2008-03-30-On Experience and Compassion

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Topic: On Experience and Compassion

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Aurora

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Greetings to you my sisters, this is Aurora. As always, I am delighted to be with you to share with you those vibrations of love that are so integral to your being. K, I welcome you here this evening and hope that you enjoy the experience that we will lead you in today.


The time of planetary change seems to be quickening as we observe some of those energetic fluctuations on the planet of your minds’ receptivity to the spiritual currents that are now weaving around this world. We notice an accelerated, you might call it, energetic excitation—that there is an anticipation that something is about to occur. It is almost as if all of the awakened minds are now gravitating toward a moment in your collective unfolding that is designed to bring you into this awareness of your status as child of light, of love, of spiritual value and substance in the universe.

The eyes of the body may be focused externally to see the chaos and turmoil, but increasingly we perceive that the eyes of the heart are tuned inward to the Spirit and to the love energy that is paving the way for a brighter and more love-dominated future for the citizenry of this world.

Last week in the experience we were able to impart a higher degree of your Divine Father’s compassion into your being, which is an endowment of Spirit that you retain with you to help you receive the vibrations of others in a more nurturing and secure manner. When you are full of his compassion, then the negativity that another person may direct at you, either consciously or subconsciously, will not be perceived in your body in such direct cutting ways as you have felt in the past.

This compassion is your protection. It will engender a greater capacity of understanding and foster feelings and attitudes of forgiveness and wanting to ease that person’s burden, not necessarily through the words you might speak to them for their intellects may not yet be ready, but you can resonate that vibration of love, loving compassion, compassionate understanding to them that will create that catalyzing spark within their being at some level and start the chain reaction to move them into a space of openness and more receptivity to the spiritual energies around them.

This compassion is something that will grow within you the more you focus on it and ask for it to swell and to overtake those places within your mind where you still harbor memories of being hurt by other people or any levels of judgment or anger that you might be holding against a person either subconsciously or in your conscious mind.

Before I lead you in the experience, may I inquire if you have any questions about this attitude and endowment of compassion that I may elaborate for you at this point? (No) Thank you.

Let us now resume. Tonight I would guide you into that place of compassion and your desire to embody more of this exquisite level of divine understanding that is a part of mercy. Open yourselves up now and let us make those energetic fibers in your being capture this sweet and spiritually fragrant essence of your Father. Focus in your heart and let us move in you now. (Pause)

Compassion has been misunderstood on your world in some quarters. Sometimes when you show compassion to an individual, it is perceived as a sign weakness—that you are capitulating to someone else’s desires. This actually is an error. Compassion is a position of power and strength, for in it you are allowing your being to radiate a spiritual energy that is so vital to a growing soul’s capacity to feel loved and valued and supported. It is if you are resonating a glimmer of hope and light into a soul that is starving for attention. Sometimes in this striving for attention the ego needs are so great that the individual seeks to dominate another person through their own willful behavior. That can have a very detrimental effect upon the person who is showing compassion. So it is important for you to receive the endowment of divine compassion from your Father engendered with all of its qualities of power and strength, and the ability to cut through that individual’s woundedness and to fill them with a sense of support and love so keen and strong that it can have a very positive and healing effect within that individual.

This is a high degree of compassion that I refer to. It is not the compassion generated out of your own mind and feelings, but it is vigorous, robust, dynamic compassion that your Father shares with you as a gift of his persona to use for your benefit to serve others. Therefore, allow yourselves to be stretched so that more compassion of this caliber can integrate into those places in your heart where you have this desire to be of service and to be the embodiment of love walking in the world. You will grow into this, and you will be able to express it to others and demonstrate by your actions the degree to which you have embodied the fullness of this compassion. Let us expand you now so his compassion can grow. (Pause)

Breathe and relax and allow your body to soften any resistance. Invite your Father’s compassion to go into those places in your being where you may have resisted being loving and vulnerable, understanding and merciful, and deeply compassionate with your brethren. Allow your heart to magnetize this compassion through your heart-felt desire for this to be one of the prevailing energies of your thoughts and feelings. (Pause)

Your bodies have suffered many setbacks because of all of the error and evil that you have encountered in your physical domain. Yet, truly you are meant to be as light upon the land as the animals. Your life forms were designed to be light and easy to make an indelible impression upon the land but one of sweetness and purity. Let your Father’s compassion move in you and let it consume any of these tensions that your body has harbored and protected yourself from the evils of the world. Yes, they will still be around for a while and you are learning how to comport yourself within them more successfully.

