2008-04-06-Adjudication Has Begun

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Topic: Adjudication Has Begun

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Donna D'Ingillo, Henry Z.



The adjudication has begun. Let the world know that the time is at hand wherein choices must be made—to remain on the planet and assist in building a new planetary culture, or to leave because your services here are no longer required. What part will you play in this? What is your choice?

My brethren of Urantia, the time is here for you to decide if you wish to assist me in establishing the ways of the universe: fairness, justice, equality, freedom, mercy, compassion, peace, tolerance, patience and love upon this world. These are not just words, they are a living language vibrating now in your being to disrupt you from the patterns of past which have taken deep root in your being. Are you willing to free yourselves from these shackles and take charge of your life? Are you ready to step forward to be of service to me and your brothers and sisters of this world? Are you ready to enact the greatest chapter in your life? It is your choice. And so the adjudication begins.

Many changes are coming to your world. Prepare yourselves by first asking this question within your heart. Open your heart. Make your choice. A new reality is waiting to show you something of what life is truly about. No longer must you to struggle and have your efforts come to naught. No longer need you fear because you have been deprived of your basic human life sustenance. No longer must you mistrust because you have been repeatedly lied to. No, my brethren, you no longer need these old ways. Let them go into your Mother and Father. Free yourselves.

Your Father Michael and I are here to implement the divine plan upon this earth that you walk. We are here to establish a new reality of an ideal that has been long seeded in your DNA. We are ready to craft you in our image as gods walking upon the earth. Step up and receive your divine inheritance, and know that the choice has been made.


Message appended

Session 1

  • Received by HZ 4-4-08


Student: Monjoronson, can you tell me a little more of the plan to adjudicate the Lucifer legacy on this planet which is to coincide with the widespread loss of life on this planet.

Monjorenson: The adjudication of the lucifer legacy from your planet has more to with preparing many of you to become leader activated at these times. We certainly have the means to see and understand on a large scale what must be coordinated in an effort to move projects forward. The tasks which many of you will accept will have a grounding effect in the beginning. There will be many who will need to be brought up to task spiritually, in understanding a greater sense of the Father's will as it outplays in the very rudiments of society. There will be a need for tremendous reorganization...many systems will need to be set aright for sustainability to be reached. There will be little need to care of the die off's, they will go quickly leaving a great gap momentarily, until regrouping occurs. It is in this regrouping which the initial need will be for leaders to step forward who carry our plans, Father's will for the greater good of the greater planet. It is going to be very important to integrate everyone and leave no one behind. The need to rebuild and reestablish families and sustained communities will occur initially while there is pleny of time and resource to do this in a manner which effects the highest dignity of the human race.

There will be a time of grief and integration, of acknowledging then accepting, and of course all of this will be augmented by the consistent resource from spirit directly to you. In the human psyche there will be a knowingness of what is right and good for all, there will be an awareness of the opportunity that is available to set the true course for humanity. You will be able to have life the way you want it, and live it the way it should be lived--with giving full expression to the creative nature of human and spirit partnership. We are both essential to the full expression of the light and life parameter established for your world. Your souls cry out and have been heard. Allow our spirit influences to guide you into correct applications of the human enterprises to the Divine plan. You will be most effective in your pursuits as you hold forth in the religion of Michael. The Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man will become a workable directive for the new Peace which will come;which will engender all men and women to work together for the benefit of one another.

