2009-08-13-Journey of Faith Partnership

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Topic: Journey of Faith Partnership

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Thought Adjuster, Monjoronson, Serena

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: Divine Parents, it is so pleasing to join together in this pursuit of spiritual exploration. We have some glimmer of knowing that this is what we are here to do in this life. We have some compass guiding us in this direction and something drawing us, and what is drawing us is you. We yearn to return back to whence we came in this process and reunite with you as our Divine Parents. Let that be stated as our purpose for assembling here at this time and help us to align ourselves for this cause and with this intention. We are so very pleased to arrive at this place where we may receive the signals and respond to both the leading and our internal urging to seek you and find you in this process. Let it be so even now. Thank you.


Mark: This is Mark. I am being prompted to get the ball rolling with a personal observation I've had over the last couple of days, yet another "aha" realization if you will. At my place of work I am uniquely stationed and positioned by design to be in a rather bustling downtown area as a shopkeeper and business owner and therefore I am at my post frequently when people from out of the area come in to seek guidance. Some come in asking which road they should take to get to their desired destination, others come in and ask where is a good place to eat and some want to know what they should be seeing and doing while they are being a tourist in my town.

Upon a recent rash of this happening it dawned on me that when individuals come in they arrive at a place of wanting to know, they are seeking, they are ready to find, they are willing to embrace what I would tell them as a local, as one who knows the roads, perhaps even knows the ropes around town. And so I am honored and struck that they place this trust in me, that they walk straight up to me with an open heart and they ask, how do I go, what route should I take, where should I stop and what should I see? They bestow this trust upon me merely because I am there at my post, at my station and I am well versed in my local environment and the circumstances around my life and so when I tell them, I have a certain authority. I know this road leads to that place and I know that if you turn at this junction it will get you to this other location. I know that you should avoid this road because it is under construction and take this other route which is more scenic and more apt to be what they are desiring. They soak it up, they literally write it down and they take my every word as truth, even as "gospel" so to speak.

I was struck by the nature of this relationship, the trust bestowed on me to guide them to their location, to suggest a safe place to stop on their trail and seek nourishment or simply a nature trail to take to enhance their experience. I realized that this whole circumstance is a reflection of what it means for those of us who have had spiritual encounters and who have traversed the spiritual trails and who are well aware of the signposts, the places of importance and the things which one may find helpful in their journey.

Because likewise, people come directly into my store and engage me in spiritual questions and conversation. I post a spiritual quote out in front of my store every day as a lure to grab and hook those individuals who are meant to see it and who find it and who are looking and seeking. They readily take the bait and come in and are eager to touch base about this different dimension of reality because they can sense that I would not put a spiritual quote out on the street if I were not willing to engage in discussion and conversation about it, even eager to engage. I realize that it is the same phenomenon that happens because you don't stop somebody who is on route to their destination to offer them directions. They are not looking, they are not seeking and they do not need your help. Only the ones who are in a position of needing direction and desiring help are in a position to accept it.

Likewise, many a person will walk down the street, perhaps even read my spiritual quote and pass on by. They are not seeking to engage in that and so it is not proper that that happen at that time, and it doesn't. The image came to me, and you probably know these guys, who refuse to stop and ask for directions even when they are thoroughly confused and lost. They may go round and round the block and take many turns in an effort to find the right one and eventually life leads them to the right one and if they are persistent enough, they will find their destination.

So I thought of this analogy of offering people direction and guidance and telling them of the signposts and the landmarks along the way and how this transfers over to our spiritual discussions here. You all arrived here today ready to receive the signposts and look at the map and eager to take a journey wherever that may lead. No one pulls you aside and gives you any directions you haven't sought, rather you arrive with a willingness to find that which you are seeking and a willingness to go the route suggested. I appreciate that we all arrive at this place together, not knowing exactly where we are going, eager to look for the signposts and to ask spirit to lead us and tell us which route might be most beneficial or pleasant or righteous as we strike forward.

So once again I extend, as you extend, in complete faith, that when we ask we shall be given that which we seek in this process. And so it is, even now.

The Voice: Greetings, I will accept the opportunity extended at this time for me to step forward and have access to this platform that you provide. I am known by this one as his Inner Voice and I call you now to witness as I just have witnessed that although what has just been offered has been solely offered on behalf of my mortal associate. There was contained within his observations a real spiritual awareness and component. Now, we both just witnessed this reality and this truth so now, to examine and look at the equation you might be hard pressed to attempt tease out what elements were solely and simply of mortal and material origin and what elements may have been elevated from that status by virtue of having been embraced by the spiritual component, for once spiritual truth and awareness had been embraced by the mortal counterpart, it becomes as one and therefore no longer are you able to draw any significant line of distinction; rather this blending is so thorough that you can no longer disassociate the one component from the other. They begin to sound more and more alike because they are in fact more and more alike.