Allow your Father’s compassion for you to move in you to absorb the tension you have experienced in your physical cells because of this generally unhealthy environment you have been living in. Let his environment in you grow in your consciousness to hold you safe and steady as you go about your daily activities in your outer world. Feel how much you need this compassion to absorb the tension and relax and rest in your Father. (Pause)

Allow his compassion to embrace all of those thought forms of insincerity, doubt, mistrust. Let him establish a new reality in you that will resound more deeply upon your soul of the expansiveness of compassion. The whole universe is teeming with compassion, albeit you may not see it on your physical world. This is one of the prevailing energies that we function within. (Pause)

We have come to create new notes and tones within your energy system to reflect the lovely and harmonious melodies of Spirit, of divine love. This note of compassion is an integral part of these notes and tones. Let us now go deeper into your physical body. Ask for that note of compassion to be struck more resoundingly into your molecular structure. (Pause) Allow it to radiate throughout your being, filling each empty space with light, with compassion, with your Father’s love. (Pause)

Let us now move into the smallest particles—the subatomic level and ask for compassion to resonate in the deepest places of your physical body; the level of the tiniest building blocks of matter. Ask those tiny particles to resonate in compassion. (Pause)

There are many notes and tones to love, my sisters. They all can make an indelible impression within your being. We will make one more circulation of compassion into the minute cells of your body through these tiny particles that vibrate in God’s will. Feel your desire for this and let it restructure you in the deepest places of your being. (Pause)

Compassion is the hope for your future development. While love is the energy that builds your new planetary social order, it is all of the various notes and tones that create the awareness in your brothers and sisters what this dynamic energy means in their lives. We will close the circuit in a few moments to draw you into the discussion portion of our meeting this evening. Take a few moments to ask for it to go a little bit deeper, a little wider into your being. Let that mark upon your system leave a longer lasting imprint to carry with you longer throughout your waking state. Feel your desire to become a living embodiment of this to your brothers and sisters. You shall indeed receive. (Pause)

My sisters and I thank you for affording us this opportunity to minister to you in this way. We are closing the circuit. Take a few moments to allow the energy to recede. Come back gently to the presence of the room in your own time.

K, because you are new to this group today, this portion of the meeting is directed toward discussion of the experience. I am always very eager to hear what you may have experienced during the session that I may share with you some of the other ideas that will further integrate this energy into your being. I invite you to share with me when you are ready, and I direct this comment to you both. I am at your service, and as you might say, all ears!


Student: I don’t remember anything you said. I feel like my physical body just wants to rest.

Aurora: That is fine. It is always advisable to allow your body to receive what it needs. The energies of compassion are a vital component of your spiritual system. So, yes, indeed…let it rest and weave into you this beautiful tone to support you through your daily activities. I will respect your desire to let this settle in at this time.

In the coming days, I invite you to pay attention if you notice you are becoming more compassionate with your brothers and sisters. Sometimes you will be led into challenging situations as an opportunity to demonstrate through your actions the embodiment of this beam of compassion that has been seeded within you. Remember if you are in a situation where the energy feels tilted in the direction of the negative to call on this embodiment growing within you. Let yourself become more consciously aware of what it feels like in your body; how it shapes and shifts your thoughts, gently moving your feelings from that of protection to those of offering your assistance, your understanding, your patience. Compassion expands your capacity for this, and it will re-establish that position of power, strength and fortitude within you. This is the divine nature being shared with you. It is such a delight for us to be able to weave this into your energy systems so you may use this consciously at will when in need.

Student: One way that we can express compassion is, right now we are in the middle of a presidential campaign and we’re seeing a lot of discompassionate energies being expressed back and forth. It is a natural human tendency when, say, watching the news on TV to exercise criticism and judgment of the people who are engaged in this less than compassionate energy of ideas and feelings. To radiate out this compassionate energy to these human beings and to see the difference between the energy of compassion vs. the energy of competition, and what this world needs is the energy of compassion in place of the energy of competition. When we are compassionate we recognize our oneness; that there is enough for all…we don’t have to grab power at the expense of someone else. There’s plenty of power to go around. We don’t have to win and somebody else loses.

