2010-03-11-Monjoronson Q and A Session 91

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Topic: Stillness, Healing, Abortion

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Daniel Raphael


  • Moderator - Philip


Prayer: We invoke the presence of the Holy Father. We know that the Spirit of Truth is here to guide the revelations that comes through and we ask the Holy Spirit to guide us in these words; Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit and so we give thanks. Amen.

Guardian Angels

  • Guardians of Destiny

Question #1: In many transcripts, I read that the guardian angels primary duties are to safeguard and protect their human subjects. Since they cannot interfere with the accidents of time or natural course of human evolution, what is it that they are protecting or safeguarding us from?

Monjoronson: Thank you for your good question. The role of guardian angels and the role of guardians of destiny are distinct. They are very similar but they are distinct. Let us involve ourselves today with the guardian angel aspects. Guardian angels protect humans from those travesties of a human course and development which would bring their lives shorter. Guardian angels do become much more involved in an individuals life as that individual commits themselves more and more to their course of development that is being unfolded by their Thought Adjuster. This is truly measurable and observable by the Thought Adjuster and guardian. This is weighed by the increase of the volume or "weight" of the individual soul.

The guardian's main interest is to assist the individual to become involved and guided towards those developments which fulfill that life plan. So it is not so much from, but to; it's much like the rights written into your constitution or your nation. There are rights to and there are rights from, so it is important to know that distinction. Guardian angels offer themselves and their lives to assist the individual to become more than they are. As the mortal moves ahead in their life they have less and less to be guarded from.

Further, the development of your world has become such that guardian angels are allowed to become more active in the lives of their guarded children of destiny; they are allowed to become much more involved and intimate with that individual. Exceptions that are further ahead require the participation of the guardians supervising angel to assist in and to weigh whether to become more involved in that individual's life more dramatically. There is a hierarchy of authority and privileges to express that authority as the line of angelic guardianship ascends towards the Third Person in Paradise. Thank you.

Teacher Contact

  • Being Able to Receive a Teacher

Question #2: Many teachers including yourself, Michael, and Nebadonia are telling us that we only need to ask in faith in order to receive a teacher. Many of us seem to believe that there is some kind of a ritual to be performed or they have to discover hidden meaning behind your words in order to really receive one. Would you please speak to this issue of requirements needed to receive a teacher?

Monjoronson: Certainly. The only requirement that is necessary for you to receive a celestial teacher is first sincerity; that means being authentic and genuine in your request and second the intent and the intention of your request. If you are sincere and your intention is to receive a celestial teacher to assist in your spiritual growth then one is automatically granted. You have only to address Christ Michael, your Thought Adjuster, guardian, or the Holy Spirit from Nebadonia that surrounds your world and fills it, to have your request fulfilled. Thank you.


  • Rebellion on Urantia

Question #3: I am still confused about role in the rebellion. According to the Urantia Book, Urantia was placed in isolation because former prince Caligastia joined the rebellion. I keep wondering, what does his defection have to do with us evolving humans on the planet?

Monjoronson: Caligastia and his staff and all the spiritual entities upon this world were the caretakers and guardians of this planet. In this case of mortals such as yourself, you have been a victim. All humanity that lived within the quarantine was victimized by their rebellion. You have not been punished by this but you were the victim of isolation through quarantine to control and to quell and to isolate the rebellion. Thank you.


  • Seeking Answers in Stillness

Question #4: Since the bestowal of the Spirit of Truth, man is subject to the teaching and guidance of a threefold spirit [the Father, Son and Spirit] endowment. Do we contact these teachers in stillness in some particular order to receive our answers?

Monjoronson: No, you do not need to specify to whom you direct these requests or these prayers or these thoughts that you have. Simply speak to Christ Michael or to your Thought Adjuster and this is sufficient. Your prayers, your requests are sorted according to who it is appropriate to answer them. Those messages of worship and devotion go to the Father. You can be assured that your sincere authentic requests are always answered though you may have passed from this realm before they are answered. Questions are earnestly and sincerely received and answered in the same way. If this is insufficient to answer your questions please state them to us.

Healing, Magisterial Mission

  • Healing and the Magisterial Mission

Question #5: With the presence of a Paradise Son on earth in this mission, are mortals able to access the direct spiritual person of the Magisterial Son for healing? Would you, if you wish, please give us some idea if there is greater access to healing in general because of the spiritual power brought to Urantia in this era?

