2010-04-06-Monjoronson Q and A Session 95

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Topic: Apostolic Commission

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Daniel Raphael



Prayer: We invoke the presence of the Creator in us and around us. Fill us with this light. We ask the teachers and angels to assist in the clarity of communication coming through and ask our own guardians to assist in this process as we give thanks.

Monjoronson: Good morning, this is Monjoronson. I hope all of you are well and that the light of our Father shines upon you as it does upon myself. You may begin when you wish.


  • Apostolic Commission to Future Generations

Question #1: Reading from the words of the Apostles in the New Testament, they commission us to declare the good news of the kingdom. In light of the coming Magisterial Mission, should we stand down and await your correctional leading before proclaiming the good news of the kingdom?

Monjoronson: Continue your work to proclaim the kingdom. The kingdom is not the coming of myself but the kingdom of Christ Michael. This is an eventuality that will occur on your world, a most unusual circumstance for a Creator Son to return to a world of His bestowal. His glory came to this world in His lifetime and was truly evident in His resurrection, a surprise to those all around Him who had anticipated never seeing Him again. His resurrection is the glory of the kingdom as you would call it, and this is essential to proclaim. Continue to reveal the truths of His work and live by His words in your life. Thank you.


  • Unselfish Prayer:

Preamble: Jesus taught that effective prayer must be:

Unselfish--not alone for oneself. Believing--according to faith. Sincere--honest of heart. Intelligent--according to light. Trustful--in submission to the Father's all-wise will.

Obviously, praying for material things would qualify as selfish.

Question #2: However, when I pray for knowledge of the Father's will or spiritual strength to help me resolve some difficulty, isn't that selfish, but also good?

Monjoronson: When you pray for doing the Father's will, for revelation of the Father's will in your life, you are praying to assist yourself in the grand ascension plan that God has given you for your life. You are in fact praying to do God's will. You are praying to have this revelation given to you to show the way clearly for you in your lifetime here on this material world. It is not selfish, simply because you contribute in your life to doing God's will, the highest created good that can contribute to God the Supreme. You may think that you're selfish but were you to in fact deny God's will in your life, you would be one who is in error, in sin, and inequity and you surely would not be doing God's will.

Continue to pray for revelation of God's will in your life. You know the signposts of this as it is inspiration, it is moving away from isolation, from separation from all others, it moves you closer to God, closer to perfection. The example that was given to you is in the life of Christ, both through the New Testament examples, the Urantia Book, and many other sacred texts in your world. Truly to pray for doing God's will is the greatest expansion and the good that you can do in your lifetime. It is surely not selfish for doing God's will, that will not feed your ego, it will not make you more important than others, it will not supplant your humility in the least. Thank you.

Meaning, Value

  • Meanings and Values:

Question #3: I do not fully understand how my spirituality enhances my discernment of meanings and values. Can you please expound on the significance of meanings and values? Will you tell us in more detail how the grasp of true meanings and values contributes to our spiritual growth and progression?

Monjoronson: My friend, they are spiritual growth. Were you to act out the values of spiritual growth you would find meaning in your life through them. You do not need to be overly concerned about the intellectualization or the intellectual understanding of values and meanings. Simply adhering and acting out the values that you were given by Christ Michael during His life as Jesus will surely give your life incredible meaning in this lifetime and give your soul great value and weight as a morontial being. Do not overly concern yourself with these matters; simply live your life with great meaning, meaning to invest your life with value and meaning is to live out those values of highest worth by Christ Michael Jesus. When you become overly concerned about the definition of these words you begin to become anxious about them in your life. Rather it is far more important to not concern yourself with the definition but give your life the depth and definition of spirituality through living the values and finding meaning in those actions of your life. Thank you.


Preamble: "We [the Melchizedek Order] are a lot of beings who are inclined to address issues about Nebadon which are not clear in discernment and which bring debate and which even have led to rebellion. And we have learned that while it is comforting to know a clear course to pursue, that the greatest benefit to the human soul, in your case, is to grapple with the decision, the choice, for once you have stepped forward, the choice being made, much follows in an order, in a process that conforms to that initial decision." [Machiventa, 2-09-2006]

Question #4: Even more than the Melchizedeks, we humans are sometimes left standing in the dust of our failure about what should have been spiritual understanding of our problems living life. First, would you mind providing us a discussion about what discernment is?

Question #5: And second, do you foresee the need to test we humans by setting up exercises to force us to at least engage the process of discernment? Do we gain anything by engaging the process in spite of the failure to discern?

Monjoronson: Discernment can work in two manners. One is, before you make a decision and once afterwards. Right action, right living has more of an opportunity to be expressed when you discern a situation. In this case, you are giving forethought to what the opportunities for action are. You are weighing, sorting, sifting, examining, analyzing the various options for action and which has the best reward for your decision. When you do this ahead of time you are actually living through what you will do in the future, after you make the decision and take action. You are giving forethought to the value of each option and how it pertains to you and how it gives value to your life and to others and which is the best course of action.

