2010-03-28-Right Mindedness

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Topic: Right Mindedness

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Prayer : Mother and Father , we come before you to today to be joined as one mind , one intention, one heart to receive the words of our Magisterial Son Monjoronson and to be guided in mind and heart by him for the transformation of our world. We open ourselves up to you and we thank you for giving us this opportunity to gather. We thank you for preparing us now to be as energetically open and available as possible for what your will and what our Magisterial Son wishes to achieve today. Thank you so much. We are ready.


Monjoronson: My brethren this is Monjoronson. It gives me great joy to be here with you again in this manner of speaking, connecting with your mind and your systems of consciousness to empower you further as you are the laborers for Michael in the fields of humanity bringing hope, light and information to your brothers and sisters. We share with you to help you achieve the desired results. During our last time in this manner you received a deeper energetic impression of my energy presence within your being. It is my delight today to continue to develop this circuit between us that will enable you to be more consciously attuned to my presence within you.

Time is growing shorter wherein I will establish more of my presence here upon Urantia. While it will still be in morontial form for a while you will notice a quickening within your own being; there is something additional for you to feed upon in your thoughts and to be further stabilized in spirit as your world undergoes greater change. I ask you to stay calm, to remain secure in what you witness and to recognize that it is the will of not only the action of the First Source and Center but the will of humanity that is in alignment with the will of the Father that will see these changes occur.

We are here to establish a new order of right-mindedness upon Urantia today as I infuse more of myself into you. Feel your desire for this action, this language, this encoding of the language of right-mindedness to embrace your world—to bring the minds of your brothers into alignment with their own Father fragments so that they are more attuned to following the will of their indwelling spirits. Feel your desire of this right-mindedness activity to occur and I will move in you and embrace you. (pause)

Right-mindedness discloses an action of being, helping your behavior more love-dominated, spirit-motivated and peace-producing. It harmonizes cellular polarity in your body with the action of spirit. This right-mindedness is a quality that is highly desirable in the human estate. It is significant that you would hold this idea not only for yourself but for your brethren. May they allow this coding of language to become more infused in the systems of their thoughts and feelings. The world has suffered from the lack of right-mindedness in its long evolution. The course of mindedness is being reversed. It is as if the ship is changing course in the flow of life. It is as if the ship of mindedness has gone off its course. This is a very large vessel that needs to be turned in a particular way so that its causes not too much pandemonium and chaos in the minds of the individuals that are affected. The more of you attune yourself to this language of right-mindedness the more you allow the course of your world to change, thereby creating more energy for others to follow in their desires to become attuned. Allow these words to become settled deep in your hearts and minds. Ffeel its presence within you and what it discloses within your conscious being: right-mindedness, right-mindedness, right-mindedness. (pause)

Invite your body to open each cell into this language of right-mindedness. There is a cellular polarity that yearns for this. This is something that your bodies have been designed to function within, as designed by the Life Carriers in the laboratories of Nebadon. Yet because of the occurrences on this world that took you away from the divine inheritance and a normal evolutionary course of your world, cellular polarity has been operating off key, This language of right-mindedness establishes you back on course in the deeper places of your body; bringing you back into alignment with the will of the Father and the operations of the universe. Continue to feel your desire for right-mindedness to engulf your world, to travel into the hearts of all the children here, your fellow Urantians who have needed this language for such a long time. (pause)

Right-mindedness will yield rightful action, and that you are moving towards the will of the Father will help you collaborate more effectively with one another as you move into greater group participation, creating certain pockets of light which yield greater networking and harmonization as you form the foundations of the new social institutions in the years to come. The foundation of this is being able to work together harmoniously without self-aggrandizement, pride, competition, and other emotions of ego interference.

The period of foundation building is crucial at this time for it will lead you into more harmonious group interaction—to be able to share new ideas more wholeheartedly, more soulfully, learn to function in teams, how to allow the team leadership to prevail. This new working model for your world is one that will be constructing greater social institution than you have previously conceived. They will all begin to coalesce together, they will work cooperatively instead as antagonistically as some social institutions now are functioning.

So allow this time of foundation-building to grow within you. Prepare yourself for the work that is to come to insure that you are capable and ready—that you are indeed ready to work in the field, harvesting souls for your Father and Mother. As you focus in your stillness in the coming days , allow the word of right-mindedness and the language of coding therein to be infused in your heart. Drink deeply of this word; allow the new patterns and energies to form upon you, engaging your mind and feelings in new ways. (pause)


I leave you now. Again, you have my most devoted thanks for participating in these thrilling times of change upon Urantia. You cannot yet perceive all the love that is poured out. Know it is infinite outpouring every moment--every day. It is only a matter of turning your intention inward for you to increasingly perceive what is available to you.

The Universe has opened her heart, yours are open; everything is accessible to you now. You must make your decisions wisely and with a joyful heart, knowing that what you all have wanted in terms of bringing planetary changes is now at hand. Grow in your own Indwelling Spirit’s love and peace and enjoy each day of your life moment to moment as your Father within speaks to you. I wish you a good day.