2008-04-12-Tarrying, Changing Thoughts & Feelings

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Topic: Tarrying, Changing Thoughts & Feelings

Group: S. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Eregon, Mantutia, Michael

TR: Jo Ann



EREGON: Yes, we are here with you. It is our delight and our joy to be here with you in this way. Look out through the windows of your minds and your homes, into this beautiful place; enjoy the atmosphere and the light. We enjoy your companionship, your commitment and dedication, and we honor it. We are happy to commune with you in this way. This is Eregon. I am with you today, not alone but with others, who may also wish to address you, but for now, we will begin our lesson on “Tarrying.”


When you find in your lives places where you seem stalled, where events seem not to be moving, but only producing the same, frustrating results, you are already certain in your minds that this is not something designed by the universe to frustrate you, or to keep you running in place. Many of you already understand that when this happens, it is your own “stuck ness” inside you, in your own stubbornness of mind, lack of creativity in thinking and perceiving, for you do understand that the universe is always full of possibilities for you, always an adventure with new opportunities. And you do understand that when you do not see them, or perceive them, the problem you are facing is within, rather than without.

So how can we assist you? In giving you something now, which will help you at such times in your lives, we can attempt this with reminders from places outside that stuck place, but when you are there and you are frustrated, you are keeping yourselves from thinking, believing and perceiving that there are other possibilities in your reality. You do all understand this, do you not? So again, what we are attempting here is to give you something, which will help you to overcome the state of mind, which keeps you stuck.

When you realize it is your own perceptions that are keeping you in such a place, you are halfway there! You are halfway home, home being the presence of the Father, the recognition of the presence of your angels and their guidance; home being the place where you feel peace, contentment and joy—whatever is going on around you. That peaceful place that is a refuge and a sanctuary, even when your intimate relationships are a challenge and seem painful, yes it is that unassailable bastion, the citadel of the spirit, of which you know.

The challenge is going there from the place where you feel left out, alone and frustrated. For this peace is always, always available to you. No one, nothing outside yourself can remove it for you, take it away, or keep you from it. So know again, that if you are not feeling this peace, it is something within yourself that must change. And it truly is as simple as changing your focus of attention, changing your mind, changing your thoughts, changing your feelings, but from a place of unsettled, unhappy frustration, you simply must have a recognition and make a choice for this to change.

Oh yes, it is true that sometimes a happy coincidence, a phone call from a friend, who will uplift your spirits may occur, may happen at just the right serendipitous moment, and these things we do try to arrange, but sometimes, when you are in your inner funks, even these do not spark you out. And sometimes you are so involved in your inner frustration, that you simply do not notice the beauty of these coincidences. We would like to help you; we desire to help you in every way possible, to be in harmony with the Father’s will, with Michael’s plan, with angelic guidance, and with the teachers and celestials who are helping with the overall uplift of your planet, for the more of you, who can exist in a state of peacefulness and joy, and confidence in the spirit, the more you uplift the energy of your entire world. Believe it, it is so! So our efforts to uplift you are not just for you personally, they are for you all.

So we come again to this question: What can you do for yourself when you find yourself in these frustrating places of mental stagnation? If it is your daily practice, either to begin or at some point in your day, to sit in the presence, to find the stillness, this will go a long way toward bringing you back and keeping you on track, with Divine energy, intention and purpose. This is your real home state of mind, your truly long term home state of mind. Why not enjoy it often and regularly? You do not need to punish yourselves, or those around you with your unhappy and unfortunate states of mind, which even the best of you can stumble into from time to time, for no one of you is perfectly attuned. This is a very unusual and high state. If you could be perfectly in the presence in every moment, in every situation, you would no longer need to continue from day-to-day in the material realms. You would be truly, ready to graduate, if you so desired.

So when you get into these tarrying, swamp states of mind, do not punish yourselves for being there, simply realize that you have taken a step off the path, and turn your spiritual steps back onto the path of true desire, love, bliss and harmony, which was designed for you to walk in comfort and in beauty. No, this will not make the challenges of everyday material life disappear—you still need to repair your cars and fill them with fuel, pay your bills, maintain your homes, feed yourselves—all these things must be done, but the state of mind and heart in which you approach them, can make a world of difference for you.