Mortals of this realm have a great propensity to see themselves as in a certain class of strictly [material] composition and therefore limited by material restraints, but the more the mortal of the realm associates with his spiritual component and divine aspect the more co-mingled do these two components become until at last, as you are aware, they fuse and literally are as one. These intervening steps of joining in partnership are there to provide vast amounts of necessary experience that can only be attained through the circumstance of two experiencing the separateness of each and choosing to combine to become as one.

So, it can be said, that of this story you just heard, the mortal and the spiritual have come together to share this experience and are forever transformed in this process. Never again will they be as separate and distinct as before such an experience. Each and every one of these sojourns into spiritual mortal partnership brings permanent bonds to the two participants and each bond serves to strengthen the purpose of the two who work together to become the one. And so it is that each step made like this one just observed becomes a permanent fixture in this process of growth and awareness and there is truly no turning back, there is no disassociation of these two partners that have established such a bond.

All of you who are listening and are in contact with this information are as well developing these bonds between the dual aspects of yourselves. Each decision made contributes to such a bond. Each act taken and made real strengthens and solidifies such a bond. Each acknowledgement of divine inspiration brings you closer together in association and every step taken in this direction is a permanent achievement, one which you will own and one which you may choose to share with your Divine Parents who have created this whole paradigm for you to experience.

We find ourselves in exciting times where the spiritual pace of progression is accelerating and the opportunities abound around you for you to access accelerated growth but all rests with you my dear ones. You are the gatekeepers to your ascension career and you decide how far and how fast you will traverse down this trail and by what signs and signals you will navigate this trail. In the end, the trail you follow will be uniquely different from all other mortals of the realm and yet you may all arrive at the same destination.

This is the beauty of the gigantic plan that is your ascension career. All options are before you and your individual perspective and position will bring to you a wholly different experience than can be experienced by any other, even those close in association to you for your aha moments and your realizations will be yours and yours alone. Your achievements of spiritual growth may not be transferred or shared by another, they must undergo their own process of seeking and finding just as you will. There is great joy in knowing that there is a process and that you are involved in it, you are proceeding forward and you are gaining ground and making progress. Knowing that this is so can bring you certain peace of mind that all is well no matter the details of your everyday choices when your overall direction is spiritually focused for when you are following your spiritual compass it matters not whether you take the most direct route or the scenic route or even double back to take the trip again as long as you are spiritually focused in your approach; all paths will bring you what you seek and lead you to the destination of your desire.

Perhaps a useful suggestion to all you who are worthy travelers to aid in your journey might be that you, with more consciousness and more intention provide greater latitude to your Inner Guide to show you the way for there is one who knows the sweetest trail to take and will always direct you to the most prosperous avenue of approach but this Inner Guide awaits your consent and craves your invitation. If you will be more conscious about providing such an invitation then does your Inner Guide take the door that has been cracked open and swing it wide. I offer this suggestion for your edification. You have heard this before but it bears repeating and even more-so it bears acting upon as you arrive at the place of readiness and willingness to receive the direction.

I now will recede from this podium I have been granted in deference to a well established pattern which provides some sense of security for all the participants involved. I now bid you farewell and happy travels.

Monjoronson: Hello my friends, I am Monjoronson here to act as cleanup batter for I have come in routinely just about this time to provide relief for my devoted associate who ventures so far out on a limb he is sure he must fall, but he never does fall. It is my hope that he will throughout this process grow to have even greater faith and trust that he is supported by a friendly universe in this process and he is not out on a limb alone at all. But I recognize and honor that this is a very human expression and feeling and so I am not in any way attempting to demean this valid experience, I am only offering yet again, more support to further bolster the creation of conviction and faith in this process.

Indeed I am exceedingly grateful for the faith that is demonstrated in this process else we would not be here, any of us. While I do not desire to over-stress this point, it is a point well worth noting that it is faith that has brought us to this point and it is faith that will carry us forward. I call you all to witness in your own lives how faith has brought you to this moment, to this point of your own spiritual awareness, that without faith you would not stand here now, we would not stand here together. Faith is absolutely required for you to extend beyond what you consider your mortal parameters to be and venture into your spiritual parameters which you are yet to define.

It is this avenue of faith that will see you through this process of exploration and of seeking and of finding. I applaud all of you for the faith that you demonstrate to have arrived here and to be willing to extend even further and go beyond where you stand now with willingness and dedication to stand in a new place of awareness, a new dimension of certainty as a direct result of your efforts at extending your faith and following your leading into the unknown. Having done this and as of this moment it is now known, it is now yours. You have direct and personal experience with having ventured this far. You have a new boundary that you have just defined that is now part of you and you may use this new boundary to build upon in future incursions into the spiritual domain because you know you have come this far and all is well, and so how much further could you go if you simply extended your self and tried?