Aurora: Yes, my sister, this is a beautiful depiction of the power of compassion. It is, as you well know, something that has not been used abundantly. Yet it is infinitely available to you by turning within to your Source. We are here to expand your capacity for this so that you may take this back out into the world. As you share compassion, you begin to create a chain reaction within others.

I encourage you to become full, saturated with this most wonderful and gentle of energies of Spirit. Spread these messages of compassion out into the world that people may read these words and have that seed idea planted within that can attract these energies to them. Yes, competition must give way to this more harmonious cooperation between individuals. You rightly ascertain that compassion is one of the key ingredients for this recipe. Please do your part every day as much as you can to demonstrate this and you will be so delighted in how this makes you feel inside, how powerful and restorative it is in the physical body to bring it back into more harmony so that your Spirit presence may further guide you in your life.

Are there any other comments this evening before we conclude our session for tonight?

Student: You say it’s a very gentle energy, but it’s very powerful in my physical body.

Aurora: As the energy comes in, yes, it is a powerful energy. When you share it with others it will be powerful in a way as well. But the others will perceive it as a gentleness and openness that will help them to yield more to the Spirit within them. For most people need that gentle loving touch, do they not? How sweet it is when you can deliver this to them in a way that is safe and nurturing for them to gently yield their inner resistance. Compassion has the capacity to soften.

Student: Some people are very hard to be compassionate towards (inaudible). I see what souls in other parts of the world are doing to each other. We all have this primitive instinct that we need to please our creator to avoid being the object of his wrath. We do what our creator tells us to do. For some peoples of the world how that gets expressed is we slice off the heads of other human beings because they believe that is what their god demands of them. They must do this to appease that god to win their god’s approval and love. It also was shown to me that George Bush is motivated by the same primitive instinct. He is doing what he believes is his god is telling him to do. The antidote to all this is to realize that you don’t have to do anything to be loved by our Creator. Our Creator is the substance of compassion. We are composed of that. We are all atoms of compassion. We don’t have to do anything to be move loved. There is nothing we can do to be more loved by our Creator. I try to remember this when I’m watching events unfold on TV and to have compassion for people who don’t know that or remember that instead of reacting negatively through all the horror of those others atoms of compassion who don’t know what they are doing to their fellow human beings.

Aurora: Thank you for sharing your understanding. This is what we have come to help you to move into that place of embodying divine compassion…to open that wellspring within you to help you resonate with this eternal, infinite well of compassion. As you witness these heinous acts of your brothers and sisters, you will not be horrified by them, but understand that they are coming from a very misguided place. We are here to create that vibration of compassion in as many people who will step up. But some will not, as you well know. How is it that this can be delivered to them? It is through you! You are the ministers of this divine embodiment to your brothers and sisters through the energy you carry within your being. Open up even more in the coming days. Call on me and the other celestials that are here to support you and build you in these threads of love—the raiment of spirit.

Exchange your capacity for your Creator’s capacity. Open your heart and let it flow out. Coming into the fullness the creation story for your life and for the life of this world is a journey that each person takes at a pace that is comfortable. But the pace of change is quickening and sometimes there is a discomfort because the vibrations of cruelty and competition, war and poverty are all resoundingly ringing within the human energy system, creating an echo of disturbance within the frame of that individual, opening the door to a new world and new way. But each person must make that journey on his and her own terms, at his and her own pace.


I encourage you to be more patient and understanding in these coming days. They will test your limits of faith in the divine plan to the maximum extent of your capacity. Build yourself up now in this compassionate endowment that is streaming from the heavens from your Father into your body. Let that be another anchor within your being to know that the hand of the divine is moving upon the face of the earth. I thank you for this opportunity to be of service to you as do all of my sisters. We ask that you remember this during this week that we may continue to weave this into you as we build you in the peace, the hope, the love, the compassion that is the divine nature reflecting in the hearts and minds of humanity. Good evening.