We have encouraged you before that when you find yourselves in these unhappy places, you can create within yourselves the discovery that somehow you have strayed, and many times, simply this recognition will return you to where you will want to be, for [with] the presence of the spirit within and focused on it, there is no pain that can overtake you entirely. There is no emotional stress, which can completely undo you, and when you realize that you are feeling these things, you can recognize that this is a place in your life or you mind, or your feelings, where a part of you that is not your soul, is trying to maintain control. When you give the key thing of your emotional states to the Father within, and the control of these things as well, you create soul growth. It is your soul you want to have the power to make these choices, decisions, and movements for you. Should you wear a T-shirt that says “Soul Power”, so that every time you look in the mirror, you are reminded? We have given you the hint before, to create reminders in your environment. Long ago, there was suggested simply to pose the question, “What am I thinking?”

However, the problem your TA finds with this is that things posted in the environment soon become lost in the background. They do not remain front and center in your awareness. The more often you see them, the more likely they are to become unnoticed. We suspect this is true, for nearly all of you. So how could you create within your physical environment, something that would continue to remind you, and especially when you are in those dark and dangerous places that feel so emotionally stressful and painful? Again the reminder that when you discover yourself to be there, you are obviously not in the presence of Spirit, which is truly your more natural state.

When you are driving and you discover you are not where you wish to be, you make an adjustment, and this is what we suggest here as well. When you discover that you are not where you wish to be in your thinking and feeling, you truly are halfway there, having made the discovery, because from here, you can choose, and you can say to yourself, “Obviously, I am not in the presence of Spirit. Obviously, I have disconnected from that Sprit presence within, which gives me peace and joy.” And you can ask to experience that presence, or the presence of Jesus, who is always and ever with you, through the Spirit of Truth, and also Mother. You are truly surrounded; conferenced even, with a multitude of resources to help you adjust to your life situations, help you adjust your thinking and feelings, to move back onto the real and true path of truth, beauty, goodness, discovery and growth.

So many of us love you, children! Sometimes we are murmuring soft encouragements, while you seem to be playing loud rock music, or covering your ears, in order to drown in your own sorrow or express your own anger. The motivation to make the change must come from within you. Teach yourself to recognize that these unhappy places are places where you have moved away from the presence of your spiritual friends and influences. We cannot give you one best way to do this, for there are many ways, but simply noticing that you are unhappy, which is hardly difficult to notice, simply noticing that you are unhappy is the beginning of the correction. And remember too, for it may help you, that correcting your own state of mind is not only for yourself; it has a broader influence, a wider range, and so if you feel unworthy of happiness for yourself, you can always reach out for it, because it blesses others.

The Father designed you to experience joy, even amid the struggles of time, even amid the challenges, even with the setbacks—seaming setbacks. There is nothing but your own choices to keep you from happiness. Believe it—it is so.

And now, we are open for questions.


Student: (Too faint to hear.)

EREGON: Let us choose the relationship question to respond to first. You do have sincerity between you, do you not? (For the most part, yes.) We would suggest that you sit side-by-side, holding hands, and looking into each other’s eyes, to work out your discrepancies—we will not say disagreements—but differences in viewpoint. You have a long history of loving one another. When you bring that into your awareness, as you commit to solving present difficulties, you enrich the tools that you have available to you. We would suggest that when you set aside a time to work these things out, you might begin with a prayer, make certain that you are touching in some way, and truly look into each other’s eyes and see the sincere desire there, to continue loving one another. Remind yourselves that you grow by solving these problems together. This may be a lot to apply all at once, so we are feeling this is adequate advice to give in this moment. Does it feel so to you? (Answer inaudible.)

The life force question: There are many nutritional supplements. Could you tell us something about this one? (Answer inaudible.) And do you have available a list of all ingredients, so that you are certain that there is nothing in there that would affect you negatively? (Inaudible.) We would suggest that you check this list carefully, but generally, the more natural ingredients there are, and the fewer synthetic chemicals, which it sounds like this has very few, if any…(Inaudible.) [TR: I’m just getting something like, “energetically scanning, we do not see anything that would be a message to prevent you from using this to your benefit.”] (Thank you.)

Another student: I have a question. Is there more we should be doing in preparation for the Magisterial Son, Monjoronson? Anything else besides dedicating our lives to go forward … (Rest inaudible.)

