2008-12-06-Weathering the Economic Storm

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Topic: Weathering the Economic Storm

Group: S. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Eregon, Mantutia

TR: Jo Ann, Pam



EREGON: We are with you, children of light, hearts and souls of dedication and commitment, we greet you. In joy we fellowship with you in this way, and yes, your request is as reasonable as any lesson that we may have had planned in this moment. We cannot tell you materially, what to do with your lives or your resources, but we can encourage and remind you that all things do work together for good, with those who know God, and there are many such souls on your planet. Even in the midst of fears and trials, many of you are able to refocus on a daily basis and reclaim your personal “inner peace,” as you are likely to call it, and this is a highly beneficial practice.


When you are reminded so frequently of the challenges you face, it is good to remind yourselves on an habitual basis of the resources you have that are beyond the material level. It has always been these inner resources, these inspirations, these connections of mind with a higher Source, that have brought about the advances of culture, civilization—even architecture—and it will continue to be so. The challenges you face in this moment may seem grave, but if you look to your histories, you will see that people have thrived, conquered, rebounded and progressed in spite of many more dire challenges that have existed in your past, and even some that exist in your present in localized places on your planet, right now.

There are many people facing worse challenges than economic challenges. There are many among you who are virtually unaffected, who can listen to the news and wonder how people are doing with it, and feel no threat to their own livelihood. This will always be the case, even as it has been the case that months or a year or two ago, before this happened, you could listen to the news and hear of refugee camps, famines, floods, tsunamis, hurricanes. If you were able to send something, to contribute in some way to the recovery from these events, you would do so, but you would know that your table was not going to be empty because other peoples’ tables were empty. Even though millions of people live with the challenge of AIDS in Africa, you know it does not affect you. There are many such instances that we could name and bring up for examples, and somehow people with these challenges, living with them every day, are overcoming their fears and finding reasons to be joyful.

Therefore, if you have not remembered that this is possible, do in this moment remind yourself that it is possible to be joyful, peaceful, trusting and confident, even as you face challenges that might instill fear, anxiety and possibly even panic. You do not have to choose to respond to your challenges with those negative emotions. Your life assignment is to be a focus of love, goodwill, outreach, good cheer; this is the assignment of everyone, should they choose to accept it. And as we have stated before, when difficulties are apparent and “in your face,” so to speak, it is more important than ever to hold to your spiritual center of gravity, and find it a spiritual center of levity, lightness and well-being.

You know that you are spiritual beings, having a human and material experience, and you should know and trust of a certainty, that your spiritual well-being is in no way affected by the material challenges that you face. Your spiritual progress can even continue and grow, as you find yourself faced with material and economic setbacks. Character has many opportunities to develop amid conflict and challenge—and actually fewer opportunities to shine, when everything is easy.

This is Eregon, your teacher and friend, speaking as one of your spiritual counselors. There are others here, who wish to address you. May I introduce a Melchizedek of your acquaintance, one sometimes known as Mantutia.

MANTUTIA: My young friends, this is Mantutia. I address you today with a request for cooperation. What Eregon has mentioned, the increased value of spiritual connection, during times when many are frightened, challenged, anxious—is something that we recognize, something that we can see as easily as you see clouds in the sky. Though this one sees Melchizedeks as sometimes pedantic pedagogues, taking too much the attitude of a lecturing teacher, I will not be lecturing today.

This is one time when we rely heavily on those who seek the spiritual connection daily in their lives, to broadcast it to others, to help us increase the faith and joy in which people operate. It is in these positive states of mind, that solutions are discovered, that beauty is found and recognized, that spiritual growth occurs. The aroma of friendliness and love is more heady than your Christmas spices and scents; it affects those around you. When you are willing to be the bearer of good will, you are of benefit to us and to your fellow beings, so we ask you to take this as a challenge of cooperation to be more consciously aware that as you meditate daily and sit in prayer, you are soaking up the goodwill of the universe that is being broadcast for all of you.

As you go about your daily lives, you are watering the souls of those around you, just as surely as you water your houseplants. This daily alignment with the resources of the universe, fills you, overflows, benefits others, becomes absorbed and re-radiates onto the next people. You truly are the light of the world, and your world much needs the light these days. A love-saturated soul is a beacon. We come to you with this request: Be more conscious of bringing in, of filling yourself with this energy until you truly feel saturated with the love of God, with the care of angels, with the presence of friends, and really be conscious as you go about your day that you are glowing in a spiritual way, that enlightens the lives and moments of all those around you, wherever you go. We ask you to make this a conscious effort; that is our request.

We encourage you light workers; hard times do not last; they always pass. Move ahead; move forward in confidence. Good always triumphs, and there is a greater good to be discovered in every challenge. Some have called it the silver lining of the cloud. Whenever a challenge or a problem is given to, entrusted to your spiritual resources, along with your commitment to do the Father’s will in your life, great things can happen—great and beautiful things. So continue to trust that there is watch care for you, that you are not alone. Draw on the resources that you have that are non-material, to drive the spiritual mechanism, to drive the material mechanism through your lives.

Do not think that your only resources are those that you have in banks, savings accounts, investments, or equities—those are your low-level resources, children of light. Your more worthy and valuable resources are intangible and vast, and enduring; never diminishing, always increasing—find a place in your mind to appreciate this truth. We encourage you, we love you, we surround you with our care and entrust you with the responsibilities we have asked you to accept today.

We ask at this time, if any of the others here present, are willing to assist in this message transmission? (Pause.)

Pam: I am sensing something infused with light and I don’t know if I have words for it, but I am being shown that there are more pictures today, being shown that this is very illusory, very temporary and the sense of the energy that is coming through is that we are being—it’s like we are little children, and they are kissing our boo-boos, but not to take it into heart because the boo-boos heal when we grow up—it’s not real and it’s not lasting.

This is a part that you’ve chosen to play, so that you can learn that it doesn’t mean anything, and we are not to get so involved in it, because it really has very little meaning. Enjoy the drama like we would enjoy a good book or a good movie, but not to take it into our hearts or our energy fields.

EREGON, (TR Jo Ann): We thank you for assisting with this transmission. We love you children, we encourage you to rise above your fear and recognize that what we say is true. It is simply a “rest stop” adventure on the road of life. “ Keep praying and keep going,” as this one is wont to say. Join with your spiritual resources daily and even more frequently and you will find it easier and lighter, your burden of these times. Rest with us when you go to sleep at night. Invite spirit into your dreams; invite the Father and the angels to communicate with you, encourage you and uplift you, and you will find you can weather this storm, just as you can sit out a storm that comes by with dark clouds and heavy raindrops, and that you will even be better for having absorbed what the storm has brought.


Blessing, children of light; be of good cheer. Continue on your chosen paths. Again we say with confidence and trust, you are not alone; we are with you, and Christ himself, is always with you too. It is good for you to remind yourself frequently of these truths. And as you are coming into the season where you celebrate the birth of the infant Jesus on your planet, look to your history for the times he lived in. Even though those who did not believe he was Divine, consider him one of the greatest teachers of all times. He came to a culture, which might not even be rated “third world” today. People had little then, but they had much in the way of heart, courage, belief, faith and determination, and so do you. So continue to draw on the noblest qualities of humanity, as you face these challenges, and know that you have far more than adequate resources, with which to do so. Be at peace; peace shall prevail. Allow yourselves to be comforted in the presence of spirit reality, and really, it would be good if you would attempt to go about doing good in this season of goodwill. Good day, children of light. Good season, goodwill and peace be to you in your hearts and lives. Adios.