Initially most of this work will be done without an economic system, The volunteer part of mankind will kick into a higher ratio than exists now. The qualities and aspirations of humankind will become activated, as the pressure is lessened and the fear is removed from the psyche. Most of humankind will greatly benifit in a way that has never been given expression before. We of Spirit will be working with many of the more receptive of you to bring about correctness and clarification within institutions of family and social organizations. Education will take a new course, one of sustainability and maintanence, Health and Family life will become reinfused with passion. It will be a time to create new paradims for living and expressing. Many of the old paradims will give way to a much greater assurance as once the momentum of the Fatherhood of God and Brotherhood become more prevalant. In summary then, the lucifer legacy will be dismantled by the concerted effort to reorganize with a new intention. The intention to bring about a more sustainable way of living and have a happier outcome on the planet. It will be necessary to reeducate in a sense our awareness of accountability and planetary destiny at this time. To prepare now, it is important to ground in a sense of knowingness that we are here to help. That we (spirit) will work through you (humans) as necessary and that you will begin to enjoy a sense of a knowing peace which will emerge as a result of the coinciding events of the planatery decimation and the adjutification of the lucifer legacy. You also know that as events unfold on the planet we are always here to guide you along the rough way. Begin to sense the need to prepare your minds with questions,now, as to how all of this will unfold. Best to be prepared, in the sense, to know who you are and where you stand in relation to Michaels' plan for the redemption of Urantia from its lucifer legacy and your great part in it. I say great, because rather big or small, all parts will be needed to complete to the whole.

Does this help in you understanding?

S. greatly, Monjoronson. Are we correct to hold forth the light for now and prepare by living as if this is happening now.

Monjoronson, Yes, it is fruitful to live health conscious and have a practice; to hold light on this earth that it may begin to take hold for a greater capacity to express itself through yourselves. My Mission is to instill light into your situation,so that from it, you may draw forth with a steady course for correctness. As many of you begin to agree and accept these tasks it will greatly facilitate our plans to help set your course for light and life. You understand of course that we cannot install light and life arbitrarily; without the full and willing cooperation of each of you, this goal will be tremendously difficult to reach. Not to say it cannot be reached, but that in reaching it, you will have to greatly compromise the leisure liberty to which you have become accustomed and begin to live the religion of Nebadon. It is to the minds attuned with the Father Adjuster that creates the common demoninator which will replace the "me" denominator which has been operating within your society at large. Yes your task will be great and we expect great results as long as your connection to spirit begins to collectively strengthen. When you begin to experience results as a direct intervention of your collective "will", of your ability to collectively agree as to how each of you see our plans and implement them. Thank you and good evening for now. It is good to have your input at this time.

Session 2

  • HZ 4/6/08:


Greetings Monjoronson, I would like you to comment on several of the statements which were made in our first interchange. Would this be acceptable to you?

Mongoronson: This would be most acceptable, and greetings. This is an opportunity to be more specific, which is helpful.

S: ..."when you begin to experience results by a direct intervention of your collective "will", of your ability to collectively agree as to how each of you see our plans and implement them".


Monjoronson:The collective "Will" results from an adjuster based awareness by you, the collective "you". In times of crisis, it will be necessary for agreements to be reached and decisions made to move forward. This is the time to allow the' collective will' to give voice for you. It will not be a time to argue and seperate, much the opposite, it is to collectively come together as one in family, community, region and nation.

Also understand that the ability to stay connected to spirit is part of the 'collective will'. In times of crisis it will become extremely important to stay connected to both each other and spirit. Cooperation to 'see' and agree to our plans will become a challenge. So it is important to become grounded in adjuster consciousness. This consciousness will become the beacon and anchor for your personality to know its stand, (position). When everything around you becomes dislodged, and the perception of reality begins to change. Know that you are one with the Father, and trust in his guidance. Thank you,

S; ..."there will be many who will need to be brought up to task, both spiritually, in understanding a greater sense of the Father's will as it out plays in the very rudiments of society".

Monjoronson: It will become necessary to quickly bring an awareness of the Fatherhood of God and The Brotherhood of Urantians, to the vast majority of those surrounding you. The ability of the Fatherhood of God, and the awareness of the Thought Adjuster in man, brings people around to experiencing correctness of everything, and begins to have a direct effect upon the quality of life which can be lived here. It does not matter how quickly this is achieved, as long as the Religion of Nebadon becomes a resource from which everyone draws strength, trust, faith and love. Society can then be guided by a greater goodness, kindness and justice. Once the family becomes correct then the society will become that corrected extended family. These will become the very rudiments of society.

S:.. "In summary then, the lucifer legacy will be dismantled by the concerted effort to reorganize around a new intention"...

