2010-04-11-Monjoronson Conf. Call

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Topic: Right Mindedness

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Prayer: Mother and Father, we thank you for this opportunity to gather in family that you may unite us in your mind and in your heart to function as one. We offer ourselves in service for planetary transformation that our Magisterial Son Monjoronson may use our combined energies in the way that he knows is in keeping with his mission and the planetary transformation that we are building upon Urantia. We thank you for deepening our heart connections, deepening your presence in our minds that the energy we generate is put to good use. We receive you now and are ready to be guided by him today in your realm. Thank you MONJORONSON: Greetings my brethren, this is Monjoronson.


It is a time of rejoicing on Urantia as more of your Father Michael's love engulfs this planet, touching the hearts of the myriad children here, opening their minds to a greater cosmic reality. Truly you are becoming more attuned to the emanations of the universe welcoming you back into the family of love. We rejoice at this time of transformation upon Urantia. We encourage you to find that place of joyful celebration within your hearts and minds. Put aside those feelings of fear and anxiety that still trouble you from time to time to find that deeper place of awareness in your bodies which disclose the wellspring of feeling joyful and celebratory.

In our last call we focused on the infusion of awareness towards the rightful use of your mind. This term of RIGHT-MINDEDNESS discloses a broad array of ideas to understand in the development of what it means to use your mind rightfully in alignment with the will of the Paradise Father: to actually conceive and perceive as the Father himself perceives reality. We have been somewhat constrained by the language in conveying these ideas, yet it is true in the sharing of energy—mindal consciousness energy—that you can become more attuned to what is being conveyed to you in a verbal format.

It was an arena of experience that brought you all into greater harmony with one another; that your minds are being attuned to a tone or a vibratory field that contains the information to bring you into closer unity with one another. Your personality gifts are very diverse, numerous, and quite beautiful to all behold when they are seen as a collective body. It serves you all well to engage in this level of opening yourselves to one another that you may all share in the personality gifts that you all have from the Father: to expand your capacity as individuals to be vessels of love, compassion, tolerance, peace; to resonate with it.

Today I would encourage you to use this time with me to deepen your desire for more right-mindedness; to infuse your mind, open your heart and lead you into greater proximity with your indwelling Father Fragment. We will also spend some time focusing this right-mindedness toward the collective mind consciousness of your planet that this may create a ripple effect in the consciousness of your planetary ideation that best constitutes a level of rightful thinking and behavior.

Open your heart and center your intention for this word RIGHT-MINDEDNESS to become more infused in your system. You will receive from us what it is you need to become more attuned to my presence, and to be able to participate with my staff and me more creatively. (Pause) When you open you heart to accept and receive, you are allowing your Indwelling Spirit more manueverability in your mind. Humans have developed many mental habits over the course of your evolution. The attachment to ideas, especially to ideas that do not serve the greater collective humanity, need to be resolved in order for you to allow the new ideas and new perceptions to fully take root. You well understand the idea of scaffolding—mental constructs—that build from idea to idea, yet there are people with the habit of being too firmly attached to concepts that no longer serve you or your brothers and sisters.

The intention of becoming more fully tuned to right-mindedness is assist you to move forward. It is as if you are saying to the Father within, “It's no longer important for me to hold onto the ideas that I have been attached to. I am ready to move forward and to allow you to share what I need to learn that will enhance my life and will infuse me with more passion and joy of learning and growing.” This is desire that your Adjuster needs. It is this level of awareness that I invite you to open to, that your mind may be put to good use. (Pause)

As you know, your cultural institutions are changing. It requires a great amount of creative flexibility in conceptual thinking to receive these new ideas that will foster the building of a Light and Life culture. It is in all of your best interests to continue to allow this word—this language of right-mindedness—to become fully infused within you, to open you and to help you let go of those old attachments that keep you rooted in old behavior, old ways of thinking; rendering you more open and available to dialogue and interact with your brothers and sisters in more harmonious and cooperative ways. Allow these words and ideas to open your minds; not only your minds, but allow them to go deep into your physical selves: you become living vessels of right-mindedness, demonstrating this in your actions with your brothers and sisters. (Pause)

Creative new ideas are forever springing forth on Urantia. Many minds and hearts are opening, perceiving the influence of Spirit. This is truly a glorious time of renewal of life on Urantia, and yet there are many who still continue to give power in their minds to fear and doubt, stubbornly clinging to ideas; perceptions that are totally out of alignment with the will of the Father. (Pause)

Shifting focus now to your world as a collective conscious entity, take a few moments to envision the globe in front of you. Your world has long lingered under the mantle of repression and rebellion. Now it is time for the Spirit of Truth to become more fully engaged in the minds and hearts of the children of this world. As you envision the world before you, take a few moments to invite the word RIGHT-MINDEDNESS to drape like a mantle over the planet, holding the world in the matrix of language which discloses this cosmic information to the fabric of planetary consciousness. We on our end of the energy structure will hold the energy that you are generating and infuse it where there are places of further receptivity. Generate your desires from your hearts, feel how much you want this right-mindedness language to infuse your world to help people move away from error and distortion, and to move into truth, mercy, and understanding. (Pause)

There is a great shift occurring on Urantia: a change of mind, a change of heart. You can see evidence of this in small ways. There is a time coming when the shift will seem to be a much bigger proportion than what you have witnessed previously. Know that your efforts today are aiding in this shift to occur as this language of right-mindedness comes more infused into people’s energy systems. It begins to stimulate a hunger, a desire for rightful thinking and rightful action. It is an aid to open to Michael's Spirit of Truth; that they may perceive his love for them as individuals, and begins the catalyzing stream of consciousness that brings them to become greater lovers of humanity. Participating in events such as these wherein you collaborate with us to create this level of intentional energy is so helpful for your transformation, not only personal but collectively.


Again, we encourage you to share this information with those who are ready for it; to invite more people to join in these events, and to begin to work together as groups of individuals and celestials creatively addressing the social problems of your world. You can indeed receive the guidance of your celestials—your teachers who aide in the development of Light and Life, and be able to truly uplift the planet to its glorious destiny. I take my leave of you. Good afternoon.