2009-02-01-Light and Life, Personality

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Topic: Light and Life, Personality

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Serena, Elyon, LIGHT, Malvantra, Nebadonia

TR: Kathy, Mark Rogers, Jonathan



Serena (Kathy TR): In the living of life on Urantia there is often opportunity to uplift your thoughts and actions into what is sometimes termed Light and Life. Each individual has the ability through their intention to create actions that lead to serenity and love that is characteristic of the period of Light and Life on a normal planet. On this world challenges arise due to the effects of default and rebellion of previous leaders. In spite of the echoing effects each one of you has the ability to transcend the current pattern and create a new pattern of love, goodness, peace, and serenity for yourself and those around you. It is our hope that you would make this your intention. Live your own Light and Life and the planet will be uplifted.

Elyon (Mark): Greetings, Elyon here to embrace the opportunity that you provide to get together in this way.


There were so many wonderful threads to pick up on offered in the discussion earlier that I hardly know where to begin except to first say that the caliber of such discussions has so obviously increased that it is a joy to see it as a measure of your successes at mastering these concepts and lessons. The more you master, the more of these threads you utilize at your command, and it is such a pleasure and a privilege to see your growth in this arena that it makes all the effort offered worthwhile.

You make some effort to start your official recording at the point in this lesson where you feel the important stuff will come next. But I am here to witness to you that as you well know all matters of spiritual significance are recorded and so all of your interactions with each other are recorded on our end, and it brings us all great pleasure to see the new levels of awareness and understanding that you bring to bear as you offer your perspective and your experiences.

I would offer a few words on this distinction between that part of self that is designated the personality as an aspect of the self. You are correct in your assertion that this component of self is a direct gift from the Creator, and you are aware that this is what comprises the unique combination of potentials that thereinafter may be referred to as you. This unique combination is what is unfolding in this time/space experience. You are aware that you have an onboard partner in this process, another gift from the divine, and you are taking this time/space journey as you gather to yourselves experience and formulate wisdom. So it is this core essence of personality that you are growing into your soul, and as such this is the ultimate part of you to be unfolded and expressed as part of your process.

You have as well a mind endowment, and this mind circuitry is a great and useful tool for you, but its greatest function and use is to be harnessed to express this unfolding soul. To the degree that it fosters this then this tool is serving you well. But to the degree that this tool does not serve your purpose of expressing your innermost being then it must be modified to make the tool more effective for your purpose. This is rather simply and easily accomplished, this training of the mind apparatus to be of greater service, but it does require your consciousness, awareness of mastership over this useful tool. It is good and well to keep in mind who is ultimately the first source and center of your being; you are the creative first source and center of your own universe of experience around you. As such you have it well under your authority to master and control the use of all that is within your sphere of influence, your mini- verse.

So it is that when you refer to the initial first thought, quite often this initial thought is the seed thought coming from your most sacred inner first source and center, and if you would but allow this thought to rise to the top for consideration into the material realm, this seed thought would bring you your greatest spiritual satisfaction.

Thank you for the opportunity you provide. I will allow this forum for use by others. Farewell.

Light: Hello, my friends. I am Light grateful to be with you here once again to offer further consideration on the nature of light. I invite you to recall how whenever there is light present the darkness simply vanishes. It is displaced by the light. Darkness simply cannot survive in the same reality, in the same proximity, as light. There is much concern on you world today as to how to effect positive change, and I would recall you to this imagery of dispelling the darkness simply and without struggle by the use of light. When light is brought into any situation there can be no more darkness. Enough light will illuminate every corner and wash every inch of reality with its illuminating, cleansing rays.

So if each and every one of you will simply stand firm as the light anchor and the light beacon that you are, then no more darkness may be found in your proximity, in your reality, in your sphere of influence, in your universe of effect. This is how you personally, each one, everyone, may bring Light and Life to this world by simply being this light and breathing this life into your immediate environment. This immediate environment becomes bathed and cleansed in light and is in fact in a state of light regardless of any surrounding darkness. When enough of these light anchors and pillars of light are installed in place this is the overall condition that you are seeking where light is in every possible place and life is awash in light.

Make it so for you and those around you. Do not wait. Be the forebearers of those who are aware of this condition of light and who would sponsor it in your material life. Bring this light. You are lightworkers and I remind you of this most affectionately.

May peace pervade your lives this day and always. I am grateful for this opportunity to be with you in light in this moment. Thank you and farewell.

Malvantra (Jonathan): I am Malvantra.

One may say, “I have taken my calcium supplement today”, and one commonly knows that it is an object. But in analyzing this object one notices that the calcium desired is part of a molecule and is accompanied by other compounds and that the desired compound calcium is an atom, differentiated by a certain number of associated electrons. That supplement may be several forms of calcium, a sulfate, a citrate, a carbonate; but it is the calcium that is sought.

The human being seeks the Father’s presence, and the Father resides within. Associated with the Father’s presence are various compounds, if I may use the word thusly, such as your physical organism, your mind circuit, the soul. Each of these is associated to make up one’s self. No two people are alike, for these combinations, much as a calcium molecule, can be variously arranged and can have different degrees of charge. You know that when a compound has too many electrons it will immediately seek to radiate them away and balance itself. When there are too few it becomes attractively charged and seeks to capture and balance itself. What holds the entire collection together as a molecule, this is, in the human being, personality. It keeps all of oneself from flying apart, the coordinator.

Light and Life is a balance of charges, as I use this metaphorical description. Too much mind and you must discharge; too little mind and you must become more knowledgeable, more realized, more aware. So with the other components of yourself. Then you are settled in Light and Life.

Now you also realize that, as I have spoken of molecules and their associated atoms, many molecules make complex chains, polymers, and some of the polymers you have developed on your world are quite durable, even non-biodegradable. Imagine your civilization becoming a polymer, settled in Light and Life, the bonds between each one of you so strong, so balanced. Then there is no fear, no war, no discrimination, no injustice, but a collective bonding in love.

When you apply a compound, as I am speaking of, initially it is soft and fragile, but it cures, and in that curing it becomes ever more strong.

Sometimes you have, in your discoveries, developed one wherein you must add two distinct ingredients to create a catalytic reaction. Then the transformation takes place, and the outcome desired develops. You each are lightworkers; you are that second ingredient added to civilization to cause the reaction to create the polymer to foster Light and Life.

Ever be willing to receive and ever be willing to release what is no longer applicable to the growth of your soul and a stronger bonding between you and the divine presence. Trust that the Father has created within you great stability. As you have heard today of the first source and center within yourself, I would also add to it that paradisaical abode which moves not. Knowing this you can change without fear. Knowing this you can experiment without destruction. You can enter into the darkness with your light and dispel it without being overwhelmed, for your power is great.

Thank you for your attention. I take my leave.


Nebadonia (Kathy): Mother here, I bring my love to you, my children. It is a joy to be with you in this discussion.

I am always in support of your efforts to create light and love in your mini universe. All of your efforts are applauded by your parents. We are in participation with you each time you attempt to make those steps in growth. My mind spirits and spirit helpers are with you to enable your thoughts to expand into actions to create that which you have conceived in your thoughts. My love is always with you as you progress in the growth of your souls on this planet. Proceed with joy and serenity.