I tell you the only limitations to how far you can go are those you impose upon yourself. There are no external limitations imposed upon you and all of your material limitations are simply only one aspect of your being. You have yet to discover your spiritual limitations and they far transcend any ideas you may have about what is possible.

So as we venture out into this spiritual domain together, exploring the dimension and its characteristics, we are confident that we venture out into friendly territory, that we are designed to go out into this area of spirit, that we belong in this arena by virtue of who we are as spiritual beings and your unique position right now in time and space is that you have your feet on the material plane but your head in the heavens and your soul which knows no boundaries is loosely attached to this vehicle and so you literally are bridging the gap between material manifestation and spiritual eternal nature. You are what is in between and you are both at the same time, and where your consciousness resides within your mortal material spiritual eternal being will be ever changing as you are experiencing all the different aspects of yourself and transferring your seat of awareness more and more from being surrounded and contained in the material vessel to being contained in your spiritual eternal aspect.

This is the experience of your eternal career; to leave the dense form of materialism of strict action and reaction, cause and effect, to discover that you as well the causer and the creator and the experiencer of what is a much grander paradigm than you ever imagined as a mortal of flesh and blood and that your true nature will forever live in your eternal career and your seat of awareness will be transferred many times throughout the process. This is the thrilling journey, the voyage of discovery that you are presently on.

So it is that you come to me even now and ask me to offer guidance for direction and for suggestions on how your journey may be made more successful or pleasant or real and I am ever willing to offer those who are eager for direction, tips on what to look for and how to approach the journey. But in the end the journey is yours and yours alone and individually, and you will decide whether you will follow others who have developed a route that is pleasing to them or whether you will deviate from the suggestions of others and find a route of your own. You are learning in the process that there are no wrong turns, there are only different experiences. And so you are learning that you have an internal sense of direction and that a map or a road sign or directions may not be all that necessary as your journey will take you where you need to go regardless of how many twists and turns there are in route.

It is my supreme pleasure and privilege to be with you at times like these when we huddle around camp and discuss the wonderful trip that is going on around us. It is so pleasing to have such eager campers to share the experience with because truly, the experience is the game, that is what you are here to do. Gather to yourselves all that you can of this experience and make the most out of it and bring it with you as your individual possession, even your individual contribution to the totality of all that is. This is most pleasing to the First Source and Center who has created all these opportunities and experiences for you to have.

Thank you all for so devotedly joining in this process and extending your faith to make this all possible. It is your contributions directly that create this avenue of approach between us and therefore I accept your gestures as your kind offerings to our meeting here today. I trust you have felt my gesture in return, of kindness and appreciation for your making this possible. I sense that there has been quite a bit heaped on the plate at the feast tonight and I would now withdraw and allow you to savor the nourishment that has been provided by all the dedicated volunteers in this process. I join you in taking this all in as refreshment and offer my gratitude. Thank you all, farewell.

Serena: Greetings, I am Serena. I would step forward before this glorious meeting of light workers comes to a close to offer my contribution. I am on the staff of Monjoronson and my specialty is creating useful circuitries. I would now offer my services in this regard. If I could ask that you all envision an en-circuitment of yourselves into one chain of events, each one of you contributing your intention and your purpose to this gesture and then if it is your desire, I may string these lights together and bring this group together for the benefit of all. Simply state your intentions internally to be used for this purpose and your so doing provides me with the momentum to string all the pieces together and bring the circuit from on high to overlay and enhance the earthly mortal material circuit that you would provide.

I invite you to do this at this time and if at all possible, for you to take some opportunity personally and privately in the very near future to reflect deeply on this purpose and this intention. I invite you to feel what such an expression of intention and purpose brings when combined with others who have similar intentions. There is a combining of forces and even of grand forces beyond your comprehension. I invite you to participate and to experience deeply this presence that you are connected and associated by virtue of your desire, to a divine circuit.

Take in this experience my dear ones, you have earned it. You have arrived at this place and such is a reward for your efforts, not to bring you faith or to make you believe but rather as a result of the fact that you have brought faith and that you do believe. It is so. It is merely the activation of a universe principle, not a grand bestowal of grace unwarranted from on high, merely an activation of grace as a result of your own intentions and purpose in this process. Take what you have earned and be in joy that such grace is present as part of the equation and as the result of your efforts.


I would express my honor to be a part of this meeting tonight and to offer my services in this capacity and it is now my honor to bring this meeting to a close with a gentle reminder to find yourselves a quiet place, allow yourselves the opportunity to embrace the fullness of the experience of such an en-circuitment as we have just created. You have earned it, you deserve it, it is yours. Now, accept it and be in gratitude for the process, for the chance and for the results.

I now take my leave, thank you all, goodbye.