoronson’s comment of personality is pattern and of mind as a choice maker, a decision apparatus. If I may draw analogy to a circuit board, when energy comes in to you it flows throughout the channels that the pattern of your being has set forth, that actually is, not merely projects, the pattern.

The mind is like many transistors that switch one way or the other, that open some circuit channels, closing off others. So to one unaware, when the energy flows, the mind switches can direct that energy haphazardly, as you speak of.

Know that your pattern is flawless in that it is the bestowal of God who makes no error. So your attention is to the mind switches, those decision transistors; some you may switch into a mode where they will never be switched again, those eternal decisions, those steadfast determinations. Others you will learn to hold in a state of flexibility that you may readily switch as needed for the benefit of others or for your own well- being. These are the switches that are attempted to be safeguarded when you receive the teachings that say abandon prejudice and bigotry, and to keep an open mind, and to not be fearful, and to be as wise as a serpent, to let your eye be single, to have that presence where you can choose in the moment what is appropriate.

So the energy will flow in you through the circuitry. There is no short or break in that circuitry; it is complete. But you have the power through will to arrange the switches that it may channel one way or another as needed, as you best discern truth and goodness and beauty.


Mother Spirit: This is Mother Spirit. Let us be in love, the highest energy there is. It is not external; it is love; it is me. This is our bond. Let us be in love.