Discernment afterwards occurs during the process of reflection. You have had an experience and it may be good or it may not be; it may be productive or unproductive, in any case you can make it into a productive situation even though it resulted in failure or a wrong outcome. Reflecting on your experience gives you wisdom. Wisdom does not come forth easily, does not reveal itself quickly, but only through the process of discernment. You obviously were presented at one time with options for action. You chose one, took action and it may have turned out wrongly. Now you must reflect upon that wrong decision and the outcome of that decision which was disappointing. You again discern the options that were available and what caused you to choose the one you did and why you did not choose the higher option, one that would result in positive outcome.

If you are unable to discern between the options and discern the wisdom involved in your wrong choice, then ask for assistance from your guides or guardians, from Melchizedeks, the midwayers or from Christ Michael. If you are unable to receive assistance in a clear format to yourself then ask a wise friend to assist you for clarification of the options, the one you chose and discern how it became detrimental to you. I hope this assists you. This is the major thrust of your lifetime here as a mortal on a material world, to have experiences and to sort through them.

For your second question, surely we do not propose or present you with these difficulties. You life on this world, Urantia, is as difficult as one could ever experience on any other planet in Nebadon. You do not need to have challenges thrown in your way to learn these lessons. Your life is already filled with many challenges and opportunities to learn great lessons and you will come away from this lifetime into the morontia realm with a tremendous repertoire of experiences to gain further wisdom from your lessons and teachings in that realm. Those that you miss here will be given to you on the other side as a morontial being who is ascending. You will be given reviews for your performance; you will be given options and lessons for examining your lifetime here in the material world. You will see many of your experiences here offer many opportunities for choices and for actions which you did not see while you were here.

Your world truly is an opportunity for tremendous morontial growth later. Those of you who procrastinate and defer decisions will be put in 'kindergarten' so to speak to learn those lessons and to catch up with your fellow classmates. You will have much work to do. For those of you who like to live life to the experience to make decisions right or wrong, to take action, your life is one of an adventure, one of tremendous opportunities for mining great wisdom when you become a morontial being. No my friend, you do not need any further obstacles to your material lifetime here. You cause enough difficulties for yourself and your fellow travelers cause enough difficulties for yourself as well. There is no need to make your life a further difficult situation than it is. Thank you.

Preamble: Machiventa went on to say, "It is a great contribution to your strength spiritually to face uncertainties. Our Michael knew this well when He permitted the three rebellions in His local universe. When mind submits to questioning, then does the soul grow. When mind [is] fixed in inflexible certainty, then while one experiences temporary satisfaction and stability, one postpones further growth."

Urantia Book, Magisterial Mission

Question #6: Discussions with you Monjoronson, sometimes lead us into "uncertainties" because most of us accept the statements found in the Urantia text to which we compare your responses. Is it fair to say that what you have to say to us will sometimes tend to undermine our self-satisfaction with the book's answers? Does this confusion in us actually do more good than harm?

Monjoronson: My presence and my discourses have numerous meanings and purposes, one of which is to create in you a far more discerning and defining mentality, personality, and rational thought process. To didactically accept text statements of truth is to lead yourself into closed end discussions where you must again rely upon the book as a source of wisdom. Our efforts are to lead you into wisdom; our efforts are to encourage you to begin thinking, to discern, to weigh, to sift, to sort, to analyze, give value of serious levels of meaning through the topics we discuss. Your lessons here are to become far more broad-minded.

Although the Urantia Book truly is a mind opening experience to appreciate its complexities, nonetheless to think within the binding of that book limits your capacity to become a co-creator with the rest of your life, with Christ Michael, and the First Source and Center. Your training, dear one, is to become divine, to become perfect, to become embraced by the Creator. In order to do that you must expand your thinking to the broadest parameters, to infinite levels. We begin that process now during your material lifetime by assisting you to challenge what you read in the Urantia Book. Truly it has wonderful truths and illustrations in it, revelations of information which is beyond mortal thinking, but it is only a beginning. It is an opening to ask, "Now what?" Thank you.

Philip: Thank you. That actually concludes this portion of our question and answer session. We would like to open the floor to you if you would have any further comments you would care to make.

Morontia, Mansion Worlds

Your Morontia Career Has Already Begun

Monjoronson: Most certainly. This is Monjoronson. We know that with the advent of the Teaching Mission, to speak and listen to celestial teachers, angels, Melchizedeks, and others has been most unsettling to your stable and staid community. My advent and approach to the moral realm has as well caused great instability and uncertainty in both communities. We have done this because it is necessary. It is necessary to broaden your thinking. We do not want you to become settled into trite and ritualistic ways of thinking and behaving.

Your morontia career has already begun, do not forget that. Though you are a mortal being on this realm, your morontial career has begun. It has begun in earnest when you began to read the Urantia Book and opening your mind to the broadest parameters of universal existence. It has begun when you began to realize that you have a personal relationship with your Thought Adjuster. It began when you realized that this is the first step of an infinite career that would last many, many hundreds of thousands of years until you are embraced by the Creator. It began when you realized that you were a son of God in the brotherhood of mankind and that your future life was beginning now.

It is essential that you understand this and the responsibilities attendant to it. Your responsibilities are to the growth of your soul, to engage the most worthy causes and efforts in your mortal lifetime, to give yourself a repertoire of experiences upon which you can draw in the afterlife. Your morontial life, the remainder of your universal life has already begun and we are here to insure that you do not become too complacent. Thank you.

Philip: Thank you Monjoronson and we appreciate your being here and also appreciate our t/r. That concludes our session for today.