Monjoronson: The healing power that you speak of has increased on your world simply because the light or the vibration of your world has increased. There is additionally the aspect that the quarantine has been ended, that the circuits have been re-connected and that your sincere and earnest requests for healing are therefore much more effective. You do not need to make the request directly to me, Monjoronson, for healing as my mission is principally involved in healing the social and spiritual aspects of your world. Your healing comes through your own evolvement and spiritual development within yourself and your knowing that you have true access to full and complete healing through the energy stream that comes to you and is always available to you. You have the capacity to bring healing to yourself and to others when you are more and more in the light of God's presence when you more and more are in tune with your Thought Adjuster.

Many of you are confused about healing. Healing comes in many forms. There is the healing of one's mind wherein mental confusion is removed and eliminated by clarity of thought and rational existence. There is the healing of your physical body and it has many dimensions to its operation. There is as well the healing of your society, your social existence for yourself and for others. There is the healing of your planet so that it comes into the era of Light and Life more quickly than it would through happenstance or through the gradual process of social evolution. Your conscious attention to the healing of yourself, your societies, and to your world is important. It is uplifted and fulfilled through the participation of every individual on your world or held back by their lack of attention to do so. As you become more mature in your own personal spiritual being, so too can you become more effective in the healing of this world. We suggest that you consciously and diligently maintain yourself in the light of God that you become a bright and shiny beacon of the Christ light that shines through you when you allow it, when you invite it, when you encourage it and empower it. Thank you.

Question #6: [Philip] I have a question in regards mental healing. There is a rash of mental aberrations that seems to be gripping our society. How is a person with mental powers that are compromised able to heal themselves?

Monjoronson: You can heal yourself mentally through the conscious infusion of the Christ mind within yourself. You can heal yourself as well, and this may seem quite astounding, by simply refusing to be mentally ill. You know that there is a right and perfect pattern for the mind function and this was designed and given by God and the Life Carriers. You have a mind that can be healed. Organic problems on the other can be most difficult. I am speaking today most directly about functional mental illness which is an aberration of mind function and it too can come under the power of your will to heal yourself. The healing aspect is complete when you know that you are a child/son of God in the process of being perfected.

Your doubts about God's perfection in your life keeps many of you from expressing this and from healing yourselves. It is a most difficult process for you to fully understand on this primitive world. You [meaning collectively] on this world have been in darkness for so long, held in ignorance through the quarantine and you suffer this lack of an elevated awareness and empowerment of your mind. Minds of your caliber which do not bear this burden are much more capable of right thinking and healing when those difficulties do arrive. You have the facility of part or all of your mind being healed which you can apply through your will to the right and perfect outworking of your mental order and that of others. Use that part of your mind which is healed to do so. As it grows you can become more empowered. Thank you.

Question #7: So are you saying that in the main, the person has to heal themselves notwithstanding we do have doctors who are part of that healing process, but for people who are so compromised that they can't even focus on anything spiritual because of the nature of their illness, what is the possibility for another to take over in their stead, to act as their healer?

Monjoronson: Yes, there are times when the individual is so distraught in their thinking that they are unaware of their own capacity. It is essential then for others to pray for their right and perfect healing, for clarity of their mind and right functioning of their mind mechanism. The power of others to assist in this is very vital and important for the healing of those who are unable to heal themselves. Thank you.

Personality, Abortion

  • Bestowal of Personality

Preamble: On Feb. 28 of this year in Special Session #4 you said the following about the bestowal of personality.

Monjoronson: "Life begins at conception, this is when personality is bestowed, this is when the eminence and presence of the individual becomes present."

I guess you may realize that many of us had concluded that the bestowal of personality on we humans was upon taking the first breath at birth. Since your teaching will change our perception dramatically, will you please confirm that you really did mean to say personality is bestowed upon conception. They go on to state:

If you are confirming that this information is accurate, the disclosure has a huge impact on the subject of abortion. We are not attempting to embroil you in the political storms around the subject of abortion, but this statement if true, probably has the force of a serious moral dilemma by placing the woman's free-will choice to abort up against destroying an eternal bestowal of personality. If the fetus were non-personal, the practice, while despicable does not rise to the level of a capital crime.

Question #8: Could you help us navigate the dangerous moral shoals that abortion may represent in light of your disclosure? Thank you.

  • Affirmation of When Personality Is Bestowed

Monjoronson: Thank you for your well thought out question and statements. Yes, I do affirm that prior statement that at the moment of conception, life begins and that life is invested with personality and the beginnings of mind and personal spirit. This is the beginning of life and life is a continuum from that moment until death. The spark of life is not just a metaphor, it is an actual investment of life as a "thing" that is given to that individual at conception by spirit. Yes, life begins at that point and yes, life is valued and important. Life begins and is invested far, far earlier than at the moment of birth and the first breath that is taken after birth.