Monjoronson: Yes, The legacy of dysfunctional and sabataging behavior will have to come under scrutiny. Like an alcoholic who discontinues drinking alcohol, his behavior will have to become modified to become someone other than an alcoholic. The effects of the rebellion, which reside within the genetic/environmental/behavioral aspects of humans, will have to become addressed. New behavior patterns will have to become available. What good will come out of changing the systems of Urantia, if the people at large go back to living as they do now. A new focus must be created out of the vitality which surrounds the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Urantians. Adjusting your will, focus, and desire leads toward a greater and better life for all humans on Urantia. By the time you get there as a society, it will become obvious what direction to take and what decisions to make because you will be a collective body, amongst groups of collective bodies all over the world.

S: Thank you Monjoronson, for a more detailed explanation. I have a question to ask first is, What is the role of faith and trust in the co-creative venture of the human/spirit partnership.

Monjoronson: Well, first, let us look at faith as belief with complete assurance, and trust as the bonding of God and man. Faith is the loyal experience of trusting Father. Father's unending and magnificient love devotion to the human subject awaits only man's inclination. Man's belief is the most important activator in the mind of man. Man's ability to grow with God signifies an awareness that man is ready to be lead by Father's guiding light. The frequency with which man is in contact with God becomes more harmonious as man begins to detect the results of this partnership. Faith and trust in Father within, are necessary for man to begin to perceive the inner guidance. During times of crisis the inner guidance becomes intensified as man becomes more humble, focused, and willing to be lead to a safe harbor. Faith and trust are the human stance which allows that fruitful and mature harvest of will to take place. It is only Father who knows who and what you are. Unless you unleash the possibility of personality within your human mind, the soul begins to long to become real. As your personality develops so does your relationship and dynamic with the Father.

S: Yes, thank you Monjoronson. Can you talk about the relationship between the age of light and life and the morontia levels.

Monjoronson: Yes, this is good because it is the activity of the thought adjuster which brings the human mind to the levels of moronta mind. In morontia mind there is less use of the adjutant mind. The ages of light and life signify that a threshold majority of Urantians have reached the morontia levels of thinking within the human mind while here on the planet. At this point morontia thought forms are already translating into levels of awareness, conduct, activity, and organization. Morontia mind speaks to an aligning with spirit, in purpose, direction and ease of function. This is where you are being led by spirit, into a greater awareness of truth, beauty and goodness. During the times of change, the population reduction will greatly increase the odds that bring the human race closer to a threshold consciousness. We of spirit, especially all of the agencies who are represented on this planet beside my magisterial staff, are bringing the higher vibration of love and harmony down into the lower levels of your human consciousness. As a magisterial son I bring a paradise presence of consciousness to the lower levels of your human consciousness. The more of you, mortals, who are activated with your adjusters, the better for our efforts to help inaugurate the dawn ages of light and life. When the concerted efforts of mankind begin to match the concerted effort of spirit, will you know of the greatness that is possible for your world.

S: Yes, the adjuster indwelt mind of the human mortal capable of becoming a greater recipient of that unique personality which is being revealed to us. Monjoronson, I am not certain of the parameters of questions which one may ask, for I would like to ask you this. Is it possible that a 'shrub of Edentia' can be returned here and have humans encircuited for duty on the earth for an undisclosed number of years.

Monjoronson: This question is certainly within the category I can comment. Certainly all things are possible. I cannot say what will be decided when the times come to make decisions for your planet. It is certainly advisable to have humans stay here and work for the greater good of Urantia and mankind. Information is already being sent into the consciousness at large which will help in humans staying alive for longer periods. Living with reduced stress and fear will also help as you discover means of extending life. Certainly what you suggest is being considered as are all possibilities being considered. Timing, for decisions to be made, await. It is also being considered that my staff may materialize. There are many options open to us at this time. What is hoped for is that a majority of humans become activated in to a greater consciousness and in that capacity will be better able to lead the breath of mankind into the harmony of all Nebadon. Michael's will is to have this planet become a showcase for all Nebadon may see that the lowest have truly become the greatest.


Thank you at this time for your questions and observations. I am Monjoronson and I bid you a good evening.