2010-04-18-Center for Christ Consciousness

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Topic: Mindfulness

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



My children, this is your Father Michael.


On your world there is a growing awareness of what it means to be in a higher plane of thought—to achieve a state of Christed consciousness wherein you are thinking, feeling, and responding in a divine and Godlike manner. This state of mindfulness is a collective pool of human thought and experience, and it is something that you can function within. It is a state of being that separates you from your planetary collective consciousness of fear, anxiety, and the other negative emotions that destroy health and happiness. The Christed state of beingness is your divine birthright and your joy to create for yourselves in the path you co-create with your Indwelling Divine Spark of God.

As Jesus, in my human life experience I attained this elevated state of being and it was my joy to demonstrate it to my brothers and sisters as I enjoyed fully the experience of being human. Yes, there were times of great sorrow and pain as I witnessed what my human brethren experienced in their life struggles, yet I went willingly into the experience of humanity and to know through direct living what it is like to be human. I come to you today to ask you to embrace your humanness and to impart more encouragement for you to attain what I achieved during my human lifetime—the state of Christ consciousness.

There is a path within your being, my children, that will unfold when you turn to your Inner Spirit and ask to be guided daily on this journey into Christ consciousness. Spend time in quiet inner inquiry and inform your Spirit that this is something you wish to achieve. Ask that you be more fully connected to the growing mind-pool of Christed consciousness of the planet, and sit and receive while new spirit energy threads are added into you. Herein you will separate yourselves from a mindset that holds you back and grow into a new way of being that brings you joy and creativity. You will have ample opportunities to demonstrate how strong these threads are a part of your being with your brothers and sisters in your outer living experiences.


Trust in this process, beloved ones, and rest in my peace!