Life is given early on, personality is invested early on. How your society deals with this embryo, this life, is a concern for your societies and the individuals who bear those new souls. This is why it is so important to us and has been stated repeatedly with great energy by the teachers over the years, that conscious conception is important, that the intentions of child rearing be taken seriously from the first times when an individual is capable of begetting life, both males and females.

Abortions are extreme measures that are sometimes necessary. It is the mother who weighs this value. There are no mistakes in conception or in getting pregnant, it is simply the thoughtless disregard of making a conscious intention to avoid getting pregnant. Whether your society deals with this as a capital crime is a concern of your society and not ours. The mores, laws, and standards for behavior on your world are socially devised and developed. Were you to ask us for a set of rules or "laws" to adhere to we would point you to the law of a sustainable population for your world or any world.

It is important that life be given value. It is tremendously valuable, it is incredibly unique. It should be brought into existence through sincere dedication, commitment, and intention and that life be given the same value from the point of conception, after birth, through their adolescence, early adulthood, and all through their life; meaning that this person is truly wanted by this society, desired to come into existence and has a full and functional role in that society. And further, that this individual's potential at all levels of their existence be developed through opportunities to develop them to their greatest extent. In doing so, they would be of service and a reward in their lives to their societies, to themselves, to their spiritual growth they are working on, their life plan, and to their Thought Adjuster and guardian.

Life is not a triviality of existence. Life and begetting life is an important function of each of you. Even those of you who cannot beget children and raise them, it is important that you learn how to and that you take the opportunities to be with children, to be with those who are growing. We have much to say about this as you realize. Your world is in disarray. It is not unmanageable but the population that we have spoken about that will become decimated will have that end come about simply because there are too many people on your world, that this population number is unsustainable. There is a great circle of logic, reason and evolution on a world and it begins with conception. Thank you.

Morontia Worlds

  • Consequence of Miscarriages

Philip: My mother had a miscarriage so that means somewhere on the morontia worlds I have a brother. I'm curious, will we follow the same course or is the fact that he was denied an earth life, a physical form, means he takes a different path to Paradise?

Monjoronson: Yes, I would be glad to speak to that. You can analyze this by yourself by asking this question. Were this individual to have had a full life, what has he missed by this miscarriage, by the absence of life? It simply means that he has missed out on the opportunity to make soul developing, soul filling decisions about his life and fulfill them through his actions. He will be given these opportunities on worlds for to be raised as infants and grow into adulthood. They will have many opportunities to make similar decisions, though of course you realize that most of the detrimental aspects of social existence on your world will be absent and he will be raised by those caretakers in the nurseries who love him and desire him to attend his fullest potential.

What remains are the temperament, personality, and development of his mind as a moral entity to make decisions of getting along with others and develop his own potential. He will be given every advantage to make those decisions correctly but always and forever, his decisions are his own and no one will amend, abrogate, or deny him the opportunity to make wrong decisions and wrong outcomes. This is part of the learning process of choosing to attend to the responsibilities of the infinite ascendent career which ends upon arrival in Paradise and the embrace with the Creator.

You, my dear man, will have a much similar course as well but you will not be placed in the nurseries of course. You will be placed according to the development of your own soul potential in these schools on mansonia when you arrive there. Shortly after your integration, after you have been received, you will be given a time to be in the company of others, to become acquainted, to realize where you are, to grow in awareness and to be able to move consciously on your own in that new society. Then you will be assigned to the class wherein you will begin. Thank you.

Philip: Thank you for your answers. That concludes our regularly scheduled part of our Q/A session. If you would care to make any additional comments on any topic please do.

Journey, Consciousness

  • Entering The Journey of Consciousness

Monjoronson: Thank you. You are beginning to be more and more fully aware that this life that you have on this world is a journey of consciousness. You truly decide to embark on this ascendant journey just as surely as you embark on a travel to another city. You have an intention, you buy a ticket, you enter into the train or plane or car and you travel. Your decisions about your future life and the afterlife, mansion worlds, and in the spirit realms afterwards is as consciously and conscientiously engaged as your own travels here in this world. When you become this conscious of your life, then you can really make a difference in how fast you progress.

Many of you do not engage all the potentials that lie within you, consciously. You have only to pray for the expansion of your faculties and those facilities of life, living, and awareness that are available to you to grow even further. Do not be afraid to ask for the greatest development of your capabilities and the unfoldment of your potential with the proviso that you do so at the safest levels of growth that earns you the greatest reward for growth. You are conscious beings and doing so you become more responsible for the budding, growing soul within you, that morontial self which will reveal itself in you afterlife. Thank you for this opportunity to be with you today, good day.


Philip: Thank you Monjoronson for your counsel and also thank our t/r. That concludes our session. Thank you.