MANTUTIA: It would be lovely to create a residential place, a domicile for him, but since we cannot give you a date when that will be needed, it would be difficult to ask such a thing. Van and Amadon created a place for the Material Son and Daughter, which took generations of work. We are not asking for such a huge commitment or dedicated effort, but if someone or small group of the loyal believers, could begin to set aside a space, that would be held for this Son, for whenever he might appear, that would be good. But aside from that, simply in your lives, creating an expectation, creating a joyful expectation, of good things from the spirit realm, however people define that.

Continuing [the] love and fostering of your culture. Creating a confidence in that and allowing no fear to be a part of it. Creating an expectation of positive contact with spiritual reality. Sharing of your joyful experiences of this type of contact.

Your world is so little prepared to accept and understand this Mission at present. Help to create an aura of positive expectation. If he were to appear now, many would decry him as the antichrist, because he is not the second coming of Jesus. We wish to have a large group, a soft surrounding of acceptance of what this Mission truly is. We hope that his presence will be felt as Universal Love, as spiritual benevolence … (tape turned)… we would hope for a groundswell of acceptance, a warm circle of understanding souls, where he can be received.

Are there many—or any of you—who even without his material appearance, would devote your lives, your work, your energy, your purpose and intention, to creating an atmosphere of acceptance for this Mission, and be present to be his active assistant, were he actually here? There needs to be an active and committed circle of friends, for such a mission is not accomplished by one being alone. There needs to be many committed to working with it, and for these things, we do not give dates, because they are accumulative. As the people and pieces fall into place, more and more things work well. We will not send a Magisterial Son to stand alone in the wilderness—there simply must be a group of committed individuals, who are ready to dedicate their lives to working with this project, whatever that might mean.

[Jo Ann: I’m hearing this has been Mantutia, responding to this question.]

MANTUTIA: Is there more you wish to discuss on this matter at this time?

Student: (A long response, but inaudible.)

MANTUTIA: By continuing to proclaim the goodness of God and his continuing progressive blessings to your planet and people—so many among you expect tragedy, chaos, Armageddon—that even the most beautiful thing could appear and they would be afraid of it. Help your fellows to overcome their fear of God and his work on your planet. Help them by teaching them to expect good things, even things that have not been predicted and prophesied. Create an expectation of positive influence from your celestial benefactors.

You can even do this by having people recognize the beautiful coincidences, synchronicity and serendipitous-ness that they already experience, for the more they concentrate on these things, the more they will be able to recognize other good things. Probably the best and most useful thing that you can do is as we said, to help create positive expectations of good things from the spiritual realms. Those who work with God—angels, teachers, celestials—whatever people may think of them as, or call them, creating a mindset and an expectation of continuing goodness, begins to create an aura of acceptance and belief, for the more positive experiences to continue occurring. So encourage others to recognize the good and beautiful things in their lives, those spiritual gifts, even their own inner joy. Help them change their minds, when they have focused somehow on fear, as we have talked with you about changing your own mind, when you are stuck in an unhappy place.

Encourage others to be cheerful, with joyful expectation. And when you are happy and joyful and carry this expectation within yourself, you also give this attitude on an unconscious level, an energetic level, if you will—spirit to spirit—speaking one soul to another, for that is how souls communicate more than with words, a feeling in the heart, a passion for joy, if you will, that cannot be ignored. An energetic presence, a soul presence of pure trust and joy, is recognizable on a spirit, or a soul level, if not through verbal communication. So if you are attempting to help your neighbor enrich their viewpoint of life and God and the universe and uplift their hope and joy, it is much more difficult to do if you are not feeling these things within yourself, so an even more basic step would be to connect yourself very solidly to your own inner peace and joy, and then go about sharing it. Is this enough for the moment, my friend? (Yes.)


Thank you for being here. This is all we have on our schedule to address you with today. There does seem to be a brief message from Michael.

MICHAEL: My children fear not! Your sincerity of purpose burnishes and refines your souls in their fire to do good. You are my willing workers for the Kingdom, and we will not desert you; we will continue to encourage. I am ever at your side, even more; you are not alone! You are enclosed, encased in my loving presence, always. Even when you have forgotten my presence, it is with you even then. Give your cares to me; give your fears, your tension, your anxiety—I will teach you what to do with these things, for when you come into my presence, notice—they are not here. With great love, I encourage you and tell you again that I love you. With great love, I encourage you to go about your daily life with increased confidence and trust in my presence. The gifts I have to give can never be used up; they do not wear out; they simply become better, richer and more beautiful, the more you use them. Come to me often; I will never fail you. I love you my children, good day.